Lose Weight Without Diet: Solution 17

Ideal for losing weight without having to do much

 You want to lose weight without putting too much effort into it? Or you just want to lose weight without putting an effort at all?. Well that is no possible, what is possible is for you to lose weight with very very little effort. Today I am going to talk about that effort as I have done so in the 15 posts before this post in this series of  ‘Lose Weight Without Diet’.

Lets be honest here. Losing weight and then keeping it of can be a big pain in the back so we obviously need ways that are easily integrable into our lives and give us fail proof autopilot ways of maintaining and perhaps losing some weight.

I want to talk about pasta here. Who here does not love a plate of pasta. I love it, I think you do as well and hell even Ronaldo likes it a lot. For those who would love to stay fit while eating pasta too, here is a very simple and easy tip to achieve that.

That tip assumes some conditions. The first condition is that, you actually like pasta, if you don’t, I do not see how you would benefit from this tip. Second assumption is the assumption of assuming (lots of assumptions? I know) that the most popular sauce that people use over a pasta is the Alfredo Sauce. For this tip to work, all you have to do is always go for red sauce. In this case, that red sauce is marinara sauce.

The logic for that is simple enough. The number of calories in red tomato based sauce is a lot less when compared with cream based sauces. Not to mention that, the tomato based sauce also has a hell less of fat content when compared with the cream based sauce.

If you thought that is the only thing stopping you from losing weight and getting fit, then obviously you thought wrong. You still have to watch out you portion sizes. That is the single most important aspect of losing weight and keeping it off.

You cannot just keep on eating loads of pasta and not expect to gain weight. One serving of pasta is about the size of a tennis ball. I know that must have shocked at least 90 percent of the readers, but that is true. Pasta contains a lot of calories and is nothing but white flour which is not the best for your health in any case.

Lose Weight Without Diet: Solution 16


One of the easiest ways to lose weight without too much effort, or without effort at all, is to stop eating outside. Yeah, stop. All that junk food is bad for you anyway so there is no sensible reason for anyone to eat outside unless there is no time for any other option.

And let us be honest here, there are a lot of options. Though it is true that the main reason why people eat outside is because they are short on time (and who is not these days, even if we agree that most of us do not really know anything about time management) and because junk food is easily available to people. Imagine this much investment going into the health industry. I think we would be living in a very different world right now had that happened.

Anyway, if u are short on time and have no option but to eat outside, one thing that you can do is to buy fruits or frozen veggies instead of going straight to junk food outlet. The best option as I said earlier was to time your meals in a way that allows you to eat a home with peace.

Eating food on the go is never something that you would want to do every single day of your working life. If you stop eating outside, you reduce your risk of gaining weight along with avoiding a host of diseases that can be transmitted through these places. Contagion anyone?

You will also be able to cut out all the fat that is in food that comes out of their kitchen. If you still cannot will yourself to quit eating in restaurants then I have a weight loss solution for that too.

Here is what you do. You divide and then you conquer. Let me put that into a restaurant perspective. We all know how big restaurant meals are. They have giant portion sizes and are laden with fat heavy sauces that will have you pack on the pounds within weeks if you are not careful.

The first thing that you would want to do in order to keep your food intake under control inside the restaurant is to split the entree with a friend. Always do that. That will cut the major portion of your calorie intake while you enjoy your meals at the restaurant.

The second thing that you can do in order to keep your food intake under check is to order the appetizers as a meal and not as starters. There is really no need for something to be called as STARTERS. STARTERS to what? It is not a food eating contest, so just serve the food and be done with it. I guess its just a ploy to get you guys started on the feasting that takes place after the starters.

Third thing that you can do which I have mentioned countless times is to use a child’s plate. That can cut up to 20 percent of your calorie intake and you would hardly notice that you are eating in a child’s plate. That is something that has been proved through researches which have been conducted recently.

