Is Sleep Related To Weight Loss?

Sleep being used for losing weight

Sleep and Weight loss?

Most of you would only associate sleep deprivation with dizziness and not being able to concentrate of work properly. But new study has shown that it not only affects your concentration but also makes you gain weight.

Scientist found out during a research that sleep deprivation can make the day drag and slows down your metabolism and hence your body uses less energy. Though it has to be said that the study was done a small scale so the results cannot be generalized as such.

The study also suggested that sleep deprivation and lack of shut-eye period not only makes you more hungry but also makes you gain weight because your body burns less calories.

Now a days a lot of people suffer from sleep deprivation, chronic sleep loss and other sleep disorders. Mainly because all we want to do in our life is work and thus we neglect our health. The study also suggested that getting plenty of sleep can result in the prevention of weight gain.

There have been many studies done that have shown that sleep disorder can lead to weight gain. Disrupted sleep also affects the balance of stress and hunger hormones inside the body during waking hours.

The experiment that was done to deduce these results was a pretty simple one. The mechanism by which sleep deprivation may cause weight gain  was observed in 14 male students. Each put through different sleeping conditions such as normal sleep, no sleep, extra sleep over several days.

Then their blood sugar levels, their food intake and other hormones levels were measured during the next several days in order to identify how much oxygen their body burnt.

The amount of sleep loss did not increase the amount of food intake in these men. However, people who had even one night of less sleep were observed to have slower metabolism the next morning and that caused their body to burn less calories in daily tasks such as breathing and digestion when compared with people who had a good nights sleep.

So lesson to be learnt from this is that you should always sleep a good amount of hours (6-8 for most people) at night. Uninterrupted sleep which is probably the best from of sleep. Otherwise you will be feeling tired the next morning and will have a high chance of gaining weight.

The weight gain from sleep deprivation can also be explained by the fact that, when you sleep less your body cannot control your stress hormones efficiently. You get stressed out and many people eat a lot when they are stressed out. So a good night’s sleep is a must.

Magic food number 3 is..

Powerful weight loss food, spinach

Green leafy Spinach

I have stressed on Spinach in the past. But now I have found some new results based on researches being conducted every year on the benefits of eating Spinach.

It turns out, it suppresses you hunger not only by keeping you full because of their appetite reducing proteins but also by reducing hunger hormones in your body. This is just amazing. Just think about the consequences of eating Spinach.

Less hunger. That is something we all want. We want to eat less so that we can lose more weight and thus get healthy. They are super low on calories. A cup worth of cooked spinach has only 40 calories.

The best way you can use spinach is by adding couple of uncooked spinach to your sandwiches. You can also use them with your omelette in the morning. You can also use spinach leaves in your soups and what not. Try to add it in your salads too.



More food for weight loss

In this series it goes like this. I tell you list of foods that I think can be your weight loss solution. Today I am going to list another food item which is going to help you a lot in your weight loss efforts.

That magic food is bean or more grammatically correct sentence would be, those magic foods are beans.

Useful for weight loss

Beans are excellent food item if you want to lose weight

They are small in size but big in impact. Beans have high amounts of fiber in them which (in simple words, without all the nerdy stuff) obviously fills you up nicely and makes you eat less as a result.

They are also help in the movement of your bowls and thus prevent many diseases that result if your bowls are not functioning properly.

The best thing about eating fiber is that, they are not digested in your body. They just pass straight through and while it is difficult to find and hence eat something that is 100 percent fiber, beans are one food item that come the closest.

Fiber goes into your body, combines with the fats and takes it out of your body.

Baked beans are something I would recommend you to try out as it is really beneficial to your health and is low on the calories too. A cup has about 250 calories which are not a lot compared to all the junk food we all eat so much of.

