5 Cool Weight Loss Tips

Don't even think about eating these

Here are 5 cool ways you can lose weight and not get the feeling of deprivation or hunger:

  1. Swimming is the best option that fat people (or even normal people who still want to lose more weight) have to lose weight fast and without putting too much stress on your body. Swimming is fun. You will feel a bit insecure about your body shape when you get into a bathing suit but that will only motivate you to lose more weight
  2. Shop for clothing instead of ordering it online. It can be a great physical activity just to move around and look for clothes in different departments. You can try on some of those clothes which would further make you work. Even though you would not feel great about yourself, it can serve as a great reality check
  3. Get started on any unfinished home improvement project. Home projects are always fun to do and now they can be even more beneficial when they will be helping you lose weight. Get started on the roof you may want to paint or a door you might want to fix or even make a small room in your lawn (if you have on of course). You can also try to paint the walls or shop for furniture which will be a good physical workout as well.
  4. Lifting weights should get higher priority in your weight loss solutions. The more muscle your body has, the more calories it will burn at rest. You will not gain huge amounts of weight after eating a lot if you have lots of muscle. Your body will be much more fitter physically. Body builders eat thousands of calories a day just to maintain their muscle mass. Get some cheap dumbbells and start lifting light.
  5. Use Calorie king. It’s user friendly design will make you want to find more about the food you are eating and that will make it fun for you. It even has calories for some food items which don’t come with a label.

5 Mindsets For Weight loss

Some theory on how to lose weight

Here are five things that will help you get through the tough times while losing weight:

  1. It is ok to fail. Weight loss is a billion dollar industry. If it was easy to lose weight, everybody would be doing it. Remember, you might fail, slack off or jump off the band wagon but remember, the only way not to lose weight it to give up. Try again and again and again. Do not be too hard on yourself.
  2. Always be patient. You will lose weight quickly in the beginning because if you have normal eating habits (the new normal that is, bad habits) then you will be making a lot of changes to your diet. Hence you will lose weight quickly. With time, weight loss will slow down and the hardest part is losing the last ten pounds. But these 10 pounds make the biggest difference in your appearance and the structure of your body.
  3. Make changes in your lifestyle gradually. If you try to do too many new things too quickly, you will get overwhelmed and will likely be to give up in the beginning. Instead make small changes everyday or every week. That way, weight loss will almost feel natural to you.
  4. Never let your friends distract you. They will offer you to eat the old way from time to time. However, do not disappoint yourself and make them happy by eating all the junk that most friends offer. Instead, try to turn the tables and offer them advice about healthy eating. You will never to be able to make them happy by eating junk with them because if you do eat with them, you will be disappointed in yourself. You will feel the guilt and if you yourself do not feel happy then you can never make people around you happy. Remember that.
  5. There is no magic pill for weight loss. You are going to have to work hard and eat less. Be prepared. There will never be a pill that will make you thin with your current eating habits. You will have to sacrifice a lot of things if you have bad eating habits.

Top 5 Cravings And Their Solutions Part 1

You want it?

Of course if you are starting a new diet which means that you would be cutting vast amounts of food from your diet, you will have cravings.

You can have them on a daily basis or once in a while. No matter what the frequency, it is very difficult to control your cravings and if you surrender to your cravings, your diet and weight loss goals are all buy destroyed.

The best way to beat cravings if to look for substitute foods which are low in calorie and fat content. Most of the times, that substitute food is going to be enough to turn off your cravings for a while and that will give you enough time to focus on your diet and get away from the thoughts of craving some certain bad foods.

So without further ado here is the number 1 craving that most people cannot deal with:


Yup. You guessed it. It is ice cream. The diet killer. Most dieters out their have a problem of controlling their craving for ice cream and hence end up destroying their weight loss plans. But would you really blame the unaware dieter? I mean, ice cream tastes good, it is creamy and sweet. When the weather gets hot, it is THE thing that you want. Everyone enjoys ice cream without exception.

But for people who want to lose weight, ice cream is one item which can break all your weight loss efforts as it is high in sugar and fats and that can make you pack on the pounds in no time.

What you can do to avoid this is to try a low sugar yogurt variant, flavor of your choice. Top it off with some berries and maybe some nuts to get the same feeling as you would eating an ice cream. It may not taste or look exactly the same but it is pretty darn close to ice cream and that too for a fraction of the amount of calories contained in ice cream.

And just search out the benefits of eating yogurt, you will be amazed.

Why We Can’t Control Part 5

Stay away from this if you want to lose any weight

What you need to do in order to eat less and control yourself is to learn how to eat food. Yes, we all learn. We learn a lot of things and believe it or not, the kind of foods that we eat is also through the learning that we do throughout our lives when we associate certain kinds of foods with certain kinds of emotions.

