How Two Healthy Weight Loss Solutions Can Help You

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Healthy food ideal for weight loss (Source: Kilgast from flickr)

I thought I would share this simple but effective weight loss solutions with you guys as well because as you should know by now that weight loss is not only about loosing more fat from your body but it is also about making the process easier.

1. Stop working sitting. Yeah. Standing is the best way to increase your calorie burning capacity instantly. When you work while standing you burn more calories. Sitting has so many side effects that it will require another post just to post them here.

For now, just know that you become fatter the more you sit and standing helps you keep fit by boosting your fat burning hormones. Sitting slows them down to a dead still. Sitting causes you back pain and makes you lethargic. When you stand and work you remain active and more productive for longer.

Obviously, people with knee problems and ankle problems or any kind of a medical condition should consult a doctor first before trying out any type of weight loss solution but generally speaking, this trick should work with almost all of you guys who want to lose weight but want to do it without introducing new activities in there already busy lives.

2. Eat every kind of healthy food. Do on exclude any vitamin or any other group from you diet for long periods of time. I don’t know what it is but it is always more easier to stay on your diet if you are eating everything in your diet.

If you cut too much fat or too much carbs from your diet in order to boost your weight loss efforts then it is almost impossible to keep that up for long and before you know it, you would give up on your diet and will start binging thus undoing all your week’s good work in a single day or a single sitting even.

Therefore, eat everything but in small quantities. Few mouthfuls is the best, more on that later. For now, just remember that the best weight loss solution would probably contain every type of food in such quantities that it does not deprive your body neither it stuffs it up with unnecessary food.

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