Some Healthy weight loss solutions

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Everyone knows the basic rules of loosing weight. Apparently ( I have said this a thousand times) you just have to eat less and exercise more. How much less and how much more? No one is going to tell you that. No one can tell you that. Only you know and only you, can decide.

Of course you should eat healthy and eat smart but after a full day of work at office, who comes home and enthusiastically looks forward to eating some boiled vegetables with low fat yogurt.

If you are one those people (probably you are) and want to loose weight in a healthy manner, then you have got some bad news because there is not a single weight loss solution amongst thousands of weight loss solutions that can guarantee you significant weight loss in a week or even in a month.

Luckily, you can follow these healthy weight loss solutions to boost your chances of loosing weight without making too many sacrifices. They are free and can be acted upon immediately.

First and foremost (and I made a post about this earlier too), whenever you are on a diet. Make sure you drink lots of water. Lots of filtered water.

Water is essential for weight loss as it gets the toxins (released from your fat reserves) to get out of your system thus cleansing your body too in the process.

Although research has shown that the body has different mechanism’s for knowing whether it is hungry or whether it is thirsty, popular belief is that people often eat, mistakenly, when they are actually thirsty.

This is certainly true in my case. I have also met with a lot of people who do find it hard to know if they are hungry or thirsty.

Sometimes they eat and then find out that they were not actually hungry, they just needed some liquid.

So I say, always have plenty of water with you and before eating just drink a glass of water (hot or cold, though Chinese people prefer hot water as it keeps your stomach glued to your back, well not literally but you get the idea) to know if you are really hungry.

I don’t really like the idea of advising people to put some lemons in water and make something of a lemon juice something. I think, pure water is better. Lemon just adds extra calories (though not many, but a calorie is a calorie) and who knows, it might tempt you to add sugar and salt for that extra flavor.

Added sugar, as a rule of thumb, is bad for your health. Remember that.

Remember. Going on a Diet does not necessarily mean that you have to cut down food intake

Think about the ways you can improve your diet and slowly work up your way to a more stricter diet. Think about how you can reduce your fat intake. Reduce, not totally eliminate. You need everything to eat but in small amounts.

Do not skip meals as that could lead to extreme hunger and then you are likely to binge.

Always have a high fiber diet when you are trying to loose weight quickly. Fiber is your man when you want to fight hunger. It also regulates your bowls. There are many other benefits but I will reserve those for another post.

Add more and more vegetables in your diet. They are high in fiber. High in nutrition and low in calories. They can help you prevent many diseases. Try to mix them up in your regular meals. Do not take them as a side dish as you are likely to eat more than before if you do so.

Try to mix vegetables with your soups, rice or any other dish. Don’t over cook them. The more raw form you eat, the better it is for your health. Try to eat green leafy vegetables. Eat them as much as you want. Beware though, legumes do not come under the category of  EAT WITHOUT GIVING A THOUGHT.

Leafy green vegetables do come under the category of EAT WITHOUT GIVING A THOUGHT.

Final Weight Loss Solutions for this series

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Last 8 or 9 posts have been specifically been about the weight loss misconceptions and the weight loss solutions to those weight loss misconceptions. Today is the final post in that series (though, you can bet there will be more to come but under a slightly different theme).

How often should you WEIGH yourself

This is something most people differ about. In fact, this is an area where hardly any two would agree with each other. I also, do not happen to have a preference. It all depends the kind of mentality you have as an individual and your own will power.

If you weight yourself daily, of course you would not see results that you want to see,  as the body does not loose weight that fast. You may get discouraged and loose hope in your weight loss efforts which can lead to you abandoning your diet  and going back to your old diet because of depression and the feeling of disgust with yourself.

Most people have that kind of a reaction because as a society we have been bombarded with the idea of instant results. When we do not get instant results, we loose hope and feel awful. Whereas, in fact that is the whole point of weight loss diets. To make you stick with something for long term (though most fail to achieve this goal).

Whereas, if you have a world class athlete’s discipline then weighing yourself everyday would not be such a bad idea. One would still not see any significant results but that may help the person to tighten up on his diet even more. Increase the intensity and duration of his exercise even more.

It may actually motivate that person to work harder. Sadly, I don’t know a lot of people with that kind of attitude. I myself do not weight myself everyday. Never. It is just too discouraging.

For normal people, what I say is to weigh yourself on a weekly basis. Then, if you have followed your diet and exercise plan, you give your body a lot of time to readjust and shed off some of those extra pounds. When you end up weighing yourself after a week, for sure you would have lost some weight and that might actually motivate you to go on and make another serious effort for the next week as well.

