100 Calorie Snack: Almonds

Alomnds are rich. Rich in protein and fiber



It has been suggested in many researches that the key to losing weight and then maintaining that weight (which is an important part of losing weight) is to eat small and eat frequent. That also ensures that you stay away from diseases related to frequently sugar levels in the blood.

So the next time you get hungry and want to eat something, nuts are your go to food. Almonds is the thing you are looking for next time you want to eat something and do not want to budge over the 100 calorie mark.

You can eat 14 almonds for a grand total of just 98 calories. Is it not just great.

Plus, they are rich in fiber and protein. Two things you must eat in order to keep your hunger at bay and lose weight.

If  you are stuck in traffic, have some nuts with you instead of stopping by at a local store and grabbing yourself a can of soda which can make you pack a few pounds if you keep at it long enough


Another 2 Methods To Eat And Not Gain Weight

Losing weight does not mean that you have to forsake everything that has sugar in it, even though you would speed up your weight loss process considerably if you try to stay away from sugar as much as possible.

The key to eating sweet foods and not gain weight is to reduce portion sizes. You have to eat less of them so that they cannot add to much calories in your diet which in turn makes you gain weight. Simple maths is it not.

If you like to eat 3 scoops of ice cream then try reducing it to 2 scoops of ice cream or how about some yogurt with tasty berries to top it of for a much healthier option.

Other lower calorie options include puddings, jello and many other things. Basically lots of fruits with 1 or 2 tablespoons of hot fudge or caramel sauce.

If you must eat the high calorie toppings like sauce and other whipped varieties then make sure that you eat them in small amounts. As I mentioned it before, that is the whole key if you want to eat your favorite food and not gain weight in the process.

Always remember, that if you want to make sure that you make healthier food choices then have lots of healthy food around in the house. If your house if filled with junk food then you are most likely to eat them all and get fat.

To make sure that your house is not full of junk food, volunteer yourself to your parents to take you with them next time they go shopping to the mall.

Parents have this problem. They buy stuff they think you will like instead of the stuff that would be more healthy for you. You can suggest them to fill the shopping cart with fruits and vegetables which are the ultimate weight loss foods.

Remember to buy whole grains instead of the normal variety. Ask them to buy stuff that will make you some healthy soups and salads.

More Ways You Can Eat While Not Gaining Weight

You like Pizza right. Who here does not like Pizza. I like to have Pizza myself once in a while, but there are ways you can eat Pizza and not get fat. The trick is to built a better Pizza. That is healthy for you health, does not make you gain weight and is delicious at the same time. Not an easy task, but not an impossible one either.

Simple tip is, the next time you order Pizza, do not order the peperoni and extra cheese. Order the one with the most amount of veggies, as these low density calorie foods will make you feel full in no time all the while you are enjoying your pizza.

If you miss the meat in the Pizza then try chicken for a change. That would be much healthier for you and will not make you gain weight as it is relatively low on calories.

You can also order your Pizza in whole grain crust variety  rather than the white bread they use which has low fiber content.

If you fear that your friends might put you off from your weight loss goals. Why not turn the tables over. Bring them to the bandwagon as well. The bandwagon of eating healthy and staying energetic.

For example, as snacks, you can put out assorted raw vegetables along with some fruit and beans which can be supplemented with hummus. If your friends want to satisfy there salt cravings then use whole grain crackers or rice cakes.

You can also make your own sandwiches as I have explained before. Just remember to use whole grain bread along with lean chicken or turkey and whole lot of vegetables.

2 More Foods To Eat When Hungry

If you are hungry and you do decide on eating regular food then think about the low calorie varieties of the food you eat.

If you do not eat your lunch at home, in other words if you pack your lunch to your work place or school then build your sandwich with healthy food items. Ingredients that will help you to lose weight.

The best way to start is to use whole grain bread instead of white bread. The extra fiber in whole grain bread will fill you up good and will make you feel full for longer.

Healthy sandwich does not mean that you cannot put things like mayonnaise in it. Just make sure that if you are putting it in your sandwich then it should be in small amounts. One tablespoon should be enough.

Then, you can add a few slices of meat which is the source of protein for your body. After that, add tons of veggies on it, like tomatoes for giving it some taste and making it more fulfilling. Or get creative with bell peppers, sprouts, or cucumbers.


Not good for people losing weight

I know it is pretty mighty hard to pass up on those yummy fries when you are eating fast food but if you can opt for low density varieties then you can have your fast food and still will not gain weight.

Do eat salads but with caution. The dressing on it should not be more than 2 tablespoons. Forget about the high density varieties like asking for extra cheese croutons, tortilla strips. These can be loaded with empty calories and you will pack on the pounds in no time.

