Lose Weight Without Diet: Solution 12


 Eating pause. Yup, I know, it came to me as a new term too when it comes to dieting. Apparently, your body has a strange mechanism of giving you hints about when it is satiated and when it is full. Obviously, when you are full, you don’t like to eat anymore. But that is sometimes not the best indicator of when you should stop eating.

Most people on earth have this kind of a eating pause whenever they are eating on dining table. They put the fork down for a couple of minutes for no apparent reason. They might talk to the person sitting next to them or they might be thinking deeply about something. That is the pause that you want to keep in your mind next time you are having yours.

At that pause, you should realize that your body has taken in the amount the calories it needs to maintain itself and anymore than that is probably going to put on some extra weight on you. Generally, you should not take another bite after this moment.

Clear your plate or save what is left over and then enjoy the conversation or whatever it was you were thinking about.

The eating pause is basically the hidden signal which your body sends out indicating that you are full now and not in need (not necessarily want) of anymore food. Most people miss it that is the worst part. So next time you sit down to eat something, be on the lookout for this hidden signal.

Lose Weight Without Diet: Solution 11

Lose weight by eating at home

This is probably the easiest solution of them all, if you want to lose weight without dieting then just eat your food at your own home for at least 5 days a week.

You should be able to cook food 5 times a week without a sweat, that is something you will have to invest in your health sooner or later. Even top professional body builders and celebrities prefer to eat at home in order to eat healthy and eat less. I don’t know what is it about cooking food yourself at home that makes you eat less.

Something about cooking is just a bit unexplained. You cook, you smell the fragrance of food, that most of the times kills off half your hunger.

Cooking at home can seem a bit hard at first thought but if you really think about it, it is not that hard to cook at home and stay healthy. Now a days technology as enabled us to do things much more easily albeit not without effort. There are shorcuts like pre chopped lean beef, canned vegetables and fruits, washed lettuce, pre-cut veggies, canned beans, cooked chicken strips.

See, that was not too hard or was it. Try it and let me know your feedback, I don’t mention it a lot but I think it should be obvious that I crave comments, I love to read them and read what the readers think about the content that I put up.

Lose Weight Without Diet: Solution 10


 It has been shown that people who do yoga regularly are less likely to eat over the top, especially women. Research has also shown that people who do yoga, especially women, tend to weigh less than people who do not yoga on a regular basis.

Several researches have shown that people who do yoga have reported that they are mindful of their eating and have more control when they are on the dinner table.

You can easily understand this by noticing how yoga regulars tend to notice the big portions in restaurants but eat only when they feel full.

It is believed that yoga helps people to have more control and this calm self awareness developed through yoga helps them to resist fatty and bad foods.

There you go. All you need to do is to do a little bit of yoga regularly. You do not have to make any changes to your diet. You can simply eat the way you feel like eating, the extra food you may consume due to the calories burnt during yoga are completely justified.

This simple tip will make you more resistant to bad foods and you will be able to go out with your friends without having to worry about losing control and really overeating junk food.

Lose Weight Without Diet: Solution 9

What you see is how much you eat (or drink). Hope that rhymed

 Another cool way to cut calories without dieting and hence lose weight, is to visually change the way you present food to yourself. When talking about liquids, if you use a tall narrow glass instead of a short wide one, you are more likely to cut on calories and hence make cuts on your weight without dieting.

Research has shown that you are likely to drink 25-35 percent less soda, wine or any other beverage when drinking in a long narrow glass, that is quite astonishing.

This only happens because our bodies can easily get tricked by visual changes and hence cause us to eat more or less. Research has also shown that most, if not all, people poured more into their glasses when they used the wide shortened ones instead of the long narrow ones.

That is basically it really. You do not have to bother about the drinks that you are drinking, neither the amount (although that would change, but that would change naturally), what yo need to do is to change your glass types so to say. Use long narrow ones to lose weight without dieting. Stay tuned for more free tips on how to lose weight without dieting.

Lose Weight Without Diet: Solution 8


You need to get rid of sugar if you want to lose any kind of weight without going on a diet. If you do exercise great control over your calories then may be you can think about taking normal amounts of sugar but when you are looking to lose weight without dieting then there is no way you can keep on eating sugar the way you might be right now.

Replace your regular soda with water and notice the difference you would feel.  For each soda you will replace with water, you would avoid having 10 teaspoons full of sugar. Imagine that.

The liquid which is inside the soda (which is full of sugar anyway) bypasses your body’s mechanisms of registering food and hence feeling full. One study has shown that people who drink soda generally eat 450 more calories than people who eat something like jellybeans.

People who ate a lot of calories,ate fewer calories but that was not the case with people who drank a  lot of soda. And perhaps the most crucial finding of the research was that, these people gained about 2.5 pounds per 4 week period. That is just disastrous for anyone trying to lose weight or even maintain their current weight.

This should show you that you need to cut back on sugars from sodas. You do not have to diet or cut all sugar from your diet. You just need to get rid of those sodas. Have something else to eat and it does not have to be fruits and vegetables even though those are the best options for anyone trying to lose weight.

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