Is Herbal A Good Weight Loss Solution

Herbal treatments are easy to implement since they are natural. They have no side effects and can be beneficial to your health in every way, not just in weight loss. Plus the fact, that science has made huge advancements in herbal treatment and that has made them even more popular among people who have knowledge about herbal treatments.

Now, after many many years of research, many expert agree that the fastest way to lose weight is to incorporate herbal treatment along with the traditional weight loss solution of working out and eating less.

  1. There have been many types of advertisements about herbal tea. There is no doubt that it is very beneficial and anyone who takes it will greatly appreciate the benefits of what mother nature has provided. Herbal tea is really easy to make and hence is one of the most convenient weight loss solutions around. All you have to do in order to make herbal tea is to buy a packet from a local store or even buy it online and have it delivered to you. Replace the cup of cappuccino you have daily in your office with herbal tea and notice how your waistline trims down in no time.
  2. Herbal injections are effective too. They are different from herbal tea in the sense that these herbs are injected directly into the bloodstream and hence they do their work even faster than herbal tea. They destroy your bodies fat content and ensure a regular flow of fresh blood in the whole of your body. In any case, you should never try to take herbal injections on your own, always get them injected by a medical professional (say like a holistic doctor) who is certified and has experience in this field. Herbal injections also prevent your body from accumulating too much fat.
  3. Herbal Patch is the talk of the town. This really shows you how far science has come. Another natural weight loss solutions is herbal patch which works pretty similar to herbal injection. Basically it is put on the skin. The solution is transferred to your bloodstream through your skin. This process is really really fast. Everyone wants fast weight loss solutions and that is the reason herbal patching has become so popular now a days for losing extra weight on your body.

3 More 100 Calorie Snacks You Can Feel Good About

Good old cereal, but with some twists

More ways you can keep fit, lose weight and keep hunger at bay. Here are 3 more snacks which are under low calories and more than that, are packed full with nutrients that your body desperately needs every single day of your life.

  1. Ever heard of square oats. Of course you have, but I bet these are not a regular in your daily diet. People who love to have cereal in their breakfast, should definitely try this one out and leave out the milk when they are on a diet. What you do is really simple. First, buy dry square oats cereal. Put 1/3 cup in baggies and then take them with you in office or your workplace wherever it may be. The best part is that these are super low calorie food and are super low in saturated fat. It is almost zero percent. You can do this with any whole grain cereal. Just be sure to stay away from sweetened varieties.
  2. Don’t associate grapes with just wine. These are filled with water and that means, a whole cup of grapes has only 62 calories. Is it not super low or what. Since they are full of water, they give you the feeling of being full and also keep your body hydrated. Grapes are also rich in vitamin k and manganese. They also have some fiber if the previous qualities were not enough. They are convenient to use as you can eat grapes raw fresh or frozen. Your choice.
  3. Pinwheel of Salmon. For a creative snack of under 60 calories. Spread 1 tablespoon on low fat cream cheese onto a slice of smoked salmon (some may call it a lox). Roll it up and you have yourself a snack high in protein and in heart healthy omega 3 fatty acids. It is a bit high in sodium (as that is used to cure salmon). If you can bare with a little less cream cheese than you can have 2 of these under 100 calories.

Snacks You Can Feel Good About

Here are 3 snacks that you can eat and not have to worry about calories or any of that stuff. You can easily have these as these food items form the ideal weight loss solutions. We all know, what ideal weight loss solutions are. These are solutions that help you lose weight and gain health in the process.

Otherwise, you can just go the celebrity way and not eat anything for days in order to lose weight. But that weight loss is meaningless as, after a while when you do start to eat, you gain all the weight back. The weight you gain back is mostly fat, as your body keeps on decreasing its metabolism when you do not exercise and keep on eating less.

If you exercise and still eat less, then that is the ideal condition but mark my words, it would take the discipline of a world class athlete to do that day in day out.