To further make sure that you do not gain weight by eating fast food, always share it with your friend. Or if you are not with a friend then order a kids meal. That will save you a bunch load of calories.

2 Foods To Eat When Hungry

So what to eat when you are hungry? You have to eat something, but there foods you can eat and eat a lot which do not cause you to pack on the pounds.

The golden rule to approximate the amount of calories in any food is the amount of water it contains. Research has shown that food with more water in it is more filling then its counter parts. The explanation goes on the lines of, when a food is filled with water, its calories are have a larger spread, they are spread over a larger area. What does that mean? It means that you can eat more of it and do not need to worry about the calories in it.

Tomato is a perfect example. A whole juicy tomato has the same calories that 5 pretzel sticks have. Another very easy example to understand this concept is the example of grape fruits. 2 cups of juicy grape fruits have the same amount of calories as 1/4 cup of dry grapes.

Now, you might legitimately ask, why not then drink lots of water to feel full all the time (sort of a solution for world hunger don’t you think). As is turns out, studies have shown that while water content in food makes you feel full for longer, water alone does not give you the same effect.

Another way to avoid eating so many calories, is to have breakfast.

Not just have breakfast, but have a healthy breakfast. Now a days with so much work to do, hardly anyone has the time to dress up and pick up the backpack, let alone preparing a nice delicious breakfast. In this situation a lot of people turn to junk food. But worry not.

You should start the day with Whole Grains. Whole grain cereal is a wonderful weight loss solution which is healthy, filling and easy to eat on the go.

When picking up your grains always l ook for a first ingredient starting with “whole grain,” followed by “wheat,” “oats,” “rice,” or “corn.”

Remember that no matter what the meal you have chosen, choose whole grains over refined, plain white bread, grains or pasta as the white varieties are not exactly healthy for you to eat if you want to lose some weight.

Fattening Foods 1 And 2

Fat laden hot dogs and steaks

Stay away from these monsters

Summers are here and boy, don’t we all just want to let it go and enjoy. Obviously one has to relax and enjoy in order to refresh and refuel oneself but that fun or relaxation should not harm your weight loss goals.

Summer time is high time for you to eat foods that would sabotage your waistline. First in line, are meaty barbeques.A 20 ounce T-bone can have as much as 1,540 calories and 124 g fat. An average cheeseburger has about 750 calories and 45 grams of fat. That is a lot of fat.

And I am not even going to mention the amount of calories and grams of fat in pork and beef ribs. Just remember, they come from the fattiest part of the respective animal. Now that was the bad news, there is some good news as well.

You can significantly reduce the amount of calories and amount of fats in the meat if you eat good lean cuts. Like skinless chicken breast and lean ground beef.

fat laden hot dogs

And stay away from these too

One other thing you must stay away from if you want to lose any sort of weight are hot dogs and sausages. These are super bad foods which should only be eaten once in a long while, a baseball games for example. Not only do these contain a lot of calories but they also have high amounts of fat and sodium.

Otherwise, you could always go towards the low calorie and low fat varieties, but these foods are so high in sodium that , it is best to leave them alone.

A typical hot dog has 280 calories, 15 grams of fat, and 1,250 mg of sodium. Now that is what I call SUPERBAD.

Bean The Superfood

If you thought you could not replace meat with anything, then you thought wrong. Beans are the perfect substitute and not only are they a wonderful substitute, they overtake meat in many ways that people do not know of.

Beans can go toe to toe with meat when it comes to having the necessary amount of calories. However, unlike meat, Beans are high in fiber and water content. What does that mean?

That means that after eating beans you will feel fuller a lot faster than you would do after eating, lets say, a big Mac. That also means that if you can only bring beans to you diet plans then you can cut calories without even getting the feeling of being deprived.

Why is it better than meat? It is because half a cup of beans contains half the amount of fiber which we require each day. Compare that to meat, which has absolutely no fiber at all.

This difference is a very important one. This means that the meat that you eat gets digested fairly quickly. While beans take a long time to be digested in your body and hence you do not feel hungry. They are also low in sugar which prevents the spiking of insulin in the bloodstream which causes hunger.

Beans are also low in saturated fat. That is one huge advantage over meat that beans have. A research has shown that people who ate beans weighted 7 pounds less than people who did not take beans despite the fact that people who ate beans, ate 199 more calories (and 335 more calories in teenagers) than the ones who did not eat beans.

Still not enough? Well, there is one thing beans have and meat does not have and that is phytochemicals. Beans have a specific class of phytochemicals which are antioxidants. These protect your body from the cell damaging free radicals inside the body. We know how dangerous free radicals are in your body right? They cause cancer and loads of other bad things like,aging and  neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

So in short, beans are the perfect food. They have protein, fiber, water, antioxidant properties and some calories.

