Weight loss Solution 5- Eat your Proteins

Fortunately, today’s post involves eating contrary to many of my previous posts which basically focused on how NOT to eat. The key to any of many successful weight loss solutions is not to get hungry. If you get hungry, you are for sure to binge and waste all your hard work. For those of you who do not what binging is. Well, I like to make things simple because that is how true understanding develops. So in its simplest, binging is uncontrolled eating. You eat without chewing, you eat really fast and you lost track of how much you have eaten. That is binging and is a disaster for dieters.

For the most part, a calorie is a calorie and the only way to loose weight to eat less of them but there are certain foods that make you feel full for longer and satisfy your hunger more thoroughly. These are foods which are rich in proteins. Scientists have known this fact (that proteins make you feel less hungry for longer than other foods) for quite a while but did not know the reason.

Naturally, now they do. It goes like this. Everything you eat goes into your stomach (quite obvious) and release a hormone called PYY. PYY gets into the bloodstream from there and sends signals to the brain that the stomach is full so stop eating or to say it another way, sends a signal of no hunger. Proteins have been shown to produce this hormone in the greatest quantity and thus help in staving off those hunger pangs.

There many many researches that have shown that proteins indeed help you feel less hungry and thus help you in your diet. One that I read a couple of days back said that if you eat an egg in your breakfast you are likely to eat 150 calories less than someone who did not have that extra protein in their breakfast. Though egg has some extra cholesterol but you could get some extra protein through lean meat or beans too.

Proteins actually turn off your URGE to eat. You eat proteins and several hours later you would not want to eat a chocolate bar or something high in calories. So basically, proteins are the holy grail for dieters keeping you feeling satisfied for longer than any other food type. But remember, you still need to count your calories even if you are eating more protein.

How exactly do you gain weight?

We have talked a lot about how one is supposed to loose weight. There are literally thousands of ways to loose weight. You can try as many as you want until you find a way which suits you the best. Let’s come to the darker side of the moon and take a look at how exactly does our body gain weight.

You can’t treat a disease if you do not know it workings. So how does your body gain weight? I explained in the previous posts a thing called CALORIES. Well, if you thought calories was THE thing when it comes to weight loss then guess what, it is THE thing when it comes to weight gain as well.

Lets just say, you eat food and you get energy from it. This is something which should not be hard to digest. Moving ahead, if that energy (which you got from eating your food, any food or drink except water) goes unused, meaning you eat and you sit to watch TV. Then you get up again eat a little more and then sit down again for some more TV, then your body converts that EXCESS energy into fat and this is exactly how and why you gain weight.

Your calorie intake must never ever exceed your calories burnt throughout the day. Millions of people spend billions each year in order to loose weight and look good. Whereas the process is as simple as this. You burn more calories than you eat. I repeat this many times in order to encourage my readers to understand how exactly to loose weight. All this process requires is a tremendous amount of belief in what you do, will power and self discipline. If you are willing to take the pain then you are on your way, though it will be hard for you without any help.

All the tips and tricks out there are only to facilitate you in this process, to provide you with as easy weight loss solutions as possible. The process itself remains the same and as I mentioned above, is relatively simple. Remember, it is SIMPLE not EASY. There is a difference between a process being simple and a process being easy. Simple means that the road to that process or goal, can be hard but it is nothing that you cannot understand or know how to get through that HARDNESS whereas being easy means that it would take a relatively little amount of effort and pain to achieve that goal.

So there you go. Loosing weight requires a change of lifestyle not just habits for a couple of months. Any program which tells you otherwise is plain old lying to you and is probably a rip off. You will loose weight but then will gain it back and you can even gain back more than what you lost if you blindly follow some of the ridiculous weight loss solutions out there on the internet. The only weight loss solution amongst many weight loss solutions for loosing weight permanently, is to change your lifestyle PERMANENTLY.

Weight loss Solution 4: Know Exactly what you eat

You would see a lot of people who seem to eat all the right foods and generally have an active lifestyle but still are overweight. They avoid the high calorie foods, they cut all the fatty foods but still do not see the results they want in terms of loosing weight. Ideally, their diet contains fruits, lean meat and vegetables and very little to no oil. They don’t go out to eat junk food and they try to exercise as much as their schedule allows them too. They think they are doing everything right but still can’t loose weight.

