2 Foods To Eat When Hungry

So what to eat when you are hungry? You have to eat something, but there foods you can eat and eat a lot which do not cause you to pack on the pounds.

The golden rule to approximate the amount of calories in any food is the amount of water it contains. Research has shown that food with more water in it is more filling then its counter parts. The explanation goes on the lines of, when a food is filled with water, its calories are have a larger spread, they are spread over a larger area. What does that mean? It means that you can eat more of it and do not need to worry about the calories in it.

Tomato is a perfect example. A whole juicy tomato has the same calories that 5 pretzel sticks have. Another very easy example to understand this concept is the example of grape fruits. 2 cups of juicy grape fruits have the same amount of calories as 1/4 cup of dry grapes.

Now, you might legitimately ask, why not then drink lots of water to feel full all the time (sort of a solution for world hunger don’t you think). As is turns out, studies have shown that while water content in food makes you feel full for longer, water alone does not give you the same effect.

Another way to avoid eating so many calories, is to have breakfast.

Not just have breakfast, but have a healthy breakfast. Now a days with so much work to do, hardly anyone has the time to dress up and pick up the backpack, let alone preparing a nice delicious breakfast. In this situation a lot of people turn to junk food. But worry not.

You should start the day with Whole Grains. Whole grain cereal is a wonderful weight loss solution which is healthy, filling and easy to eat on the go.

When picking up your grains always l ook for a first ingredient starting with “whole grain,” followed by “wheat,” “oats,” “rice,” or “corn.”

Remember that no matter what the meal you have chosen, choose whole grains over refined, plain white bread, grains or pasta as the white varieties are not exactly healthy for you to eat if you want to lose some weight.

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