Tell the waiter to bring half the meal in a doggie bag before serving the meal. That is self explanatory really, so go try this out the next time you go to a restaurant with your friends.

Ordering extra salad and splitting veggies are also complementary techniques which you can use in order to further reduce the amount of damage your body might take at the restaurant.

Lose Weight Without Diet: Solution 15


Have you ever heard about the 80-20 rule? I am sure you must have and you must have also heard about it being employed by business people or people who want to improve themselves all the time by being more productive. By being able to do more with less, they are able to form for themselves a lifestyle that is both rewarding and relaxing. Anyway, I am not here to talk about that, I am here to talk about how you can apply the 80 20 rule in your weight loss solutions in order to get more benefits out of your dieting.

Thankfully, this post is not going to ask you to start on yet another new diet. I am not going to ask you to kill yourself by staying hungry all the time or as some other people do by taking drugs or smoke pot in order to NOT feel hungry even though their body is crying out loud for nutrients. They do lose weight but that weight is pretty useless. You need to have good muscle mass along with less mass overall in order to be really healthy and fit.

The 80 20 rule is pretty simple if you ask me. All you have to do is stop eating food when we are 80 percent full. If you can spot your PAUSE MOMENT which I talked about in an earlier post in this series of weight loss solutions without diet, then that would be best but if you are having a hard time in spotting that moment then this technique is for you.

Research has shown that the chances of people missing out on this tipping point is even less than the chances of people missing out on their PAUSE MOMENT. I can understand that most people now a days have formed a habit of eating till they are absolutely full and hence they might feel a bit uncomfortable starting out with this technique but with little will a lot of progress can be made.

Reducing your food intake by 20 percent is barely noticeable I tel you, but it is noticeable in terms of the rewards you would reap in less than 6 months time. So dish out 20 percent of the food that you currently eat in order to feel stuffed and you too can start to lose weight without dieting.

Not asking you to eat fruit all day and neither am I asking you to cut out all fat and sugars. They are things that I have and will continue to talk about on this site but for now, I would like to concentrate of having people at least giving these simple tips a try. Stick with these for a couple of weeks and notice the difference.

These are not radical changes in your lifestyle or in your eating habits. If you cannot see any benefit in them after trying them out for two weeks, feel free to dump them and let me know too, so that I can know more.


Lose Weight Without Diet: Solution 14


 If you want to shrink down to a size that you desire and that too without having to diet then one of the best ways to do that is to reduce the amount of food that you eat but without knowing it. Otherwise, it would become a diet and you would then lose interest.

Research has shown that by cutting down your plate size, you automatically eat less without ever knowing. That is the best part I guess. Research also showed that people who did cut down to a smaller plate tended to eat about 100 to 200 calories less per day.

That may not sound like enough when you consider that you need to lose about 7000 calories in order to lose just 1 kg but remember, over the course of a year, 100 to 200 calories a day can make you lose about 10 to 20 pounds. That would cut down your size by at least 2 I guess.

So right now you might be using about a 12 inch diameter plate. What you do is pretty simple and should not cost a lot of money if at all. Serve and eat your food in a 10 inch plate rather than a 12. That will get you started on eating less without ever noticing it.

Remember that research proved that people tend to eat more and serve more too when they eat in monster size plates. The more food you see in front of you, the more likely are you to over eat. Haven’t you considered that no matter what, people always eat a lot of buffets and eat all you can offers. This is just something we need to accept that the less food you would have on your plate and in the house as well, the less likely are you to eat what your body does not need.

On other astonishing fact about reducing plate size is that none of the test subjects felt hungry and even noticed that they are eating less. That is something very striking and this effect can only be achieved if you are moderate about the whole technique.

I know a lot of people who would become overzealous after reading this post and cut their plate size down to 6 inches perhaps in order to lose more weight without noticing a thing but going to extremes rarely works in the short term and never works in the long term. So you must be moderate about it and only decrease the plate size to 10 inches if you are eating in a 12 inch one at the moment or a 8 inch one if you are on a 10 inch one.

