Ways To Have A Healthy Family: Way 5


 Try and eat your meals together in order to cut some calories.  We can talk about nutrition and exercise all day long, but research has shown the great effectiveness of actually sitting down with you family and eating. Not eating alone is one of the ways you can get educated about appreciating good quality food which helps you to lose weight.

In fact, the further benefit of actually sitting down and eating together is that it gives your kids (or with whomever you eat your food) good eating habits. It will improve their grades and they will open up to you more than the kids who eat alone in their rooms.

When families sit together to eat, it creates a wonderful atmosphere which is quite harmonious and that is crucial for long term health. If due to work you cannot have lunch or dinner together then make breakfast the time when the whole of the family actually sits together to eat.

I think this is a great way to get involved with your family and the food you eat. Remember, emotional stability is half the battle when it comes to losing weight and getting fit.

Ways To Have A Healthy Family: Way 4

These are what you are looking for

So the big question is “Who is going to do the shopping”. You can plan all you want of eating good food and having healthy food items around but if your parents are not concerned about eating healthy then you have to make sure that you make this decision for them. In case you are the parent yourself then you have to make sure you are well educated about healthy food choices.

This is reality I am afraid. What to bring from the supermarket should solely depend on you and on you only. If you are bringing home chips and cookies your kids are most likely to eat them and hence become attached to them for the rest of their lives.

But then there is the other side where you restrict your child and hence end up having your kids  to crave for food items which most kids love to eat like chips, candy and other sweets. But your kids will not miss them if you do not bring these food items to them in the first place.

Keep things like nuts, fruits and nicely chopped washed vegetables in your refrigerator. When your kids will get hungry enough they would have no choice but to eat these healthy alternatives. Overtime they will develop this habit of eating healthy food whenever they are hungry and that is what you want isn’t it.

Ways To Have A Healthy Family: Way 3

Exercise is THE NUMBER ONE way to get fit

No matter which diet program you follow, one thing that you must keep in mind is that, without exercise, you cannot lose weight. It is near to impossible to lose weight without some sort of an exercise program. You have to exercise every other day if not every day.he

Exercising at home is the best option for those who are not pros. Why you ask?

Because it is free and quick. If you go out somewhere to exercise, you will automatically require more than 20 minutes to exercise. That demotivates a lot of people and generally disrupts the flow of your day.

An hour of exercise is a lot but 20 minutes should be nothing. Everyone should be able to get at least 20 minutes of exercise everyday. 30 minutes is recommended. The more the merrier.

Try to keep your workout nice and simple along with it being short. That would be most convenient and would work. Most of us are not time masters and hence we cannot really carve out 20 minutes in our day just to get some exercise.

Through research it has been observed that when people exercise 20 minutes a day, they enjoy it so much that they go for more than that which is obviously good for your health.

Some simple workouts include:

  •     Skipping for 20 minutes
  •     Alternate between 20 push ups and 30 crunches for 20 minutes.
  •     Taking a walk around neighborhood.


Ways To Have A Healthy Family: Way 2

Soup for a low calorie, fullfilling meal

In order to ensure that you do not end up eating junk at any give meal, you have to automate things. Have, go-to food items for every meal so that when you are searching for what to eat, you do not end up picking up the wrong things and put on unwanted weight.

Having some automated food items can also have the benefit of, making you think less when shopping for grocery. For example, you could have some oatmeal with milk along with some walnuts and honey for good taste. Many people eat this sort of a meal whenever they are confused about what to eat or do not want to re invent the wheel everyday.

For lunch I would say you should always be looking for some sort of a soup. Vegetable soup is the best of the lot but any soup with not too much oil would do. You could also try out some of the whole grain sandwiches which are becoming ever so popular these days. Just make sure you do not use too much heavy sauce on it, otherwise there would be no point in eating a whole grain chicken breast or tuna sandwich.

If you want your kids to have PBJ sanwich then put as little jelly as you can. Besides, if you have not made a Jam at home, it is likely to contain only sugar. Lots of sugar. On the other hand, try and replace the jelly with a piece of fruit.

Ways To Have Healthy Family: Way 1

Everyone wants to have healthy looking family

Do not go hungry. Under no circumstances should you go hungry. When you allow yourself to get hungry, your healthy is going to get worse. In order to have a healthy weight, you have to eat.  If you allow yourself to get hungry all the time, your body will release a hunger hormone.

Which takes about 30 minutes to go away once you start eating. The problem is, during those 30 minutes of eating, you might pile on the calories, even though your body would not be needing those extra calories. Always have light snacks available to you.