As a result many of these people come under the illusion that they just do not have the genetics. In food terms, they have a slow metabolic rate. Now, you might as well ask, what is metabolic rate or metabolism. Simply put, it is the rate at which your body burns calories by just staying alive doing simple routine things like talking, thinking (yes the brain also uses calories) and regular respiratory functions.

A practical example to explain metabolism would be sleeping. If you sleep for 24 hours then the amount of calories your body burns all day long is your metabolic rate. That is how physician and nutritionists determine the amount of calories a person needs to either maintain a weight, live healthy or loose weight. As I said before, in loosing weight the only thing that matters is CALORIES.

Nothing else. Healthy weight loss is another thing but when you just talking about weight loss, it is all about calories. Anyway, coming back to metabolism. Each person has his own metabolism. Ever noticed people who seem to eat all the time but do not get fat whereas you eat very little compared to them but still gain weight? That is also related to metabolism. Some people have high metabolism meaning that their body burns more calories while in rest mode but there are people who have slow metabolism as well meaning that even little food can get stored in their body as fat.

On a side note, Crash dieting more often than not causes your metabolic rate to get slowed down which is why your body gains weight after you get off a crash diet. Anyway, people who come under the illusion of having a slow metabolic rate are just cheating themselves. No matter what metabolic rate you have, you still have to eat less in order to loose weight.

The main problem is forgetfulness, people often are not able to count their calories correctly and thus end up eating more than they are supposed to and hence do not loose weight. Remember, no matter how good a food is (eg fruits and vegetables), it still contains calories and you still have to limit how much you eat. Most of the people think that good foods such as mentioned above do not count. Everything counts. Even apple counts (apple is thought to have negative calories, which means your body ends up burning more calories than in a single apple because it has to make a lot of effort in digesting an apple) no matter how good it is to your general health.

Which means, that you have to strictly watch your serving size. It cannot be more than what has been prescribed to you for your particular weight loss goals. For example, if I want to loose 1 pound a week I need to burn 3500 calories. Now I can reduce my calorie intake by 500 daily in order to achieve that goal. Suppose my recommended calorie intake is 2000 calories, so in order to loose 1 pound a week, I need to eat 1500 calories a day.

That is my limit, now whether I achieve these amount of calories by eating bread or chicken or poultry or fruits or vegetables is entirely up to me depending on whether I want my weight loss to be balanced, healthy or unhealthy.

And do not forget to count the calories that you eat while standing in a line or doing office work (such as small chocolate bars). Remember to count the calories of the sauce you put in your food. Everything little thing you eat counts. There is no escaping that.

Keeping a journal is one way of tracking  exactly how much you eat in a day. The way I prefer to record the things I eat is to note them down the moment you eat them instead of sitting down at the end of the day thinking about what you ate and what you did not eat. Writing down the stuff you eat has an added benefit and that is, you naturally tend to eat less when you know you have to write about that somewhere.

There is some downside to keeping a journal as well. Research has shown that people tend to record 50 percent less calories than what they actually eat throughout the day which is quite shocking to be honest. This is also one of the reasons why people do not loose weight even when they eat healthily.

Eating less is a prerequisite of loosing weight, eating healthy is not. You just eat healthy to feel good and keep your body in smooth working order, functioning properly.

So to summarize, stop blaming your metabolism when someone asks you about your obesity and start to count your calories carefully. Take smaller servings and keep a record (if you can) of the stuff you eat. Again, honesty and diligence is what you need in order to benefit from these tips.

Weight Loss Solution 3: Count Your Calories

It’s not just about reducing you’r plate size when it comes to weight loss solutions.Every weight loss solution that you have read so far anywhere on the internet or in any book AND any weight loss tip that you will ever read anywhere, is always going to boil down on one single thing. That is, you need to eat fewer calories.

Now, what is a calorie? In it’s simplest terms, Calorie is basically FOOD ENERGY UNIT. Everything you eat gives you a certain amount of calories (Water has zero calories, an exception to this statement) and your weight, your weight loss or your weight gain program, ultimately hinges on this one single thing. CALORIES.

To loose weight, you need to eat less calories and burn more calories (that can be done through exercise, we will come back to that sometime in future though).

You need to know exactly what to put on your plate in order to succeed at eating fewer calories. Even people who are very knowledgeable about calories do not really know how many calories some of our common foods contain. You should always eat foods that are high in volume but low in calores (vegetables, not fruits neccessarily) and avoid foods rich in calories (chocolate, soft drinks and muffins etc).

