2 Easy ways to keep fit in University

This one measures weight, really it does

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In the fast life that we live (or try to live) these days, who in good world has the time to workout let alone take a walk round the corner. That is certainly the case when you are studying at university. There is just no time and even if you do have time then the other thing you run out of is energy.

You have to have time and energy to get any work done and believe me, there is a lot of work to be done when you are at university. I have to keep fit or at least not gain weight and that is why I have been able to come up with some pretty neat tricks in order to keep myself fit while studying hard for that calculus class as well.

Here are the two ways you can lose weight(ideally). These areĀ  solutions that would be useful for anyone but nevertheless, are specifically aimed for people who want to maintain(or loose) weight while they have got not a lot of time in their hands (and let us be honest, who has these days, forget the students section).

  1. Put your laptop and notebooks on a raised platform in your room, ideally in a position where you can work and study while standing. What I did was that I placed my side table on the top of my studying table and then put my laptop on top of that and hence created a standing workstation if you know what I mean. That allowed to be work more efficiently as I did not want to stand long without doing anything. That obviously burns more calories that sitting around all day doing nothing. Just be sure that you do not have any joint problems before making this transformation.
  2. Try to leave for your class 5 or 3 minutes before rather than 10 or 15 minutes before. Obviously, you would walk much faster if you knew you have less time to get to class and that will burn more calories than you strolling along with your friend to a class which starts in about half an hour.

Check these out and let me know whether they worked for you or not. I am always interested in listening to other people suggestions about the ways people can loseweight and keep that weight off and for that, we need weight loss solutions, lots of weight loss solutions.

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