Almonds are the best options for this as I explained to you all in the previous post. Remember, starving yourself leads to you eating calories which your body would not have required had you not starved yourself.

Starving yourself also lower you energy levels which keeps you on a emotional low all day long. You cannot really concentrate on anything. Starving also promotes the storage of food as fat instead of burning it away. So always try to eat 6 small meals.

Eat healthy and eat smart.

2 Ways Improve Your Digestive Health

Control your diet a bit

 Straight off, without any fluffs, these are the 2 ways (more ways in future posts):

  • Take in lots of fiber. Not only fiber gives you the feeling of being full but it also helps your digestive system a lot. Always fill up your plate with cherries, nuts, bell peppers, cucumbers, grapes, beans and whole grains stuff to make sure your body stays regular. You should at least get 30 grams of fiber per day. As a reward you would stay away from any unnecessary weight gain, heart diseases and rapid blood fluctuations (they are the reason why you feel groggy in early afternoon).
  • Chewing Gum. I have to say, I just loved to chew gum when I was a kid and I have started to do it again (though not regularly) after reading about how chewing gum can stimulate acid neutralizing saliva which can relieve flux and heartburn. Try to go for varieties which have low or no sugar otherwise that might not be good for your health. You might want to skip gum all together if it forces you to swallow air as that can cause belching and bloating.

How To Stay Motivated And Lose Weight


Motivate yourself with these weight loss solutions

Having problems in what you want to achieve is a fact of life. When you start out to lose weight, your confidence and motivation is on a all time high. Slowly, it begins to fade away and more than 95 percent of people who are on  some sort of a weight loss solution, give up even before trying. To stay motivated is half the battle. No seriously, it is.

Overtime your zeal and drive to lose weight goes away. Hitting the gym or eating a plate of vegetables along with low fat dairy does not seem appetizing to you. You start to crave things like Pizza or soda and what not.

It starts with a regular meeting with friends. They take you out on a dinner and your diet is gone. It is dead. You eat a lot and in the process of socializing with your friends you skip the gym and eat junk food.

Hence you start gaining weight and feel like you have lost the war when in reality all what you have lost is really a battle, nothing less nothing more.

The easy solution to this problem is that you start taking your friends to the gym as well. Now you will be hanging out as well as working out. Both of which you wanted to do in the first place.

But staying motivated aside from the social pressures is really difficult and it gets more difficult as time passes. Here are ways you can counter it and stay motivated to go all the way.

  • Time to re assess your goals. Another motivational tip that helps a lot is reviewing your aims and goals. Identifying the areas in which you are facing problems and then correcting them to achieve optimal results. You need to have some short term goals to achieve your long term goals. You cannot just rely on long term goals because all you would be able to achieve would be to lose focus and fall of the bandwagon. You need to re assess your short term goals in order to know if your long term goal is still valid. Do not make the mistake of just acting like a zombie and follow the same routine day in, day out.

  • Another way to boost your motivation is to take few progress pictures. If you keep on taking pictures after every day or two, you would get demotivated because your body does not change its shape in days. You should rather take progress pictures after every 3 or 4 weeks. This is the amount of time your body needs in order to change significantly. With progress pictures you can take a lot of positives and hence stay motivated in order to change even more by losing more weight.

  • Vary the food you eat. You might get bored eating the same breakfast, same lunch and same dinner each and every day. With so much information about different recipes now available on the internet, there is no reason for you to eat the same thing everyday. Try to rotate your meal plans in order to stay fresh and motivated.

  • The last tip to save your diet plan to lose weight is to go to a trainer. A trainer can freshen you up in times of need. Sometimes you just do not want to get off your butt and exercise. A trainer can urge you to just go that extra mile which in the end makes a big difference to your weight loss plan. Try hiring a trainer for a week or two, to see where it takes you. I am sure you will learn a lot on how to stay motivated for losing weight in the long term.

The Cons Of Elliptical Machines

Bicycling is pretty hard too you know

Lets talk about the cons shall we then:

  • Low impact. Yes, low impact is both a positive and a negative. The only way to truly benefit from this feature is to limit it. Some impact is necessary for bone growth which slows down osteoporosis.Impact should only be enough to not hinder an exercise. Otherwise bone density may be affected.
  • Cannot really be used to improve performance in a specific sport. Sport requires specific trainings of specific types. Like, using treadmill, you can give your lower body a lot of strength which allows you to play soccer or tennis at relatively high levels. I don’t know of any sport where Elliptical training is a part of the routine plan.
  •  Relatively speaking, it does not strengthen the lower body that much. The research that showed that Elliptical gave you an all round workout also showed decreased stimulation in the lower body when compared to someone who had exercised on a treadmill.
  • It is quite rigid. Gives you unnatural movements as compared to just running or skipping. It removes your degrees of freedom like when your running on a track, you have complete freedom. This can disable your bodies ability to stabilize itself when a need arises.