Magic weight loss food 2

For weight loss, all hail grapefruit

Now, incorporating just this food item in your diet can potentially lead you to lose around 1.5 kg in 12 weeks. I know that is heck a lot of time. Who wants to wait for 3 months in order to lose 1.5 kgs. We want to lose more than that  in a single week let a lone 3 months.

But, hye. For the amount of effort you will be making, I think just to lose weight should be enough let alone a full 1.5 kilograms. Remember, that you do not need to do anything. Same diet and same exercise routine (if you have any), research has shown that you will lose around 1.5 kg in 3 months time.

It reduces insulin levels which in turn give promotion to weight loss inside the body. It has about 40 calories, so you cannot expect yourself to gain weight while eating grapefruit. Unless you eat like 15 of them, you do not even need to think about the calories that you are taking in.

You can pretty much eat it in anyway you like. You can spread it on your steaks or chops. You can make some sort of juice or something. Best is to have half grapefruit just before meals. That will make you eat less and hence lose weight.

Magic food for weight loss

Yummy food with great crockery

This is not horseradish by the way (photo by agnus leun from flickr)

Ok, so everyone here probably knows that there are no easy shortcuts to loosing weight. You have to sweat it out in the gym and watch your diet really carefully in order to loose weight. Without the use of pills that is.

But, while the method described above is really the way to go , there are some magic foods that can help you with your fat loss process. One of these magic foods is horseradish, it is relatively inexpensive and can be found easily at the local stores.

I cannot even begin to describe the benefits this magic food is going to bring you. First, it is very low in calories, about 7 in a teaspoon. It can dissolve the fats in your cells which obviously, will make you more healthier.

It has a spicy taste which we all know lessens your appetite(your desire to eat food) hence you eat less and lose weight. Try to put a little bit on your chicken steak or scoop one or two on your fish pie.

A word of advice though, since it has a strong taste, it might upset people with stomach disorders.

Concerns over NHS referrals to weight loss programmes

Food for weight loss

By Agnus Leun

Interesting story I just read about, Goverment using some private companies to make people loose weight, the heading went something like this

Concerns over NHS referrals to weight loss programmes”

The government should continue to refer people onto weight loss programmes, a new report suggests.

Figures from a Slimming World study over five years followed nearly 35,000 people on a 12-week course. [Source]

Some of the points raised in the above article really made me think about the situation we all are in. We loose weight and we gain it back. The article has stated several times that people who lose weight with quick fixes gain all that weight back inside two years.

Many gain more than they lost meaning that after 2 years of loosing weight and controlling their diet, they end up being much heavier than before. Why does it happen?

Well, for starters 90 percent of people start to eat more junk food after they get the impression that they are now thin enough. They think that now they are thin, they cannot get fat or it will take them years to get fat.

Whereas, you can get fat inside a month depending on how much you eat and of what food you eat.

The news article then goes on to say that people do need counselling in this matter and that there should be long term programs for people which would make them stick to their healthy diets for longer and as a result of that they would keep themselves fit for longer.

Have a look at the amount of spending the government is going inside UK to get people to loose weight.I liked this idea of “Pounds for Pounds” where people actually get paid to lose weight. Good motivation factor that is.

The reward which is in the range between 75 pounds and 425 pounds depending on the amount of weight you lose in a specified time period is a pretty heavy one.

I mean, that is there to loose in this deal. Goverment pays for your memberships, you get paid to lose weight and in the end you look great and probably would feel great too.

But not all people like this fact of someone else helping you for a while in order to plan your weight loss solutions so that you can loose weight.

They argue that preventive measures should be stressed on, rather on reactive measures (as in what to do to avoid getting fat instead of what to do if you get fat). I also like this idea.

I think it captures the true essence of losing weight. You loose weight primarily to make yourself feel good and to make your body healthy. Looking great is something of secondary nature.

I think because people have taken this to be as their primary objective, they found it difficult to stay slim. What is for sure is that people who only have the motivation of losing weight only to look good often drop out from their weight loss programs.

