Lose Weight Without Diet: Solution 1


This is going to be an interesting series of posts. I am going to list some ways to get you started on losing weight and keeping it off. These ways will not require you to follow any type of diet or calorie restriction. All you have to do is to make small changes to your life.

First tip is, you need to time your meals. You need to eat slowly.

Set a timer for about 20 minutes and transform yourself into a slow eater. This is probably the best technique that you can use to lose weight without following any type of diet.

You need to chew each bite and savor the moment. Paced meals offer you great satisfaction from smaller portions. This is something that was not known before. Eating slowly also triggers your fullness hormones so you will naturally feel full with less food.

People who like to wolf down their food will find that they do not feel full afterwards and hence overeat. That happens because eating quickly blocks the production of those fullness hormones and that leads you to eating more calories than your body needs.

Stay tuned for more posts. There will be around 20 ways to lose weight without dieting  which I will share with you guys in the coming weeks.

Weight Loss Guide For Beginners


Weight Loss Guide For Beginners


Ok, so if you have got no clue what to do in order to lose weight or even get started on losing weight, here is the list of things you need to do in order to lose weight and keep that weight off. Some of the things might be the ones you already know but hye, there is a big difference between knowing stuff and actually doing stuff. Here is the short guide on how you can too, start to lose weight and that too for a low low price of nothing. These are changes you can make right now, without spending an extra dime.

  1. Start drinking 8-12 glasses of water everyday. That will help your body to hydrate itself properly. The chemical reactions inside your body will take place properly and you will start to feel good about yourself from day one. I Guarantee you that. Water also helps your body to flush out impurities. It also makes you feel full without actually having you eat something. Try to drink water in sessions like 2 glasses at a time and spread them throughout the day instead of drinking all of the 8 ounces in one go.
  2. Take your 3 meals, divide them up into six and spread them throughout your day. That will help you stay full for longer between meals. You digestive system would not be burdened that much and your metabolism will receive a huge boost which will have the extra benefit of making you lose weight. People with faster metabolisms generally are more energetic and more fit physically as compared to people with slower metabolisms.
  3. Start piling on the veggies and fruits. This alone will get you started on losing weight. In a worst case scenario (in which you literally eat kilos of fruits and vegetables) you would stay at your weight, even then you would not gain weight, which is not something you can say for someone who eats kilos and kilos of meat and all the other junk stuff.
  4. Get rid of fatty foods. Decrease your fat intake, if you are anywhere near an average american these days then you might have to decrease your fat intake by a 100 percent. Even more. Try to limit your fat intake to 20 grams a day.
  5. Exercise. You did not really think, I was going to skip this part. Seriously dude, exercise. Get out and have a ball. Exercise not only increases your metabolism, it also increases your energy and makes you healthy. One other benefit of exercise which is not commonly known is, if you do it long enough (as in 20 minutes everyday for at least a month) you would start to feel less hungry. You would not want so much food and all of these feeling of not wanting to eat would take place while you are losing weight. Is it not great or what.
  6. Find something you enjoy doing. Like going out for a walk in the park, playing chess or even better playing soccer or tennis. These will keep you occupied and not let you think too much about how healthy you are eating. You would get less cravings and most of all, you would be doing something you enjoy all the while you are shedding pound after pound.
  7. Stop eating at night. Do not eat after 8 pm. That is a rule with no exception. You should never eat anything except for medicine at least 2 hours before going to bed. This simple tip alone can make you stop gaining weight which is a big deal for most people living in America these days.
  8. Learn to know your body. You should be able tell if your body is tired, energetic, healthy or unhealthy. Learn to listen to your body. Stop when it requires to rest and start when you think you are being a lazy butt.
  9. Increase the amount of fiber you are taking in. Wholegrain pasta and bread should be your top priority.
  10. Finally, you need to relax and be confident of the steps you are following to lose weight. That could also mean that you need to detoxify your body. Cleanse your body which will enable your body to function normally

2 Simple Weight Loss Solutions


Two simple tips that you can use right now in order to get yourself start on losing weight and then keeping it off it are as follows:

  1. Wake up early. Yeah, you have got to rise early in the morning (some of us might already do that because of our work obligations). Men who do wake up fairly have a higher chance of following a routine and finishing up their work in time. Waking up early is likely to make you lead a healthy lifestyle as you would have more time to move around and finish up your daily chores early. Hence you would have much more time to exercise or plan some other physical activity. Pretty simple weight loss tip that I think everyone should follow.
  2. Plan your day everyday.  If you can plan your meals in advance, there is very little chance that you would eat extra calories or bad calories. There is less chance that you would eat something bad for your health or over eat stuff. Making a list of groceries for the week enables you to know what kind of a food you would be bringing into the house, how much of the food will you be bringing and that in turn helps you to plan your meals easily and hence get started on a road to losing unwanted weight.

