A extremely effective weight loss solution

Such a refreshing site of natural purple grapes on the tree

Though these are not Apples, but they are from the same family (From Flickr)

There are many ways of loosing weight. Such as following a very strict diet and sticking with it for atleast 2 to 3 months in order to see measureable results.

There is this second way of, keeping a good medium calorie diet and exercising a bit more in order to put more muscle on your body and hence burn more calories which is essential to loose weight and then keep that weight off for good.

But not everyone can control themselves to find this weight loss solutions and neither have the time to go out, get dressed up after a long days work for exercise in the evening. That weight loss solution seems a bit too difficult for most people if not for all of us.

So if you are one of those people then this a list of 5 foods (I am not going to give you the typical “List of 50 foods to eat”) that you can eat, still loose weight and not feel hungry.

They are not steriods or any of that sort. They are just natural foods with extremely unnatural properties. That is, they are low in calorie and are fullfilling.

So here is my 1st item on the list of Top 5 foods that will make you feel good, full and will get you slim.

1. Apple. Seriously. It is one of the best all round piece of food that I have been able to found in any book or on the internet. I could survive quite comfortably with five apples a days given that there would no bad health consequences as a result of eating only one type of food for so long.

It is very fulfilling, low calorie, high fibre. Not to mention low fat. It is a little bit high on sugar but that is natural sugar. Nothing to worry about there.

Most of all, eating fruits especially apple give your metabolic rate a boost. Think of it this way, apple has got close to zero fat. If you do not take in any fat through your foods, your body will burn fat from the inside. Therefore, you will have less fat reserves and hence more percentage of muscle.

And we all know what muscles do. Yeah, that is about right. Muscles help you burn calories at a super fast speed. You look better, sleep better and work better.

Think about these things, the next time you see the Apple stall at the supermarket and turn your face towards the cheese stand.

Eating apples as two advantages. One, they give you lots of minerals and vitamins which are essential for your body to maintain itself and keep it moving, living and breathing.

They make you feel full and hence you eat less. Eat less of the bad food that you eat everyday. Chances are, that after eating two or three apples throughout the day, you would not want to eat any of the bad food items that are advertised magnificently on the Television every day, countless times.

Remember, you could form a perfect weight loss solution even with junk food such as fries and chicken cheese burgers but loosing weight is not all about what the scale shows you.

It is about forming a weight loss solution that will help you to loose weight and stay healthy, energetic and full of life.

And that is why, as a first step towards forming your weight loss solution, Apple should be on top of the list.

More Easy weight loss solutions

A tailer filled with bright red straw berries

The color alone should make you eat them and them alone (Source: mvi shubert ciencia from flickr)

If you do want to loose weight and have absolutely no knowledge on how to begin and what to do then this weight loss solution is the ultimate primer for you.

Ok, without any fluff, lets get to it.

The firs thing that you must understand is that you need to eat less. No weight loss solution in the world will work for you if you do not eat less. Less and a little more less.

You should never feel full or satisfied. A little (mind you, only a little ) hunger is what we are aiming for here which would propel your metabolism to burning more fat and loosing more weight.

You need to eat less and eat right. That is the other half. Eating right.

You do not need to be a freak to eat right and I am not going to tell you to eat this amount of protein, carbs, dairy and fruits on a single sitting. That is, for most people, way too confusing.

What I will tell you to do is give up all fast food. All foods you eat from outside the comfort from your home just for a month and prepare your meals at home. No matter what you cook, just cook inside your house.

Ok. This is that simple. No fast food or foods from bakeries, Colas and even fruits salads from outside the house for a month and you will the difference in yourself. You buy everything in raw form (organic preferably) the supermarket, bring it home and then prepare it fresh and eat it fresh.

Another fast and simple weight loss solution which I will go into more detail of, is about eating fruits.

For now, just remember. Eating more fruits will help you greatly in your weight loss efforts. They make you feel full and fresh. Are low in fat and calories and really give your metabolism a huge boost.

Always have them by your desk or refrigerator at home. Preferably , eat raw and fresh fruits. Canned and frozen are not that effective in your weight loss efforts but we all have to make comprises when we want to achieve something, so eat frozen if fresh fruit is not available to you.

Remember todays top weight loss solution, stop eating out. Stop.

Did you find this helpful or not, as I always try my best to provide you with simple and easy weight loss solutions.

Check back for more, I am always waiting for your comments on my posts. That’s right, I am all ears now, waiting for your response. Thanks.

Dead Simple weight loss solution 1

Peaches with reflection beneath them

Is that healthy or what?