Get More Energy With Red

Do you like the color red? What does it mean to you? Has it got anything to do with your health or your weight all all. Is it a weight loss solution?

If you did not like Red before then you should change your mind now as the color red has now been observed to have some sort of an affect on the muscles of the body as a whole.

New Medical research has shown that seeing the color red can make your muscles move faster and with more force. This could prove to a vital result as athletes across the globe would look to maximize this amazing new finding.

Researchers have also found out that this  effect of the color red is not known to many people. That is many people do not know that the color red is a sign of danger to the body and hence it increases its physical strength whenever it sees the color red.

But in a half filled glass of water, there is always one half empty. The research has also suggested that, the increase in performance may come at a cost and that is emotional one.  The color red brings along with it worry, distraction, and self-preoccupation, which could hamper performance.

Color affects us in many ways that we are normally not aware of. In sports, generally, it has been seen that the color red makes the opponent more likely to lose  or at least puts him in a disadvantageous position.

The color red has also been seen to be counterproductive in activities that require mental focus. Motoring tasks are also affected in a negative way.

The experiment done to prove this was a pretty simple one. The researchers had two groups of 30 to 40 students, one experiment was done on student from 4rth to 10nth grade while the other one was done on undergraduates. In both the experiments, one group was asked to squeeze a hand grip as hard as they could when they saw the word squeeze written on the screen.

The word SQUEEZE was written in different colors like blue, yellow, green and red. It was found out that the same set of students squeezed the grip harder and reacted much quicker to the word SQUEEZE when it was written in red.

Pretty awesome huh. So to summarize. You can use red color to give yourself that extra boost of energy while exercising to burn more calories and hence lose more weight.

Benefits of Exercising

Well first and foremost, exercise helps you get stronger and lose weight but there are many other benefits of exercising which can help you lose weight in a lot of ways that you would normally not think of.

Regular exercise wards off many diseases. It increases the blood flow in your body so that you will not pain when doing your normal house chores. That is also the reason why you feel so great after you exercise. It is because the flood is flowing like a river in your body when you exercise.

Exercise strengthens the muscles of the heart. It also lowers bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol. It also lowers blood pressure. How much more do you want to hear about exercise before you actually start doing it.

It also enables your heart to work more efficiently and hence you would be able to do more (in any field of life) with much less effort.

Research has proven that the quantity of exercise that you get is more important then the intensity of exercise that you get. In other words, get off your butt and start moving. Research has also proven that any kind of exercise is beneficial as long as you do not have some specific medical condition.

In other words, it does not matter what you have as your exercise. You just need to exercise. Period. Any amount of exercise will do. Something is better than nothing, remember that. So although more exercise it better, but you do not need to run 20 minutes everyday in order to see the benefits.

Just start small and build up. That is the rule to which there is very little exception. In fact if you want to lose weight in forever than the only way to do that is to start small and build up from there, there is no exception to this rule if you want to stay fit for the rest of you life.

Advantages of Keeping A Food Journal

Keeping a Journal is an excellent way to stay on your weight loss plan

Let just get this straight from the start, food journal is important if you want to lose weight without much headaches and frustration. With that said, for the strong willed it is not a necessity, in fact many people have lost a lot of weight without the use of keeping a food journal.

If you can afford the time to write down everything you eat then you shall benefit greatly from keeping a food journal. It can also act as a good reference if you want to help someone else lose weight (obviously you would do that after you yourself have lost some decent amount of weight) and it can also help you in future if you gain weight by chance (which happens a lot if you take diet as a means to an end).

But there is just nothing better to be able to control what you eat and this plays a significant role in weight loss solutions. Keeping a food journal will force you to look up the amount of calories you are eating daily. The effort (the actual writing on a piece of paper) you would make to record the food items you ate each day will force you to eat less because of two reasons:

  1. Writing down will make you think long and hard about what you ate, why you ate and the solution to the problem you encounter.
  2. The mere thought of actually writing down the stuff you are eating will make you eat less so that your food journal looks food and has less amount of things on it. Trust me, this does work, you would want your food journal to look good and if you genuinely want to do that then there is no way in hell you will eat according to your desires which often leads to weight gain.

It is a general fact that people tend to forget what they ate for the day and hence think that dieting does not work when it comes to losing weight. That is of course not true. Keeping a journal will also make you more realistic about the quantity of food you should be eating in order to lose weight and stay healthy.

Basically a food journal is a written record of every single thing you eat in the entire day. Everything you eat, everything you drink. Even if it has 10 calories, it counts. You record them all in your food journal. At the end of the day you count the number of calories that you have taken in.

And then make the required adjustments to your diet in order to lose the amount of weight you want to lose in a given time period.