What Is Your Best Weight


Your best weight is the one at which you feel great. It sounds nice and is the new talk of the town these days but what the heck does it mean? Does it mean the lowest weight that you can possibly trim down to and has it got anything to do with your waistline.

All of us like to have a perfect weight. You know, the weight where you feel you would look like Brad Pitt or Ryan Reynolds. Its a specific number right? Wrong. You perfect weight or lets say , you happy weight is the weight your body naturally tends to go to when you are on a balanced diet.

It is the weight your body likes to have. It optimizes itself on that weight, you do not have to workout or talk about calories all the time at your happy weight. Well, I will tell you one thing right now and that is, there is no one happy weight for all.

It is different for everyone. Everyone has got a different body and different metabolisms, these basically determine, your body’s go-to weight when you get off a diet and start leading a normal life with little bit exercise and little bit junk food. Obviously, a lot of junk food will just make you an outright obese person.

I think, the best way to find your happy weight is to not obsess about any specific number. That is something I did when I lost a lot of weight.I obsessed about numbers. I wanted to get to a specific number on the scale but now when I look back at those times, seeing a particular number did not necessarily made me feel happy, it just made me feel ok. Satisfied with my work.

But there was a constant tension, I was always thinking about my weight and the numbers on the scale. Now I have found out that a happy weight has got many aspects to it along with the scale reading. It is the weight where you feel good about yourself, inside and outside.

It is the weight where you do not think about your weight anymore. You do not try to count the calories in every meal, you do indulge in minor treats sometimes and do not follow a strict exercise routine. It is the weight where you do not think twice about wearing your favorite shirt. You do not think about the fittings.

Happy weight is the point where you do not look at how large your belly is or isn’t. When you stop thinking about your thighs. That is your happy weight. Happy weight, is the point when controlling weight does not dictate your activities throughout the day.

At your happy weight you will be able to experience life and enjoy the stuff that comes with it without pain. You would not feel burdened about your exercise program, rather you would choose workouts that would fascinate you. You would start to enjoy your workouts instead of just hitting the treadmill 7 days a week. At this weight, you basically stop over thinking about your meals.

There is no one formula to find out your happy weight because it is different for everyone.  Most people can come pretty close to their happy weight when they start eating  good healthy wholesome food 75 percent of the time and the rest 25 percent, they eat what they love. Junk food that is.

At your happy weight you would be eating healthy meals most of the time but you would not turn down a chocolate if you get a chance to have one. You must know that if you are stressing about how much you have eaten, what you have eaten and how much have you got to exercise each day then you are not at your happy weight.

At your happy weight you would feel happy, would eat healthy and would also feel energized. You would not have to stress about your health.


Emotional Eating Solutions: Solution 4


Lets just get one thing straight. You should not feel any guilt whatsoever while you are having the food that you love. It will strip each and every drop of enjoyment from your splurge. If you are going to eat what you love, why not eat it with freedom, without having the guilt of getting fat.

Because that will only make you worse. No one should feel guilty of celebrating happiness or handling sadness with food. Hating the fact that you love a particular high calorie food will only make you want another serving of that high calorie food. So in short, when it comes to feeling good after eating a certain food, then you should feel good. Do not worry about guilt you might have inside you.

Move on after you have had your favorite food, do not contemplate over the consequences because that will only make you feel bad about yourself and then you are going to need another high calorie mood changer.

Always remember, diet does not have to be all or nothing. In most cases, it comes down to making smart choices when eating and shopping for food items. Small changes can have a significant effect on your lifestyle. Small changes also have the benefit of having high probability of sticking with your for longer periods.

Emotional Eating Solutions: Solution 3


If you are going to eat your favorite foods and satisfy your cravings the make sure you do it after a healthy meal which has appropriate amounts of vegetables, meats and healthy fats. If you have had that then your dessert (in other words, your craving food) has a better chance of satisfying your emotions.

A lot of people skip meals and go empty stomach in order to eat their favorite food later which makes matters worse. When you eat sugary foods on empty stomach, it spikes up sugar level in your body and then the sugar levels drops down too. That makes you feel more hungry and you end up going back for second and third serving sof your favorite high calorie food.