Okay so if you get too confused with all the new tidbits about loosing weight and if you just cannot give time to form a weight loss solution of your own then here are some no brainer and plain dead simple weight loss solutions for you.

First dead simple weight loss solution is to have a huge breakfast. Yeah, huge. But hang on just one minute to find out that huge does not mean, lots of fried chips and sausages with cream cheese.

Huge means huge but huge here means, if you like, Healthy huge. You need to eat a lot of protein (as in lean chicken (breast piece) or low fat cheese or some beans like chickpea) and you need to eat fruits and vegetables that are low in sugar and of course low in calories.

This is many advantages, one of them is simply that you will eat most of your calories early in the day which will give you lots of energy for the rest of your day to do you work and move about.

Other advantage is that you would not feel hungry for the rest of the day if you take your proteins early in the day. The best protein as I have told you many times is EGG WHITE. Though you might think that might prove expensive but a fact remains a fact.

Egg white is the perfect protein. Extremely low in calories and rich in proteins.

My favorite vegetables and fruits that I always include in my big breakfast are carrots and peaches. Both are extremely low in calories and high in fiber which would further make you feel full.

I do not like the taste of carrots neither I crave for them but I just eat carrots as sort of a medicine before eating my breakfast (for those people who just do not like to eat vegetables, you can use this mindset too). Eat 3 or 4 carrots (which few can do, as carrots are extremely rich in fiber and fill you up real quick) before breakfast or anytime you feel like binging.

It would do you wonders. It would fill you up good and you would not eat as much as you would have had you gone straight to your meal without eating carrots.

I like to use carrots as one of my ultimate weight loss solutions because of a lot of reasons and one of them is that a  good six to 8 inch size carrot has about 20 calories. With that big a size, I do not think you can find anything that could rival that. That is also the reason why I like peaches.

An average size peach has about 30 calories in it. You can eat peaches too if you feel hungry late in the night or during the day and they also have low GI value which means that they make you feel full for longer.

If you follow this carrot practice for long enough, surely you would thank me for telling you this weight loss solution.

After all, the purpose of weight loss solutions is to provide you easy solutions for weight loss.

Another Weight loss solution

Looks like a soup with toasted bread

Does that not look delicious or what? Also fulfilling (Source from flickr)

Weight loss solutions is about developing healthy solutions for your body to loose weight and then maintain that weight but somewhere along the line we face problems.

Big problems, problems that hinder our weight loss solutions and efforts useless. They should be treated well and should not be taken lightly because taking them lightly will cause you NOT to loose weight no matter which weight loss solution you try and implement.

First of these problems is constipation. A lot of people when they go on a diet looking for a solution for their weight, get constipation problems. They do not give this too much attention as they think that as long as they follow a diet with proper solution then they will loose weight.

This is a huge mistake. First, you will not be able to follow any solution’s diet if you have constipation problems. So what is the solution?

Solution is pretty simple in essence, though many people neglect it. Number one solution is to consume more fiber. Fiber is the key when it comes to regulating your bowls and keeping yourself fit and healthy.

Fiber can be found in vegetables and fruits such as apples, oranges, peaches anything. There are also some grains that provide you with high quality fiber. Those include bran products, such as bran bread (not white bread, that is not good).

Oatmeal and barley are a great source of fiber.

Second solution is to increase your liquid intake when you are on a diet. Basically, if I am not going to the washroom in about every 50 minutes when I am on a diet, I know that I am not drinking enough water.

So increase your water intake for better health.

Fiber and liquid help you correct and maintain your metabolic function which is essential to healthy living and healthy weight loss without any pain or hunger. Fiber also makes you feel a lot full throughout the day.

So eating more fiber from which ever source should now be on top of your weight loss solutions page.

In order to loose weight successfully, do not exclude any food group from your diet. Natural food groups that is.

When I say that the solution to loosing weight is to eat less. Many people mistake that thinking that they should eat so less that it forces them to cut one of the food groups from their diet.

This according to almost all the nutritionist is bad for you health and weight loss efforts. In order to function properly your body needs every kind of nutrient that there is in foods. If you exclude any food group from your diet, the chemical system of your body will be disrupted and then no matter which weight loss solution you implement will be rendered useless.

So do not totally cut, carbohydrates and fats from your food. Take them in extremely extremely small amounts. Fats, contrary to popular belief, are good for your body but in small amounts as they contain high amount of calories.

Therefore, food products or more specifically food groups like bread, pasta, meat and olive oil should not be totally kicked out of your diet. You just need to take them in very small quantities so that your body can have its required amount to function properly.

A solution which contains all the food groups will have you shed your weight fast and without having headaches throughout the day. Food items and groups mentioned above also help you to maintain your metabolism and nourish your body to make it capable enough to function properly.

