100 Calorie Snack: Almonds

Alomnds are rich. Rich in protein and fiber



It has been suggested in many researches that the key to losing weight and then maintaining that weight (which is an important part of losing weight) is to eat small and eat frequent. That also ensures that you stay away from diseases related to frequently sugar levels in the blood.

So the next time you get hungry and want to eat something, nuts are your go to food. Almonds is the thing you are looking for next time you want to eat something and do not want to budge over the 100 calorie mark.

You can eat 14 almonds for a grand total of just 98 calories. Is it not just great.

Plus, they are rich in fiber and protein. Two things you must eat in order to keep your hunger at bay and lose weight.

If  you are stuck in traffic, have some nuts with you instead of stopping by at a local store and grabbing yourself a can of soda which can make you pack a few pounds if you keep at it long enough


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