They abandon their weight loss solutions and hence end up nowhere. Even these organisations who help thousands of people to lose weight every year cannot really help them stay put to their weight loss solutions.

With the government referring people to lose weight, I think is a great step forward in making people at least go to these places and consider to lose weight instead of just sitting home and whining about how fat they are.


How to control yourself to start loosing weight

Weight loss solution is all about low calories
Hmmm. Low calorie diet rocks

We all love a little sugar now don’t we. I mean, who does not want to eat sugar all the time if they could. I mean it is so yummy and everything we like in foods is directly or indirectly related to sugar.

But our sugar habits have gone way overboard. We are eating too much sugar in too many forms for too many consecutive ways.

Lets take some of the foods that people most crave about when they want to fulfill themselves with sugary goods.

One of those food items is Ice Cold Sweetened Tea Drink

Obviously when you are thirsty then the idea of ice-cold flavorful ice tea beverage can be real tempting and engaging one. One that could destroy your weight loss efforts. Months of hard work can be undone in half an hour if you are not careful about your diet.

Drinking a mere 16 oz of this drink can give you 160 units worth of calories and about 40 grams of sugar. That is a lot of sugar and if you ask me for one weight loss solution that I would recommend to people to starting using right away, then thats, cut all sugar.

Sugar is bad. It is really bad. I do not want to write another post about how bad sugar can be but I will if people need more it.

So are they ways you can satisfy your craving and still maintain your weight loss efforts.

Yes there are. As long as you are comfortable using aspartame (alternative sweetener) then usually you can find all the flavors of your favorite drinks in their zero calorie versions.

The best option is perhaps brewing your own tea and then refrigerating it for a few hours to a good cold tea drink. There is really no need for any flavor as Ice tea has got flavor of its own.

There you go, more to come in this seven parts series of what your sugar craving food might be and how you can curb it.

Food you would not get at the movies


Low calorie food for weight loss

From Flickr: NickNguyen


Who does not like to go to the movies and better than that, who hear doesn’t like to go to movies and have some snacks there as well but before you chill out with you dudes at the local theater, bear in mind these simple notes on the food items that are typically available at these locations

  • A medium size buttery pop corn contains about 400 calories
  • A large size buttery pop corn has about 1300 calories. You could eat two chicken breasts and a lot of potatoes with that same amount of calories. Not to mention the fact that, these are empty calories that you are eating. They are of no benefit to you and apart from giving you such huge amount of calories in one go they come with the added side effect of putting layers of fat around your hips and you belly. Think twice (or even thrice) before eating any popcorn at the theaters these days as they are unhealthy and the destroyer of any weight loss solution ever created
  • The soda that they give you with all those colorful cups has how many teaspoons of sugar? Trust me, you do not want to know the answer to this question if you want to keep yourself from being broken afterwards. Even then, I’ll tell you right now and the answer is 14. There are 14 teaspoons of sugar in the medium soda that you buy at cinemas at the movies.
  • Do not think that splitting the pop corns with your friend is going to make if any less harmful to you. It would still contain about 300 useless calories for you only. In that amount of calories you could eat a lot of yogurt (about 400 grams) or could eat a cup load of cottage cheese which give you some good calories. Remember, there are good calories and there are bad calories. If you want to loose weight you would want to stay away from the bad calories.
  • Unbuttered popcorn at the movies is not healthy either. It has a lot of far, oil and salt and though that would be a better choice but again, my advice to you would be to stay away from food items such as these.
  • Chocolates are not the way to go either. A peanut butter variant can give you 500 calories (4 oz of chocolate), other variants such as caramel and mints can give you from 250 to 400 calories of junk food.

There are many reasons why you might eat like a pig at the movies and one of the most important ones is, because eating there is mindless eating. You are too busy watching the movie and do not really care about the calories that are in your diet. People have a habit of having soda and popcorn at the movies which is a bad habit due to the reasons described above in good detail.