It worked for me and I think it would work for most of the people as this is way more easy then to look at the same scale reading everyday.

I hope the last 6 or 7 posts have helped you to clear some of the myths and facts about weight loss solutions. Not every weight loss solution is for you and there are thousands of weight loss solutions that do suit you. You just need to find them. Either in a book (or a blog like this one) or a magazine.

If you follow these weight loss tips and consistently apply these weight loss solutions to your diet and general lifestyle then there is no reason why you cannot loose weight and keep that weight off.

Weight Loss Solutions concerning Spot Fat removal and Ideal Weight

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People have some really weird ideas about fat removal as well. Most people who are fat, have more amount of fat in locations such as the hips, the backside and the belly. These are the areas that the body looks for when it wants to store fat. When you store fat, you gain weight and get unhealthy.

It strikes me that people only want to loose weight so that they can have a flat belly and proportionate hips which is not the best way to begin your weight loss efforts. You should loose weight in order to make yourself healthy and more energetic.

Whenever your body loses wait, it decided for itself from where the fat must be removed. It does work like, ok first the belly then the hips. You get thinner when you loose weight in the sense that you loose weight, your muscles tighten and your overall body gets leaner and thinner.

If you ask me, you would really ugly if you do manage to get spot fat removal done on yourself. People who are lean look good because their bodies are proportionate. If you only loose weight from the hips and the belly, you would still have a little bit of double chin (as they call it), fat on your chest and on your thighs.

Plus, your heart would not be in its ideal condition. No amount of gym work, cream or other products can help you loose fat from specific areas. It is a natural process where the body removes the fat from the reserves from places which it deems best.

What is your ideal weight?

Another important topic that any weight loss dieter should be aware about and good weight loss solutions are always crystal clear about how much weight you want to loose. You cannot look like celebrities, for one. They are far too thin. That is there job requirement.

Thats what they live their life for. They have to be extra thin to look good on TV. According to some researches, it has been observed that you look 20 percent more fat in pictures than you actually are. Even then these celebrities look thin on TV.

To get into the kind of shape these people get into. They have to follow some outrageous diets like a freak. That is why most of them may have great bodies, but have wrinkles on their face and are generally weak because they eat so less and eat so unnaturally (like becoming a veg and things like that).

So don’t have celebs as your role model when trying to loose weight. Everybody has their own ideal weight and you can easily know yours if you search for weight loss charts on google. You will get a lot of helpful information on this topic.

What most weight loss solutions fail to address is, how much weight you should loose. Or more specifically, how much fat you must loose. As a general (and uncomplicated guideline), if your body fat percentage (more on this later) is not in double figures then you are super super fit.

Generally, it should be around 15-20 percent. I will talk about fat percentage and how can you follow an exercise routine that specifically reduces body fat percentage in the upcoming posts.

Easy weight loss solutions for no nonsense weight loss

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You Can Follow A Diet As Long As You Want (Or Need)

Yes you can. I don’t know why so many people are confused about this. When you go on a diet, you restrict the amount of calories you eat and exercise more. As long as you keep on doing that (and adjust your diet according to your NEW WEIGHT) you will loose weight. It is plain hard science.

Though, a caution must be given. The first few pounds you loose when you go on a diet (which go rather quickly) are basically your body’s water weight. The real weight that the body loses is after those first few weeks. If you abandon your effort saying “wow, I have lost 3 kg, now I can relax a bit” then you are committing a huge mistake.

You need to keep on going. No off weeks or even off days (except for a cheat day, but too should contain only healthy foods not just any food, otherwise you run the risk of undoing all your 6 day hard work in a single day).

The Thing about Protein

Ok first things first. Protein DOES make you stronger, EXTRA PROTEIN? does not. You only need a certain amount of protein that is determined by your weight and body structure. If you eat more than that then your body will not be able to process that and utilize its nutrients.

Also, in the wake of eating more protein, you might end up eating more calories which can hinder your efforts of loosing weight. The best weight loss solution therefore is to have a balanced diet and not omit any ONE food source.

If you leave out carbohydrates completely or even protein (or FAT EVEN!!!) then you run the risk of some serious health consequences. It just messes up the chemical balance of your system. You need to have a balanced diet.

You need to get all the nutrients. Carbohydrates are not all bad. Your body does need some in order to function properly. The key is BALANCE. BALANCE is a beautiful thing. Always remember that.

Two things to consider when loosing weight

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Just because you have heard that loosing weight quickly is not healthy does not mean that it does not work. You will loose weight even if you follow a diet that allows you to do that but chances of starting that type of a diet and sticking with it for a period of time are very low.