I was on a 12 inch one when I read about this technique  and I think most of us are now a days on a 12 inch plate. We all tend to eat more than what our body needs. I am thinking that as a general rule you have to decrease your plate size by 2 inches and not more, in the beginning at least.

No matter on what plate size you are right now, decrease it only by 2 inches. I think that should work as efficiently as the original research as well. Let me know your thoughts on this free tip to lose weight without having to diet all your life.

Lose Weight Without Diet: Solution 13

Who would have thought chewing gum could make you lose weight

 Do you know that chewing gum can actually help you lose weight without having to worry about how much you are eating?

But before I go into the details, remember that the chewing that you should chew should always be sugarless. Otherwise, a chewing gum with lots of sugar is just going to defeat the purpose of taking it in the first place.

This is what you do, you chew. Simple. You want to chew something. Anything. But since there are very little things which are calorie free or are super low in calories that you can chew, a chewing gum always fits the bill. No you cannot really chew something made out of plastic because that is bad for your health.

Chewing releases some hormones in your body which gives you the feeling of fullness recent research has shown. You chew chewing gums whenever you get a snack attack. You know snack attack. This attack usually happens when you want to eat something just out of boredom or curiosity. You don’t feel any hunger but just to have some fun, you think it wouldn’t hurt if I just eat one of two of those calorie heavy muffins along with some homemade oil laden french fries.

The second thing which you need to ensure when using a chewing gum to stave off snack attacks is that the chewing gum should have a strong flavor. That will help you taste everything else a lot less. You would not feel like eating something because you would not be able to taste it properly.

I know that chewing gums of these particulars are loaded with chemicals and some of them may not be like an apple for your body, but there are cases where people are unable to control their urge and end up eating a 1000 calories like 5 or 6 times in a day. They gain weight and hence develop the exhaustive list of diseases and problems that come with having too much weight on your body.

Some situations in which you might have a snack attack include watching television. You need to be extra careful while watching TV or roaming the internet on your computer. These places are ideal for mindless snacking because these places are the main hub of where people usually feel emotional changes in themselves and when you have huge emotional changes in a short amount of time, like seeing a blind person die in a movie or finding out bad things about your friend on Facebook, you tend to eat with emotions. Emotional eating leads to rapid amount of calorie consumption.

Other places include, making dinner after work. When you are exhausted from work, all you want to do is to get home and munch on something. Well, by now you should know that you should munch on chewing gums in these cases. Get to the quality food later when you are dieing of hunger. Hanging out with friends is another scenario in which you are likely to overeat so keep a pack in your pocket just in case a need arises.

So to sum up, kill your hunger with chewing gum. Chewing gum should be sugar less and should have a strong taste so that other foods do not taste so good.


Lose Weight Without Diet: Solution 12


 Eating pause. Yup, I know, it came to me as a new term too when it comes to dieting. Apparently, your body has a strange mechanism of giving you hints about when it is satiated and when it is full. Obviously, when you are full, you don’t like to eat anymore. But that is sometimes not the best indicator of when you should stop eating.

Most people on earth have this kind of a eating pause whenever they are eating on dining table. They put the fork down for a couple of minutes for no apparent reason. They might talk to the person sitting next to them or they might be thinking deeply about something. That is the pause that you want to keep in your mind next time you are having yours.

At that pause, you should realize that your body has taken in the amount the calories it needs to maintain itself and anymore than that is probably going to put on some extra weight on you. Generally, you should not take another bite after this moment.

Clear your plate or save what is left over and then enjoy the conversation or whatever it was you were thinking about.

The eating pause is basically the hidden signal which your body sends out indicating that you are full now and not in need (not necessarily want) of anymore food. Most people miss it that is the worst part. So next time you sit down to eat something, be on the lookout for this hidden signal.

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