To loose weight you need to keep a tight grip on your calories and if you cannot maintain that grip at the movies then don’t go to movies, simple as that and if you say that you will die without going to the movies then one simple weight loss solution is to have dinner before going to the movies instead of having dinner at the movies or after the movies, you would be likely to eat a lot less at the movies if you have you dinner at home.

How to stay Energized

Small frequent meals is the name of the game

Fresh, frequent and small meals. That is what you want.

If you want to know how to stay energized throughout your whole day without drinking water every 35 seconds then you have come to the right place (or the right post). I mean, we all want more energy so that we can achieve and produce more in the same amount of time.

Weight loss solutions is not all about just loosing weight. Why are you loosing weight in the first place? For many it may be because they want to look good, for some it is because of health reasons and for some it is because they want to achieve more in their work and that is why they want to be more fit then they have been before so that they have the energy to carry out the plans that they make every single day of their lives.

Many people just make plans and never get the energy to carry out those plans and that is why I am stressing on this point. Have loads of energy is really one of the most fundamental goals of loosing weight. It is not about looking good like Brad pitt or being healthy like Jeff Bridges( What…..he is really healthy for his age, come on).

Anyway, here are my top 2 ways of staying energized throughout your day so that you can enjoy every day of your life to the fullest.

  1. Eat small meals. Seriously. Eat small meals and eat them frequently. About 6 times a day. That will put your body in express mode. Your metabolism will increase and you will be able to breeze through your day without breaking  sweat. Small meals put less pressure on your digestive system and hence on your body and because of that, your body can actually benefit from the food that you eat. If you eat 1 or 2 big meals then that will make so sluggish as your body will be busy digesting the infinite amount of food you just ate in your only meal of the day. Trust me on this. Try this for yourself. Small frequent meals will not only increase your energy but will also help you to lose weight. Look and feel good.
  2. Take naps 1 or 2 times a day, of 15 minutes each. Whenever you get that sleepy feeling in the early afternoon do not go for an hour’s sleep or even more. Just take a nap of 10 to 15 minutes and you will wake up with your batteries charged (most of the times) which will again enable you to crush your day instead of barely surviving it.

Implement these and let me know how you felt. I am sure that these tips will help you to lose weight and in the process increase your productivity as well.

2 Easy ways to keep fit in University

This one measures weight, really it does

Costs around 60 cents just to weigh on that thing

In the fast life that we live (or try to live) these days, who in good world has the time to workout let alone take a walk round the corner. That is certainly the case when you are studying at university. There is just no time and even if you do have time then the other thing you run out of is energy.

You have to have time and energy to get any work done and believe me, there is a lot of work to be done when you are at university. I have to keep fit or at least not gain weight and that is why I have been able to come up with some pretty neat tricks in order to keep myself fit while studying hard for that calculus class as well.

Here are the two ways you can lose weight(ideally). These are  solutions that would be useful for anyone but nevertheless, are specifically aimed for people who want to maintain(or loose) weight while they have got not a lot of time in their hands (and let us be honest, who has these days, forget the students section).

  1. Put your laptop and notebooks on a raised platform in your room, ideally in a position where you can work and study while standing. What I did was that I placed my side table on the top of my studying table and then put my laptop on top of that and hence created a standing workstation if you know what I mean. That allowed to be work more efficiently as I did not want to stand long without doing anything. That obviously burns more calories that sitting around all day doing nothing. Just be sure that you do not have any joint problems before making this transformation.
  2. Try to leave for your class 5 or 3 minutes before rather than 10 or 15 minutes before. Obviously, you would walk much faster if you knew you have less time to get to class and that will burn more calories than you strolling along with your friend to a class which starts in about half an hour.

Check these out and let me know whether they worked for you or not. I am always interested in listening to other people suggestions about the ways people can loseweight and keep that weight off and for that, we need weight loss solutions, lots of weight loss solutions.