Going back for more and more also puts you at the risk of over eating which is always bad, no matter what the food item.  Always remember that there is no harm in satisfying your food needs if you can assure that it won’t be extreme or excessive.

More Emotional Eating Solutions


Whenever you want to eat something. Make sure that while eating you are fully concentrated on eating and not half interested in food, half in your laptop or ipad or whatever. You really need to focus on what you want to eat in order to enjoy the meal and quench your thirst.

If you do not take some time off and really enjoy the treat you wanted to enjoy for so long then the purpose of the defeat would be defeated.  You will be likely to eat another high calorie food and may be even more than one servings of each.

Therefore you need to give your favorite foods some respect. Give them time, take a break and sit down to eat. Thinking about what you are eating, why you  are eating and what benefit is it going to bring you (like health, pleasure, for the sake of making hunger go away).

If you can do that, you would be able to eat your favorite food in relatively lower amounts and thus they would not do that much damage as they normally do because people eat their favorite foods in massive quantities without ever giving a thought about what they are eating, because they are in such a hurry.

Emotional Eating Solutions

Is this something you want to eat. Go on have a go

Lets deviate from weight loss solutions to emotional eating solutions though the latter is a subset of the former. We have discussed in many previous posts about what Emotional eating is and how can you counter. But if you are one of those who just cannot live without loving food then this post is for you guys.

So here we go.

  • When you want to emotional eat something, ask yourself if you really really really want to eat it or not. If you just really want to eat it then do not eat it. Because it will not satisfy you and hence you will end up eating more of it for now reason at all.

That is basically the danger side of eating something that you do not love. Now a days, these are the lighter versions of your favorite foods. I know I have endorsed lighter versions of your favorite foods in the past, but most people cannot control themselves and hence end up eating both the lighter and the original version of their favorite foods.

Giving yourself something else than your favorite food defeats the purpose of giving yourself a treat. Making yourself happy or rewarding yourself.  It only sets you up for a later pig out which is always bad.

So, even if you are not hungry. You just want to eat something in order to give yourself some pleasure, go for it. If you eat rice cakes instead of other cake that you wanted to eat then not only you are not eating which your body does not need but you are also eating something that does not give you any pleasure. That sucks we all know that.


Ways To Have A Healthy Family: Way 7

Take Your Kids To Another World

 Today’s tip about how to have a healthy family, is about bedtime stories. You can read them to your little kids or if you have a bit elder kids then you can talk to them about their day.

Being healthy is not all about losing weight and keeping it off, you have to be healthy emotionally and mentally as well. If you go bad mentally, then you are more likely to over eat often and hence develop eating disorders. Night time is the time, kids are tired and are more open. Their guards are down and they are much more open to anyone who gives them some attention at that critical time.

That is the time you can really know what is one their minds and can try to impart some knowledge to them (about weight loss or any subject for that matter). Try to have a bedtime routine with them. Remember, the more appropriately you sleep during the night, the younger you will look.

A fact, the whole world and especially Americans have forgotten. Most of the Americans have sleep disorders now because of the huge work loads they have to handle everyday. A good nights sleep can also aid in weight loss. Remember that you need to sleep in cool environment and a dark one.

If you cannot fall asleep, say after 10 to 15 minutes then you should definitely get out of bed and start reading something till you feel sleepy again. Don’t beat yourself up on not being able to go to sleep. If you do not want to read then you can easily meditate, that would relax your mind and your muscles.

Ways To Have A Healthy Family- Way 6

Having fun while getting healthy

 If you do not like to go through the same routine again and again everyday, then you can get some pretty tough exercise through your kids. Yeah, right through your kids or with your family. You can always have some fun with them which involves some kind of physical activity. Most families that I have met seem to like to go out for a 20 minute walk with their friends or other relatives to talk about general stuff. That way they get to meet their family and loved ones , get to know each other better and most of all, get to have some exercise along the way which is obviously very important.

You can play ball with your friends or with kids. Working up a sweat is the tried and tested method of getting fit and healthy.  You can play a light game of soccer with friends or kids or cousins etc etc. Just make sure you do it for 20 minutes at the least so that it benefits your body to the fullest.

One other bonus way of having a healthy family is to let your family educate you about food and stuff that you eat. Talk to your family about eating smart and habits which keep you healthy and young.

That way your kids or you yourself would feel empowered when you would know that you can give advice to someone too instead of being the only one having to follow the good diet rules. People love empowerment, most of the time, so give it to them and enjoy your life by being a part of the process rather than just someone to take orders.