Chicken is a very good example. It fills you up and has relatively fewer calories. Care should be taken though while it is cooked. Too much sauce or heavy dressing can rocket up the calories you take in your chicken. Foods such as a sandwich (two pieces of bread with mayonnaise on it) are probably a scoff and you would probably feel hungry about an hour later after eating them.

Vegetables are the only class of food which you can eat without limit. The more you eat them, the better it is for you health (try to limit legumes though). One of the common food items is the fruit salad. It is extremely deceiving in terms of the calories it contains. Many people have this illusion that fruit salads are quite low in calories while in fact they are not and almost give you the same amount of calories a chicken meal with broccoli and some potatoes would of the same serving size.

You can eat much more and still loose weight if you understand this thing about calories. In fact, you can easily start loosing weight simply by choosing the low calorie (low fat) versions of all the food items that you eat in a single day. A series of small changes in your daily diet can make a massive difference to your waist line.

If you know which calorie laden foods to avoid (which are basically things like chocolate, fast foods, wheat containing foods, whole milk and cheese), you will be able to eat well without putting on too much weight, in fact, any weight at all.

Again, a simple tip. Instead of eating that chocolate bar, you could eat 2 apples a day which would save you at least 200 calories. Instead of a pastry in your breakfast you could drink low fat milk (500 ml) and save 70 odd calories there. Drink water instead of soda, this would really save you a whole lot of calories. Similarly, in your dinner, use lighter dressing. Try to cut out heavy calorie things such as creams (ice cream too) and deep fried food such as fries and that should help you on your way too loosing weight and keeping it off for the better.

Weight loss solution 2: Change Your Plate size

To loose weight you need to eat less and exercise more, this is a fact you cannot escape no matter what the so called gurus tell you. You need to eat less for the rest of your life in order to even maintain weight otherwise, you will follow a path that everybody follows and that is to gain weight as the years go by. There is no avoiding this, our body’s natural tendency is to gain weight along with age.

A simple tip to let anyone eat less without too much effort is to change your plate size from 12 inches to 10 inches and you are likely to eat 20 percent less. This is tip is so simple that anyone can apply it anytime and yet it is so effective.

Various experiments have been done on this and it has been shown that people who use smaller size plates eat less. People with larger plates keep on eating even when they are not hungry. Research shows that having larger plates increases your chances of eating more food even when you are not hunry therefore, you need to use smaller plates in order to loose weight.

Eating less will force your body to adapt to your new habit and thus your stomach will not expand to the level it did before and as a result will demand less food.

You can of course take another serving in your smaller plates, there is no restriction on that but even then you are likely to eat less than you would eat in a larger size plate.

These are some very simple tips which you can incorporate in your eating habits without too much effort and most of all, you can start practicing them right now.

Of course there are many other things which you will need to do simultaneously (along with eating less food) in order to loose weight and then making an effort to keep that weight off for good.I am going to discuss some of those in the next few posts.

Weight Loss Solution 1: Don’t skip meals

Many of us assume that the quickest way to loose weight is to skip meals but it is not that simple and most of the time  it doesn’t work. Now there is some science behind this too. A research shows that when you are hungry you’r brain responds more to high calorie foods (such as doughnuts, high fat cheese, pastries) then low (and healthy) calorie foods like fruits and vegetables. When you skip breakfast, you’re brain tries to compensate your hunger with these fattening foods.

The brain responds far less to low calorie foods like salads etc when it gets hungry and urges you to eat bad foods. If you don’t get hungry, your brain will not send these signals to compensate, which if it does, would be a dieting disaster.

Also when you eat without getting hungry first, you’r brain responds well to low calorie foods and does not crave for foods that are not good for your health. Staying hungry releases a hormone in the body  which sends powerful signals to the brain to fill it up immediately and therefore the brain chooses foods dense in calories and thus you eat more (without control). Our brain has primitive response to hunger and that is to eat high calorie fatty foods.

So you should eat 3 meals a day. 6 meals are recommended if you can control your’r calories but 3 meals is the safer bet as you can control you’r calories easily. Loosing weight is all about cutting those extra calories off and the best way to do that is to eat less. Eating less does not been skipping meals, that as described above always leads to a disaster. Eating less means to have smaller servings in a given eating session.