Elliptical Trainers As A Weight Loss Solution

So want to run

If you do not want to run all day long and injure your joints in the process, you can always turn to machines. Machines that would help you to lose weight and get healthy. Running on treadmill is not the only option if you want some intense cardiovascular exercise done.

If you like walking then that is fine too but you will have to walk about 2 hours in order to burn any kind of significant number of calories. You can try running but that is too heavy on the joints. I think the best way you can lose weight while staying at home (safe from all the weather effects) is to buy an elliptical as that might be the best investment you will ever make in terms of  improving your health.

In this post I will list some pros of buying and elliptical machine and in the 2nd part of this post (which I will post tomorrow) I will list the cons of buying a machine like an elliptical.

Elliptical machines are the most successful machines after treadmill. People ARE interested in buying these machines in order to lose weight. So what is so great about elliptical trainers that people are so obsessed about. Is it for everyone? Lets have a look.

  • Low impact. This is its biggest attraction I think. It can give you a really intense workout without putting much pressure on your joints. This is especially beneficial for people who are obese and have joint problems. Old people can also benefit from this machine, obviously after consulting their doctors.
  • It gives you a complete workout. It works your upper body along with your lower body as well. Hence it is a complete workout which obviously burns a lot of calories as a lot of muscles are involved while exercising on an elliptical. Elliptical works your biceps, triceps and chest too. It also works out your lower body by giving it some resistance.
  • It improves your stamina as well as makes you lose weight because it burns a lot of calories.
  • Best form of exercise if you are rehabilitating. Again, due to the fact that it has a very low impact.

So these were the advantages of exercising on an elliptical. I hope you found this post to be informative. Tomorrow I will be posting about the cons of having an elliptical machines. There are not many cons but still, nothing is perfect.

Let me know your thoughts on elliptical machines. Are they worth the effort and money or would you be better off just running with no invest. How about using a 5 buck skipping rope. I am all ears now. Talk to me.

4 Ways To Dig Deep And Start Dieting

No matter how hard I try to sugar coat the word dieting. The thing is that the mere thought of food restriction and doing some exercise is a bit too much for most people. To deal with that, you need a plan. Here are 4 ways you can set yourself  up for a diet plan in order to lose unwanted weight.

  1. Know more about your weight loss goals. That is the first step. Obese people should obviously join a program or something as that is the most efficient route for them. People who are slightly overweight need to control their portion sizes and they will lose that extra 5 or 10 pounds that they do not like. Other things include, knowing and learning about portion sizes as that is something people are generally misguided about. You also should know about what effects exercise can have on your weight loss goals. Exercise has to be a part of your weight loss regime and that does not mean that you should join a gym or something. Any form of exercise would do, even walking which is the best if you have got plenty of time to work with.
  2. Understand your weight loss inner self. Understand what sort of a person you are in relation to your food. If you are easily tempted by foods which make you fat, then you need to remove those items from the refrigerator. Some people are just oblivious to the fact of how much they are eating. May be you like to eat in front of TV. If that is the problem you definitely need to review your portion sizes. If you are anxious most of the time then losing weight can be a bit pain the butt kind of a burden. Anxious people tend to eat food in order to make them feel better and that can pile on the calories. Then there are those people who are highly tenacious. Highly disciplined and very professional about the plan they have to follow in order to lose weight. These are the people that are going to have an easy time while losing weight.
  3. Double up on fat and unwanted weight. Diet and exercise for optimal results. People often ask if diet is more important or exercise. I say, do them both but if you do not have time then go for exercise as that is beneficial for your health in any case.
  4. Make commitment. Ask yourself some questions before you embark on the quest of losing weight. Ask yourself why you want to lose weight. Are you ready for losing weight? Can you handle setbacks and failures. Are you fully motivated and can you focus on weight loss fully. If you can answer these questions easily with certainty then you can lose weight with relative ease. Do not lose weight for someone else, do it for yourself.

Take things slowly and keep these weight loss tips in mind and you should be all fine in your road to losing weight and looking good.


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