We learn to eat more and we also learn to eat bad foods. Similarly, we can also learn to eat less food and eat healthy food when we are hungry. Though it is difficult to program yourself that way in a week or so, but given time, you will come to realize that once you learn to control your behavior towards food, you can easily eat less and stay healthy.

Research has shown that infants who get fed more and more likely to eat more and weigh more when they grow up to be teenagers than those infants who are fed less.

So it is possible that you crave more food because you have been fed a lot since your childhood. Can you break this habit of eating more food? Surely yes but it will take a decent amount of work. Which is not hard. It is not easy either, but it is simple.

Remember, your body is capable of learning and re learning time and time again through your effort so it is not beyond possibility that you teach your body to eat less than what you are feeding it right now. Just stay calm and focused. Two words a dieter cannot live without.

Teach your body to survive on less and after a while you would not even feel like eating less than before because our bodies are so good at adapting.




Why Can’t We Control Part 4

This is not something you should be eating at all, hunger or no hunger

There is this one term I want you guys to know more about, it’s called “INSULIN HUNGE”.

Might be a new term for you guys but trust me, this is the main reason why people like to eat a lot and feel like, they cannot live without eating food till they are full.

Ok, so in plain English carbohydrates are sugars. When you eat them they raise the insulin levels in your  blood. If you eat them too much they make your insulin levels rise a bit too fast. When those high insulin levels drop, you feel lethargic. Feel like dropping on your knees if you do not eat more.

You will find that most people having this problem crave carbohydrates a lot. They like bread a lot. They like to eat pasta a lot.

Most of the weight loss diets suggest that you decrease the amount of carbohydrates you eat daily and increase the amount of proteins you intake daily. Obviously you still have to count your calories. But the best thing that happens when you decrease your carbohydrate intake is that your body starts to burn off fat.

Extra protein will make sure that your muscles remain in top condition and they help to burn that fat too. The body will crave for carbohydrates for the first few days if you go on a diet that is low on carbs but after a few days all will be well.

Remember, switching to a new diet will take at least 2 weeks for the body to adjust to. So you might feel lazy, tired, fatigued and easily irritable. That will only last for 2 weeks. After that you will feel light and energized.

The key is to be prepared about it. You will face intense cravings for the first 2 weeks, after that it will be fine. It is better to know about something you might face in order to deal with it better. If you know it before hand, you will be able to persevere  and get through the tough moments.

You should always take a lot of proteins in your breakfast. That will make you feel full for longer, especially if you have just changed to a new diet. Cereals? Stay away from them. They are high in sugar. They will set you up nicely for huge cravings throughout the day.

You should stay away from them and fill yourself up with proteins. That will break the insulin cycle we talked about before.

Always go for complex carbs instead of simple carbs (carbohydrates). Studies have shown that food items with low glycemic value tend to slow down the release of insulin in the blood and thus you do not feel hungry all the time.

Thus eating foods with low glycemic value can promote further weight loss and could help you eat less calories.

There have also been studies done that have shown that taking vinegar with your food can help you reach satiety quickly and it can also slow down the release of insulin in the blood (which the body does in order to absorb the food into the blood). However you should limit the use of vinegar as over consumption can lead to some health problems.

Why Can’t We Control Part 3

Do you Really want these when you are hungry

So how do you stop this vicious cycle of emotional eating and then feeling hungry. Well, first you must recognize that you have hunger. Is it real or fake.

Ask yourself. Is there some food that you are craving? If yes, then know that the hunger you are feeling are not physical hunger, rather it is just your emotions trying to control you.

Ask yourself if a simple glass of water will get you rid of your thirst. If the answer is yes then the hunger you are feeling is physical hunger.

The 2nd thing that you need to do in order to tackle this problem of emotional eating is to keep a food diary. And no I am not going to ask you to count each and every calorie that you intake. What I want you to do is to mark down everything you eat and the feeling that you get after eating that food.

This will enable you to know which food combinations you crave when you are trying to eat emotionally and thus will help you to get better.

Your next job is to replace these foods which are associated with your feelings. For example if you eat a lot of chocolate when satisfying an emotional craving then replace it with a fruit or lots of vegetables. Make a list of activities that you enjoy and mark them on a piece of paper. Pin it with your fridge and carry the list in your bag too. Whenever you get a craving look at that list. What is on that list? The things that you enjoy doing.

Finally, if you just cannot control the craving then have the food you want. But do not eat till you feel like you cannot eat anymore. Take a very small amount of the food that you are cravings (mostly it will be some sort of a bread or some other junk food). If you like chocolates then have 1 serving of chocolate when you just cannot control your urge to eat it.

One other way you can control your desires to eat emotionally is to do something else for 10 minutes when you get any sort of craving. Take a walk, play some football or anything. You might just forget about eating emotionally if you do something else for a while.