It is very important that you give attention to the supposedly small details when following any solution to loose weight. Only then, can this be a happy trip for you and for your body.

Two things to avoid while loosing weight

Source: From flickr

A lot of people simply cannot avoid alcohol and it is true that there are diets that do allow you to have some wine in your diet and still promise you to loose weight. In fact, there has been some research done in this area and scientists now believe that having some wine MAY (important word is, may) help you to stay healthy.

But lets not just kid ourselves. To loose weight fast and develop a effective weight loss solution, you are going to have to give up alcohol. Completely. Just for a few months and then you can add little by little some alcohol into your diet.

Or, what you can do is to look for alternatives. You could first of all, try to lessen the amount little by little. Then switch to juices, fresh juices (though they are high in sugar too) and then water.

I cannot even begin to tell you the benefits of drinking water. Alcohol has a lot of calories in it. Empty calories that is and remember a previous rule about weight loss?

DO NOT DRINK YOUR CALORIES. It gives you less satisfaction. In fact, for most people, drinking calories do not count. They just drink whatever they like thinking that it does not add up and somehow, only the solid foods add to their daily calorie intake.

Which we, by now, should know does not make any sense. Calorie is a calorie in most cases. Alcohol is not beneficial to health even so it does not even make sense that you are trying to loose weight and trying to improve your health and yet you do not want to consider the solution of leaving alcohol for a few months.

There is a solution to this problem. Read about it. Read about the bad effects alcohol has on your body. Read about how it can damage your lungs and basically your whole system. How it saps your energy and makes your worthless.

Alcohol in very little amounts and that too not regularly, does not cause any significant problems but in large amounts, it is deadly therefore, the best solution is to try to avoid it and if you cannot do that then at least try to limit its use.

Try giving it a go to Seafood.

I know I have repeatedly thrown this solution at you but seriously, seafood is so beneficial. You will just have to try it in order to feel and actually notice it’s good benefits.

Especially during the summers, you need to eat light and stay cool. You do not want your body to come under unnecessary pressure because of you putting to much high calorie food in it.

Avoid meat if you can, or better, limit its intake to once or twice a month and then go for fish and other seafood. They are light, keep you full and are a good source of protein.

Most of all, they are all good for your health and actually help you to loose weight because their fat content is low.

There are many types of weight loss solutions which suggest that the more you include fish and seafood in your diet, the more you increase your chances of developing a cardiovascular disease which are so common these days.

And it goes without saying that you should avoid fried food, even fried fish. No extra calories in the form of extra oil and stuff.

Are Vegetables good weight loss solutions

Source: From Flickr

Vegetables and fruits have always been known to help those who want to loose weight. If you ask any dietitian, he would recommend to eat vegetables and fruits as his ultimate solution for obesity.

Weight loss solutions mostly depend on eating what you want but in smaller quantities (well, at least the newer weight loss solutions try to do that) but the thing with vegetables (and not fruits) is that you can eat them as much as you want and still loose weight.

So this weight loss solution is completely opposite of what most solutions try to teach you. Especially, the green leafy vegetables like Spinach or lettuce. Broccoli to some extent too. You can have them as much as you want.

Best of all, these fill you up real good and are extremely beneficial to your general health.

A commonly disregarded reason why most people do not eat vegetables and fruits (or at least do not LIKE to eat vegetables and fruits) is because they eat them in off season. Off season vegetables and fruits are tasteless and odorless.

But there a solution to that, you can buy season fruits and vegetables. Which are fresh, juicy, tasty and boost up your metabolism.

Vegetables are light and so your body feels really good after you eat them. Vegetables also boost your energy levels throughout the day. You would sleep less but efficiently.

It is like water. You eat more vegetables (which in fact gives your body more water) and your body will get hydrated much better which would make you feel alert and focused throughout your day.


Replace them with grilled vegetables or with something more healthy. That is absolute essential. Fried potatoes (a crowd’s favourite) should not be eaten at any cost.

And there you have it. Another effective weight loss solution. Replace your fried foods, preferably your pasta and bread too with vegetables and you will eat far fewer calories and would feel much fuller.

There are many other benefits or integrating vegetables and fruits into your diet. You decrease your intake of fat and oils that are harmful for your body.

2 Healthy Weight Loss Solutions

Source: Clairity form flickr

More often than not (in our busy lives) we just do not have enough time to prepare our meals and actually sit down, on the table, and eat that stuff.

Most of the people use quick take away  services and eat on the run. Such kinds of food are pretty much useless to your body according to one research and according to another, it is just not the right way to eat.