Most people give up on such diets even before they start to take effect. That is one reason why it is recommended to loose weight slowly. To loose weight slowly, you need to follow a little less killer of a diet plan and an exercise routine which many people can easily follow for an extended period of time.

Loosing weight slowly also has the added benefit of being good for the body. It stays off permanently and that is what weight loss is all about. To loose weight permanently, not just for a wedding or a alumni party.

Yes, loosing weight slowly does has the down side of little progress over a period of a week or a month. Most people like to weigh themselves on a daily basis (or weekly basis). So diets which allow you to loose weight slowly gives these kind of people the impression that they are not making any progress in their weight loss efforts and thus say to themselves “Another weight loss solution that did not work”.

So it is important to keep steadfast, persevere and have patience.

Another Weight Loss Solution Confusion

Most people think that no matter how many weight loss solutions they try to follow, they cannot succeed because they have, what they call THYROID problem, which is absolutely absurd.

Yes there is problem of THYROID in people and if you think you have one then you should get yourself checked from a specialist. But even if you do have that problem then you should be overweight by no more than 2-3 kgs. Not more than that.

What THYROID problem does to you, is that it reduces your metabolism. That way, your body burns less calories and stores the food you eat as fat in larger percentage which makes you fat. You should definitely address this problem by consulting a professional.

So don’t just sit at home and do nothing, thinking about the stupid reasons why you cannot loose weight. You can loose weight no matter what your physical condition is (except for a few conditions obviously).

Weight Loss Tips: Food Value and Deprivation

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Food value is something which a lot of people who want to loose weight do not give appropriate attention to. Most of the people want to shed weight only by eating less or exercising more.

They do not want to get into the details of how to eat healthy food. They just control their calorie intake and loose weight. Whether it be by eating fast food, processed food or the good old home cooked or raw fresh food.

But let me tell you that food value (that is the type of food you eat eg proteins, carbohydrates and fat) is as important to weight loss as eating less. There is no benefit in loosing weight and getting week. You ideally want to loose weight, get stronger and more healthy.

Most of the healthy diets recommend eating low fat, solid and protein rich food. There is a good reason behind this. Proteins require a lot of energy from your body to get digested. So it basically makes your body burn more calories in trying to absorb and process the food inside the body.

Foods rich in carbohydrates and fats, do not require that much energy from your body to get digested. When a food requires a lot of energy to get digested, your body raises your metabolism (as it burns more calories). Eating carbohydrates or refined carbohydrates or fats, does not increase your metabolism. So you don’t burn off more calories than normal after eating your meal.

If you incorporate more protein into your diet, you will get stronger and will burn more calories. Another example can be taken for an apple. An apple is far more beneficial when eating raw and fresh rather than in juice form, as solids require your body to first break it down and then process it. Liquid form is already in a semi processed state.

That is also the reason why dieters are now a days recommended to give up juices and all sorts of beverages (include milk too) when loosing weight.


This is another concept that most dieters have a lot of confusion about. You do not need to kill yourself in order to loose weight. You do not need to go without food for days in order to loose weight. You do not need to NOT EAT MEAT for the whole year in oder to loose weight and keep that weight off.

Most of the food diets today now tell you to eat normally. 3 or 5 meals a day (but with lesser quantity). You need to increase the quality of your food and decrease the quantity of your meals. You need to eat often (contrary to popular belief) but eat in smaller portions.

Many nutritionists now believe that the single most important thing to loosing weight is to control your portions. You should not eat lots of food in one sitting because that puts your body under immense strain.

Eating in smaller quantities and eating more regularly allows your body to maintain your sugar levels easily which means that you will have less chance of developing a diabetes and other related diseases.

New research has shown that the increased use of refined carbohydrates and larger meal portions have lead to more people developing diabetes and obesity. These two  diseases lone lead to many other diseases.

You need to eat little, eat often and whenever you eat, enjoy and savor the moment. That way your body will absorb the nutrients from you food better too.

More Easy Weight Loss solutions

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Two weight loss problems for which I am going to tell you the two weight loss solutions. These are:


No matter which diet you follow or how much you exercise. No matter how less you eat or what type of foods you eat (all those so called negative calorie foods), there is no way that you can loose 1 kg or even 1 pound in a single day to ultimately loose ten pounds in two weeks to get in shape for the wedding party you want to be in.

I don’t mean to disappoint you, but facts are facts. An average human being requires about 2000-2500 calories a day in order to work well, feel well and to maintain his weight. For some people it might be more and for some people it might be less.

If you eat less than this then you loose weight and if you eat more calories than the above specified amount then you gain weight. Simple.