We are not done yet. More posts on this tomorrow.

Why We Can’t Control Part 2

This should not be what you should be looking for lunch

So what is the difference between physical hunger and emotional hunger. Well, physical hunger, the real hunger that is starts off slowly and gradually builds up.

It is mostly accompanied by symptoms such as weakness, headaches and stomach growling. The longer you resist eating the stronger its symptoms become. Notice that when we are physically hungry, we crave for nothing. Any kind of food would do, you would even put your hand up for a raw broccoli if you were physically hungry.

Emotional eating on the other hand starts suddenly and nothing will cure your emotional hunger until you eat that specific food that you crave. The after effects of emotional eating and eating to satisfy physical hunger are completely different.

Studies have shown that people may feel good when they eat emotionally while eating that specific food, but feel guilty afterwards which makes them more sad and hence they eat again to make themselves feel good again. This forms a vicious cycle in which these kind of people keep on eating till they feel happy and never do feel happy. Hence they put on massive amounts of weight in a relatively short period of time.

Hopefully now you understand when you are emotionally hungry and when you are really hungry. The best way to lose weight is to get physically hungry and then only eat till your physical hunger is gone. If you are physically hungry and eat till you are emotionally satisfied then you will get fat. That also forms a vicious cycle.

And this is not something everyone can do but those people who can do this, are the ones who lose and gain weight easily. People like celebrities and athletes who gain and lose massive amounts of weight on a regular basis.

Though losing and gaining weight that quickly is never healthy for the body but the point is that if you can understand your hunger and control it then you can lose weight easily without breaking a sweat in the process.

Now you understand hunger, in the next post we will discuss another tip on how to control your appetite.

Why Can’t We Control

Some people just cannot control themselves

A lot of people complain about not being able to control what or how much they eat. We are going to focus on the HOW part in this post. People tend to have their weakness foods as I like to call them. They can control themselves and can restrict there diet to appreciable levels but when they see their weakness food, they just cannot control.

Why do we eat the way we eat and the amount that we eat, why can’t we control ourselves much more than we presently can?

People find it hard to answer these questions. The main culprit is again the weakness food. People find it hard to give up their weakness food when they go on a diet. They will be able to stay away from every kind of bad food except their weakness food. People also complain about being hungry all the time.

It is amazing to note that these so called weakness foods are never in the category of vegetables, fruits or something healthy. It is always related to fast food, takeaways and sweets which we know are all bad for our well being, not just health.

Studying about a weight loss solution and then accepting it as a weight loss solution for yourself generally means that you have to restrict your diet a bit. Exercise a bit more. Stay away from sugars, sweets, junk food and takeaways. Generally you have to eat less and exercise more. You consumption of food usually goes down when you diet in order to lose some unwanted weight.

But how do you control the desire for those weakness foods? Apparently that is the hardest part for most people. In order to have any chance of being successful at that, you must know how your body works. How hunger works. Only then will you be able to control this hunger.

The main reason for people to eat a lot of some specific food is that most people EAT TILL THEY ARE HAPPY.

The old meaning of hunger would be something along the lines of, when your body needs fuel to get some energy. However, this does not apply well to today’s humans. We live a lot and we earn a lot. Because of that, we eat a lot too. Hunger is now much more complicated than just being physically hunger, as in not having any food in the stomach kind of hungry.

For example, you must have heard about the term EMOTIONAL EATING. This happens when on the outside you feel like you are hungry but in reality the only reason you want to eat or feel HUNGRY is because of your emotions. Either you are too happy or too sad. Whatever the case, in this case your body is not necessarily hungry but your emotions are and that is why you eat.

When we are sad, we eat to comfort ourselves. When we are happy, we tend to try to sustain that feeling by eating and eating a lot. Without any thought or control. Usually, people go out to eat food when they want to feel secured about themselves. That is one form of emotional eating.

Have you ever heard of people who say something like “Today has been a magnificent day, lets go out, eat and celebrate”. Of course, each one of us has done that one time or another. That is also a form of emotional eating.

Though I am not saying you do not celebrate at all, but if you want to celebrate then celebrate with control or with something else, not food. A movie would be a good idea then eating truck loads of food.

So this is one of the ways people cannot control their eating habits, it is because they cannot control their emotions, hence they eat to satisfy their emotions, not their hunger.

More to follow up this post, tomorrow. Till then, think about if you eat with your emotions or with your hunger. Even if you do eat when you have hunger, do you keep on eating till your hunger ends or you keep on eating till your emotions because of your hunger end? Very important ti realize the difference.