Weight loss solutions is all about making it easy for to loose weight and keep that weight off. There is no reason why you cannot be following a diet and work. You can fit in a diet plan in your schedule by having quick meals that are available in the market .

They are quick and easy to cook and take about 5 or 10 minutes. What this weight loss solution (I prefer to call it one as every solution that I present here is obviously for your weight loss) does is that it makes you NOT to order a pizza or fatty fast food stuff so that you can eat healthy and get healthy.

There are many types of these foods, some of which I have had are: Frozen vegetables, canned vegetables, low fat cheese and stuff.

I am not saying they are the best. As we all know, vegetables are at their best when eaten fresh. That goes for every kind of food I guess (except cheese or wine may be).

Problems with Portion control while eating out

The solution to this problem is, that you try to order kid’s size meals, in order to reduce the calories and not having the guilt of having eaten too much. On some restaurants, I have even seen a separate menu for kids. Take a look at that,  if some of their dishes interest you.

Or you can just order the low calorie version of each of their dishes and you do not have to worry about the extra portion that you might eat.

Some people do try the trick of using smaller plates so that less food on it, makes them think it is enough for them. You can try this weight loss solution too. All depends on you. Mind over matter.

Weight loss solutions to help your reduce your hunger

Source: Harald Walker from flickr

If you cannot go 3 small meals a day then go for 6 extra small meals a day.

Research has shown that if you eat regularly and in even smaller amounts , you will loose weight in a much easier way. A solution to this problem is that you take your current 3 meals and when you sit down to eat them, split them in half.

Put one half in the refrigerator or wherever it may be safe and eat the other half. After 3 or 4 hours, eat the half you had saved earlier.

This solution is why far the easiest weight loss solution when it comes to eating less and not feeling hungry.

Eating regularly has the extra added benefit of keeping your metabolism up throughout the day and gives you more energy to carry out your work.

Weight loss solutions that tell you to eat 1 or 2 times a day or not eat at all the whole day, are a bit worthless. No one has that kind of a will power and self discipline. The only thing you can do is that (as I said earlier in some posts) is you can tweak every weight loss solution to your own needs and wants.

Anyway, I suggest you do not eat after 8 or 9 pm in the evening and try to have the biggest meal of your day, preferably before 12 pm or at the maximum before 3 pm.

Your meal at 6 pm (which is my last for the day) should be as small as possible. You do not want to give your body too much work to do before you rest up or try to relax.

Many people have a problem of controlling the calories taken in when they go for six meals a day. If you are one of those people then I will suggest you stick to the standard weight loss solution and that is to eat 3 times a day.

Source: Morrobaychuck from flickr

Cook your food at your home to get the taste you want and add a bit of spice if you like

This is also very important. You must have the flavors in your food that you want. If you keep on eating low calorie foods, instead of eating less food but standard ones then you are very likely to give up. You would not feel the taste in your food that you used to.

Therefore, the solution to this problem is that you can try to cook food at home. That way, you can add or remove anything and everything you want from a particular recipe and tinker it according to your own taste.

A solution that most people suggest is to add a bit of spice in your foods. That way, you will get extra rich flavor and taste when you eat the food which would make you feel like, you actually have eaten more than you actually have.

Adding spice does has this benefit. I would not go for so far in tinkering this weight loss solution so as to suggest that you find an alternate for your sugar cravings as well.

You must avoid sugary foods and added sugar is out of question when you are following a diet and want to have a proper weight loss solution working for you.

No weight loss solution would work for you if you do not stop taking added sugars in your diet.

So there you go, if you follow these weight loss solutions then you can bet that your life while loosing weight will be much easier. That is what these solutions are for, to make your journey to loosing weight easier, much easier.

Weight Loss Solutions to make you feel good

Source: Fernando Stankuns from flickr

Weight loss is not all about avoiding the bad foods. That is a bit too strict for most people as it leads to deprivation and then to binging. So what do you do?

You take a standard weight loss solution from hundreds of other weight loss solutions and tinker with it until you make up a weight loss solution that fits your lifestyle and your habits.

Like, if your favorite food is a chocolate and you know that the first thing you would read in any weight loss solutions article is to avoid chocolate. What do you do is that, you eat chocolate but in small quantities.

If you follow a weight loss solution that forbids chocolate. More often than not, you would be eating chocolate more than you ever wanted to ate. Deprivation leads to binging, again.

So have a little room in your diet plans. You can have your chocolate or the pie but you must have them in small quantities and on specific days.

There is no point in following any weight loss solution if you cannot follow it for a certain period of time. Therefore, have all your favorite foods. Enjoy them but do not indulge in them.