What is not simple is that there is a certain limit to the amount of fat that your body can loose in a week or in a day. Mostly, experts will tell you that, that limit is about 1kg a week.

If you loose more than this amount of weight in a single week than that could mean two things. You would have lost a lot of water from your body or 2 , you would have lost some muscle from your body.

Muscle is something that you must try to hold onto for your body’s ultimate health. Your body will not be able to move an inch without muscles.

This is the reason why I stress on the point that you must loose FAT while loosing weight. There is no point in loosing water weight (which actually comes back the minute you drink water or eat some food) or muscles (as that further puts you away from the body you want to have for yourself).

So always aim for 1 kg a week for a healthy and correct weight loss method. Anything above that amount is unsafe, unhealthy and not worth it.


Never go completely cold turkey when trying to loose weight. If you stop eating (just because you want to loose weight) with the intention of loosing weight then your brain would continue to function normally for a day or even less.

After that it will feel threatened by the lack of food you would be eating. It would get the signal that there is a shortage of food. Your brain will try to compensate for the lack of food you would be trying to eat by lowering your metabolism. It will make you feel dizzy and fatigued because the brain wants to conserve the energy that is stored in your body.

For the first 24 to 28 hours it will use some of the fat reserves in your body but after that it will sense a situation similar to a famine and will therefore lower your energy levels in order to last longer. Your weight loss efforts will take a bad hit.

Point is. You should eat but eat less. A lot less but don’t go without food (with the intention of loosing weight) for days. It is okay to go without food for a day or two (or may be even 3 according to some books) with the intention of detoxifying yourself.

That might actually be good for the body as it will give it some rest from processing so much food that now a days we put into our stomachs.

Reduce your calories by little margins not by huge margins. That reverses the effects of eating less and instead of loosing weight faster, you loose weight slower as you feel lethargic because your mind puts your body on PRESERVE mode or what most people like to call STARVATION MODE.

Though I must mention this as well that there are two views about starvation mode. For the other view you can refer to my previous posts. Nothing has been established so far but the popular belief is that starvation mode does take place in your body if you starve it.

More weight loss tips for developing ultimate weight loss solutions

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Today I am going to look at some more weight loss solutions that you can try. There are millions of them. As I said before, you just have to find what suits you the best. Always remember, that it should be healthy and safe.

Here are some more tips:

  • It is important to reduce your calorie intake. That is something crucial but what is even more or at least equally crucial is how you reduce your calories. You need to stop eating junk food. It is bad for your health and you do not need a doctor telling you that. You should eat healthy and natural foods. Avoid fried foods. For weight loss you should eat foods with low fat content and large fiber content. Fiber makes you feel good and has zero calories as it does not get processed in your body. It just passes through. It makes you feel light and full and because of that you would eat less and we all know what happens when you eat less. You loose weight and start to look good which makes  people say good things about your health (don’t know why, it is only the weight that you have lost, not your habits) and you generally feel good about yourself
  • Calories play a significant role in your weight loss efforts. If you eat more you will be taking in more calories. When you take in more calories, you gain weight (usually, say like 90 percent of the times). When you eat less, your body uses the fat that is stored in your body for its energy requirements. Thus you start to loose weight. Do remember, that your body will resist to tap into your fat reserves in the beginning and you will feel some hunger. So if you always want to feel full and satisfied then I am afraid, loosing weight for you is going to be just a touch difficult. If you restrain yourself adequately then it will be an easy journey for you. Calories is the name of the game when it comes to loosing weight and keeping it off but that is not all there is to weight loss solutions.

These were the two tips you should always keep in mind when trying to loose weight. Some people have lost weight just by considering these two weight loss solutions.

People like me. Who are always trying something new. Even when old method works. The point of looking for something new is to make weight loss easy for people.

Otherwise, it is dead simple as, not eating and little exercise but most people cannot do that and you should not do that as it would be unhealthy.

Weight loss should be healthy, slow, controlled, well thought out and reasonable.

Common confusions about Weight Loss Solutions

???? , was the name of the guy from whom I got this picture. We all know what it means. It means, confusions or silly questions people have in their minds about loosing weight. It is such a big industry with so many opportunities of making some good money that there are a lot of people out there who just want to rip you off with their next big product.

The best thing therefore is to get more aware. Read more about weight loss solutions. Which weight loss solution suits you the best? only you know.

So here is a little list of stupid questions (or myths) people usually associate with whenever they fail or succeed with loosing weight and keeping it off in a healthy manner. Always try to understand the mechanism through you which you can loose weight fast and in a healthy manner. Never go cold turkey by going on a ridiculous diet plans.