5 Ways To Get More Exercise

5 simple ways to get more exercise

We all have busy schedules and lets just admit it, nobody likes to get up every morning to go for a walk. It’s sometimes just plain old boring. So here are the 5 simple and easy ways to incorporate more exercise into your life:

  1. Go Camping: Camping is not all about relaxing and cooking some good food at a nice spot. You have to do some physical exercise in way when you are setting up your tent, unpacking and generally walking around the camp site.
  2. 5k runs are the way to go: Sign up for one of these 5k runs. They are a great way for you to stick to your weight loss efforts. You will now have some sort of a goal to work towards and this will keep you motivated. During the actual run you would push yourself harder with all other competitive runners around you and will feel good about yourself.
  3. Talk to your company about recreational activities: There are many companies who try to make their employees get more physical exercise by renting them courts. Basketball courts etc etc. I heard one company even sponsoring a softball team in springs and summer
  4. Take the dog outside more often: Simple. Walk him more and get yourself some more walk. If you do not have a dog then this is a pretty good time to get one. If you still cannot get one then walk your neighbors dog. You might get paid too.
  5. Jump Rope: This is probably the easiest and most fun way of losing weight. Though it has to be said, older people should avoid starting their weight loss program with this exercise but for the young, this is the most convenient one. Get a jump rope for under EUR5 and you can start anywhere, even in your room.

When Do You Stop Losing Weight

When is it when you start gaining weight

You want to lose weight right? Yes. We all want to lose some weight whether we are fat or not. In fact, some researches show that losing  just 10 percent of you body weight may not be a bad idea at all and would definitely help you get even fitter if you do so. Obviously that does not go for people who are borderline under weight or even borderline good weight.

Lets do an exercise then. Don’t worry, it does not involve any physical activity. Well it does to some extent. What I want you to do is to close your eyes and imagine, for a minute, the moments that make you fat.

You know, the moments where you eat a lot without thinking too much about the quality and quantity of food that you are eating.

Think about them and I think you will see them very clearly. Like a big hamburger with extra cheese sitting right next to you. Think about the times when you have been disciplined all day long and suddenly your friends show up and you all decide to go to a buffet for dinner.

Or may be you have just worked out a lot and suddenly decide to go a cocktail party at friends where they have the most killer desserts ever.

Point I want to make here is that, you should never ever rely on your will power alone to get through these tough moments. Will power is not an infinite ability. It runs out at some point or another. To get through these fattening situations, you to plan ahead and make strategies accordingly in order to come out of them unscathed.

You have to think about what you can do to outwit these situations where you just have to eat and have no other choice but to join your friends and enjoy the party.

For that you must realize the situations before hand in order to identify them as danger places:

The first place where this kind of a situation may arise is when you are on vacation. You know, you are on holidays, you want to relax and enjoy food. But you also want to be careful so that you do not have to shed pounds when you get back home.

The advice most people would give you, is that you stay strong and try not to go out with your friends on such holidays. I say, you go for it. You go out on holidays with your friends and enjoy the food. But the thing that you must do is share your food. Sharing is caring. When you share your food, you will get filled up good and will trick your mind into eating a lot less than what you would have had you been eating alone.

Trust me, this works. Just share your food whenever you are on a holiday with your friends or family.

Another problem arises at parties with friends. The problem there is that, there is food, it looks delicious, it is free and nobody is stopping you from eating it all.

The solution to this situation is again, do not be hungry when you arrive at the party. Eat something light from home. Half a cup of low fat cottage cheese would do nicely. Also, if you are one of those people who drink. You might want to stay away from alcohol because it is difficult to control yourself when you are sober, it might be even more difficult to control what you eat when you are say “DRUNK”.

Then there is the problem which many people have of eating loads of high fat food when they are watching tv.

The solution to this problem is that you should have a small bowl. And eat lots of vegetables with yogurt based dip or eat frozen grapes. That would fill you up real good.

The biggest problem people face is on buffets where there are loads of foods with giant portion sizes and eating less or more would have no effect on the amount of bill that you pay. Buffets offer you limitless foods with tons of calories and it is hard to push that plate away when there is that much variety of food lying in front of you waiting for you to eat it.

The solution to this situation is here is sadly the old one. Do not go to buffet restaurants. But if you just have to go to buffets when then make sure that you fill yourself up with vegetables, fruits and lean proteins before you go onto the bad stuff and hopefully you would eat less of that.

As for desserts. Ask everyone to have one piece of whatever the restaurant is serving and again share it with your friends so that you can have a taste of everything but in small amounts.

Sit at a place which makes you look away from where the food tables are. Research has suggested that people tend to eat  less when they cannot see the food tables at buffets.

For restaurants with huge portion sizes. Ask them to pack half your food and serve the other half on a plate to you. That way you could save a lot of calories. The trick here is to ask them to pack half your food before they serve it to you and not the other (rather conventional) way around.

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