That is how you get to the ultimate weight loss solution, where you eat everything you want to eat but in reasonable amounts.

Just a pointer. Now that you know this, do not go off and eat chocolate everyday in a bid to tinker with your weight loss solution. You should have your “FORBIDDEN FOODS” in “SMALL QUANTITIES” on a max 2 or 3 days a week.

There is no need to follow your diet like a Zombie

If you are feeling like taking a break. Take a break. As I said before, weight loss solutions is all about customizing each and ideally, every weight loss solution according to your own needs (some WANTS too).

You can have a night out with friends but try not to eat fatty things or sweets. Try to replace them with fruits and limit these night type of night to, again, 1 or 2 per week. This way you would feel fulfilled and not deprived of anything which would prove to be a huge psychological boost.

You will have less chances of binging (which is the single reason why people actually gain weight instead of loosing when they adapt to a certain weight loss solution without tinkering with it).

In the end, don’t get worried if you have the will power of not having any CHEAT DAYS. It is ok if you can live without your FORBIDDEN FRUITS but be careful. It is better to have these things in small quantities in your diet, otherwise you run the risk of wasting all your effort.

There you go, another weight loss solution says that “Slow but steady, always wins the race”.

Important weight loss solutions

Source: mvi shubert ciencia from flickr

Weight loss solutions is not all about how much you eat. Healthy weight loss solutions are a lot more than just eating less and exercising more. Healthy weight loss solutions are about what you eat, why you eat, when you eat and how  much you eat.

Today the weight loss solutions we are going to discuss about are “Why you eat” and “when you eat”. To important factors that could prove pivotal if you want any weight loss solution to work for you.

Eating when you are hungry

This is another one of those theories that one does not know whether to follow or not. Some people suggest eating small regular meals. Others suggest not letting yourself hungry so that you do not have to resort to binging.

Others say that you should eat when you feel hungry as that is the body’s natural mechanism for needing food. Food is the fuel for our body so have to be really careful about how much FUEL we put into our body.

Extra fuel only hurts the body more contrary to the fuel you fill your car tank with. I you put in more fuel, your body keeps on storing it (there is no over flow mechanism like in a car’s tank, where the extra fuel just flows out) and thus it makes you fat.

For many people, this weight loss solution is the easiest to keep yourself on a check. Eat when you are hungry and stop when you don’t feel the hunger. It is very important to realize that the point at which you stop feeling hungry is extremely difficult to know.

It will take practice but ultimately you would know exactly when your body’s hunger has gone away. This would be the ultimate weight loss solution if you do manage to know exactly when you feel hungry and when you don’t.

Most people just keep on eating until they cannot stuff more food in their stomach. That is an extremely awkward way of eating, not to mention that by eating like this you give your body more chances of converting the food you eat into fat.

Smaller meals are easier for the body to handle and there is less chance that, that food gets converted into fat.

Weight loss solutions is not about how you should stop eating but it is about how you can tailor the weight loss solutions provided to you according to your own habits, lifestyle and of course your body.

The more you know about your body and about its needs (and wants) the more likely it is for a weight loss solution to work for you but remember that for any weight loss solution to work, you have to give it time. At least a week to know its effects on your weight and your general health.

Late night Snacks can destroy your Weight Loss efforts

According to a new research, the timing of your dinner. Your lunch and breakfast can have a significant impact on your weight loss efforts. Most people think that the only weight loss solution that they need to be concerned about is, how many calories in and how many calories out.

While that is a major factor in loosing weight but it does not end there. More on this later but for now, you must know this that, you cannot continue to eat late night calorie laden snacks and expect to loose weight.

You need to avoid this at all costs. The most tempting time to eat and hence waste your weight loss efforts is after the last meal of the day. Most people do have the habit of waking up in the middle of the night for a nice chocolate or ice cream snack.

Which can hamper your weight loss progress. You need to avoid eating at night at all costs. If you want to make a smooth transition to a more healthy lifestyle than it is absolutely necessary that you eat your last meal of the day as soon as you can.

Preferably, 3 to 4 hours before going to bed. No snacks after that. If you do happen to have this problem then start off with this simple weight loss solution. Try to eat healthy foods while you snack. Instead of ice cream or a candy bar, try some apples or carrots.

If you cannot even do that then there is another weight loss solution for you. Try to eat the low fat or no fat versions of your favorite foods. Try not to eat sugary foods at night (or at any time of the day at all).

If you follow these simple weight loss solutions then there is nothing stopping you form achieving your goal of loosing weight and keeping that weight off.

Know your body. Try to understand its needs and its requirements. That is the ultimate weight loss solution among many weight loss solutions.

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