  • Stop associating your weight gain (or lack of weight gain) with your metabolism or your genes. There is no sure way to find out why you have gained weight or are not gaining weight. The best thing you can do to loose weight is to eat less and try to get some good old exercise (if time permits). Otherwise, stick to a good healthy nutritious diet which can benefit you in getting healthy and as well as loosing some weight. There could be infinite number of causes as to why you might have gained weight. You might have ate a lot for the past few months. High fat intake, late night snack, large amount of food consumption in one sitting, high amount of carbohydrates, lack of exercise and the list just goes on and on. Stop blaming your thyroid or your genes. Stop making excuses.
  • Next huge misconception that people have (I would have included myself in these type of people 2 years ago) is they blame there large weight on their bone structure. You know, the big frame small frame concept. Let me tell you the truth. Body frames do matter but not so much. If you look at any weight recommendation table for your age, height and bone structure, you would find very little amount of weight difference between the two bone structures. The difference between a big frame person and a small person is a few kilos or may be even some hundred odd grams. It is certainly not hundred kilos or something.
  • Not every diet is going to work for everyone. Your diet is your diet. It is personalized or at least it should be personalized. No book can give you that diet which you can take it as it is a loose weight and keep that weight off. It is quite difficult to discipline yourself to the level that most big money diets expect you to. It is never easy to fit anything new into your lifestyle. Changes must happen but sometimes it is too difficult to change. You need to adapt slowly in order to succeed. As I said before, going cold turkey and suddenly going on a diet is not a good way to loose weight. It is probably the worst weight loss solution.
  • No everyone loose weight at the same rate so even if you and your buddy or your mother or wife ate the same stuff (as a part of your weight loss solution program) for the past 2 months, there is no guarantee if you would both loose the same amount of weight. Some people loose weight more quickly than others. Old people loose weight slowly than young people. A more active person would loose weight more quickly than an inactive person and someone who is dieting for the first time loses the first few kilos more quickly than someone who has tried different diets before. Generally speaking, men loose weight more quickly than women.
  • Loosing lots of weight does not mean your are having a good diet. Nutritional diet is not necessarily same as a weight loosing diet. You can eat fewer amount of calories in a day to loose weight by either eating french fries or by eating lean meat and low fat diary. A good diet is the one which is less in calories and more in nutrition. You need to loose fat. Not muscle. Well. In most cases not muscle. A good diet should be able to teach you good lessons about how to eat good food and make the right choices when it comes to buying food so that you can maintain your ideal weight for the rest of your life.
  • You cannot diet your whole life even if you just want to loose weight in a jiffy. You have to develop good eating habits in order to do so. You can eat the right stuff for the rest of your life but you can’t stay hungry most of the time for the rest of your life. Therefore it is necessary to eat foods that fill you up good, are nutritious and are low in calories and also, large in volume.

The list is long but worry not, I will try to cover as many misconceptions as I can in the next few posts. Check back soon for more.

Truth about Abs

Loosing weight and getting six pack abs is a billion dollar industry. Every year, people in America spend billions on fitness and nutrition products. Let me let you in on a secret. They are all worthless!!!.

If getting ripped and having six pack abs was as simple as buying a pill or buying the next generation ab machine then the supermarkets and streets would be filled with men having ripped washboard abs of death.

But what do we see instead? Obesity. Fat people with no abs.

The simple equation to getting six pack abs is the same as loosing weight and that is, to eat less and exercise more. Eating less does not mean Diet. DIETING in the traditional sense sucks. It is a temporary solution. As soon as you come off a diet, the weight comes back on and most of the time it is more than you had lost.

Dieting involves hunger and deprivation. We do not want that when trying to get six pack abs or trying to loose weight. It is all the same. To get fit or to get six pack abs you have to decrease your body fat. The only way that can be done is if you eat healthy and less food. Exercise more, more specifically, do more cardio.

Weight training also helps but cardio is a must if you want six pack abs. 20 to 30 minutes of Cardio everyday is the bare minimum. Always remember. You cannot buy abs. You have to earn them. Through weight training you will get more muscle. When you will get more muscle your body will require more energy to maintain those muscles.

Before your body gets rid of your muscles it tries to get rid of the fat stored. The more muscle you have, the more easy it is for you to stay ripped and not get fat. All this means is that the more muscle you have the more calories you will burn throughout the day as muscles increase your metabolism.

So put on your shoes and start working out and it should go without saying, start eating healthy foods.

However, if the only that motivates you is if someone is expecting big things from you, then you can sought professional help by clicking Here

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