Anyway, without further a due, here are the 3 snacks you WOULD WANT to eat between meals in order to keep your hunger at bay:

  1. Pistachios. Do not just run away or stop reading this post just because of the preconceived ideas you might have with regards to pistachios. Pistachios do have high fat content but these are good fats. Your body needs them. Most of the fat is unsaturated. You can easily rack up 20 of these and still not cross 80 calories. Isn’t it just great. Apart from that, they have rich deposits of protein, fiber and some very important vitamins and minerals. Just eat them without adding any salt, that can get the sodium level high in your body and you do not want that at all.
  2. Eat more bananas. If you do not like bananas, then try frozen bananas. Slice them and then freeze them. Insert a Popsicle stick if you want to add more creativity. Put that into the freezer and after a very short time you would have a low calorie treat which you can enjoy. This would give you around 80 calories, that is something you do not get in your regular treats.
  3. Tomato soup is another 100 calorie snack that you should try out. It is full of nutrients and has 74 calories in a single cup. That is super low given that tomato soup gives you some very important disease fighting  nutrients. It has no cholesterol and very little fat. Just be sure you are not buying the cream of tomato variety, that is a bit high in calories. Also watch out for sodium high varieties. You want to keep that sodium low in your body which I just mentioned 2 minutes ago. Ok, 1 minute ago.

3 Special Foods To Make You Lose Weight

Here are the 3 new ways that I have found to kill your hunger and hence start losing weight. Try these out and let me know your thoughts on these.

  1. More oats please. Oats have special kind of filling fiber compound known as beta glucan which promotes your body to release something called CCK (you do not need to know more about this chemical). CCK is a hunger suppressing hormone. So eat your oats. Any from would do apart from the creamy ones.
  2. Beans are the perfect food. I have said it in the past. B for beans and B for best food item available (ok, I admit, that did not rhyme at all).Beans have a special kind of fiber protein balance which makes you feel full for longer. Plus, a Spanish study has found out that it also increases your metabolism.
  3. Eggs are good. Yes they are good. They are super rich in protein.It is best that you eat their whites only but as a whole even, they are very very healthy. It has been shown in a recent research done in UK that eggs help you control your hunger for up to 36 hours. Which is a lot.

3 More Food To Kill Your Hunger

Today I am going to list 3 foods you least likely thought would help you lose weight. I might have mentioned these before but I am going to give you recently found benefits of eating these foods. So here we go.

  1. Potatoes, is one food item that has got a lot of bad name for making people fat. But new research has found out that it is not the case. Obviously, it is the case when you keep on eating french fries. The oil in those can make you fat in no time. The potatoes do not make you fat. White or sweet, potatoes have this special kind of starch that can make you feel full for longer and people who eat potatoes are likely to eat 320 calories less per day than people who don’t.
  2. Seafood. Another class of food items about which people do not have sufficient knowledge. Not all seafood contains high amounts of bad cholesterol. In fact, fish has essential omega 3 fats which keep you full for way way longer than traditional sources of meat. Also fish eaters compared with beef eaters suffer far less hunger. They also end up eating 72 calories less in their next meal, a research has found out.
  3. Nuts. Time for you to go a little nuts I say to people who want to know more about diet foods. The wonderful combination of fiber, protein and fats in nuts give you satiety and make you eat less throughout the day. Apart from that, nuts also increase your metabolism by 10 percent.

3 Tricks That Kill Hunger

It is not just about what you eat in order to lose weight, it is also about what you eat and how you eat. So here are the 3 tricks that will hopefully make you feel full for longer:

  1. Drink two glasses of water (for a total of 16 ounce water) before each meal. That can help you cut down up to 60 calories per meal.
  2. If you can use flavors in your dishes then that would be great. Use vinegar and cinnamon as flavor in your meals. They can make you feel full for longer as they regulate blood sugar levels after meals. That can awesomely satisfying.
  3. Eat carrots. I have said it time and time again that carrots are the holy grail of dieters. It can make you feel full for longer without putting too much into your daily calorie budget. Remember, green and orange vegetables contain about 90 percent water. That fills up your stomach and your brain keeps on registering the feeling of being full.

Food Trades: Trade These For Massive Calorie Cuts

Let me just share with you foods (and/or some tricks) that can enable you to make massive calorie cuts in your diet and hence start losing weight.

  • You like a movie don’t you. We all do. You like a popcorn don’t you. We all do. But did you know that those massive sized buttery popcorn available near the movies have something like over 1000 calories. You can easily cut 900 calories if you make your own. Buy a 94 percent fat free variant from any local store (air or microwave pop).
  • Feel like eating a cup cake? You can satisfy your sweet needs  but not buy having a gigantic cup cake. Instead try a smaller one and save around 500 calories.
  • I have posted this tip before but now just to refresh your memory. You can fool yourself into getting slim. Trade in your 12 inch plates with 10 inch ones and research suggests that you are likely to eat 22 percent less food on each meal. Do that for every meal of the day and you can easily cash in on 500 calories less.

6 Weight Loss Mistakes: Mistake 4


I can’t remember for how many years health authorities have been trying to tell us that smoking is bad and poses much health risks. Despite the warnings, some people, especially young adults smoke to lose weight.

Don’t know where they got this idea from, but I tell you what. It is completely wrong.

Nicotine has been shown to be a appetite suppressant but the side effects of smoking far outweigh any health benefits that smoking might give you.

Smoking damages almost every part of your body. It decreases your health condition and puts you at risk of death. It damages the heart, the lungs, causes cardiovascular problems and other respiratory problems.

In fact, smoking actually makes you gain weight especially in the beginning when you are trying to kick the addictive habit.

So despite what anyone tells you, do not smoke. For any reason, least of all for weight loss

3 More Mistakes On Losing Weight

As new researches keep on educating us on how to lose weight, there is a lot of confusion as well. One thing that is for sure now is that losing weight is not just about eating less and exercising more (though it is about that, 90 percent I would say). There are many others things you could do to lose weight. However , there are many things you could already be doing which might be hampering your progress as you try your level best to lose some weight.

  1. You eat when you are thirsty. This may sound a bit obvious, but a lot of people make the mistake of judging their thirst as their hunger and thus end up eating a lot of calories. So always try to drink a bit when you feel like being hungry and observe how you feel.
  2. You like to eat at night. We can all understand that a lot of people have jobs and family and cannot really afford to eat at regular times because of their busy schedule but remember this. Whatever you eat late at night has very little chance of getting burned off and thus can appear as fat on your body in no time. Try to eat before 8 pm. More preferably, before 6 pm.
  3. You eat kid’s leftovers. No one likes to throw food away but, eating leftovers will make you gain weight and would give you a waist that you would not like. So, instead of eating leftovers, make less food so less food is wasted and in an ideal case, try “no food for leftovers at all”.

3 More Reasons You Are Not Losing Weight

Here are some more reason why, despite all your efforts, you are not losing weight.

  1. You might not be taking enough slimming minerals. Minerals and Vitamins are really important, not just for general health, but also for losing weight. Potassium helps your body to maintain the ionic balance which leads to healthy muscles. When you are losing weight, you want to lose fat mass, not muscle mass. You want your body to use your  fats for energy, not your muscles. Potassium helps nutrients reach your muscles and hence feed them. Potassium rich foods also tend to be low in calories and are really filling. Potassium also helps your body get rid of water weight and toxins, which helps to lose those last extra pounds.
  2. Get more sleep. With so much work around us these days, most of us tend to sleep a lot less than generations that came before us. It has been proved time and time again that lack of sleep leads to a gain in weight. It is because when we force ourselves to stay awake, we are more likely to eat more in order to stay awake. Also staying awake most of the time by force, encourages the body to slow down the metabolism and increases appetite, it also forces the body to burn less fat to survive.
  3. Cool environment is bad news. There have been researches done and published just recently which have proved that the idea that our bodies burn more calories when its cold, is untrue. That means that you should try to stay warmer as that forces the body to burn more calories. Great news for people living in Asia and people living in countries close to the equator.