2 More Foods To Eat When Hungry

If you are hungry and you do decide on eating regular food then think about the low calorie varieties of the food you eat.

If you do not eat your lunch at home, in other words if you pack your lunch to your work place or school then build your sandwich with healthy food items. Ingredients that will help you to lose weight.

The best way to start is to use whole grain bread instead of white bread. The extra fiber in whole grain bread will fill you up good and will make you feel full for longer.

Healthy sandwich does not mean that you cannot put things like mayonnaise in it. Just make sure that if you are putting it in your sandwich then it should be in small amounts. One tablespoon should be enough.

Then, you can add a few slices of meat which is the source of protein for your body. After that, add tons of veggies on it, like tomatoes for giving it some taste and making it more fulfilling. Or get creative with bell peppers, sprouts, or cucumbers.


Not good for people losing weight

I know it is pretty mighty hard to pass up on those yummy fries when you are eating fast food but if you can opt for low density varieties then you can have your fast food and still will not gain weight.

Do eat salads but with caution. The dressing on it should not be more than 2 tablespoons. Forget about the high density varieties like asking for extra cheese croutons, tortilla strips. These can be loaded with empty calories and you will pack on the pounds in no time.

To further make sure that you do not gain weight by eating fast food, always share it with your friend. Or if you are not with a friend then order a kids meal. That will save you a bunch load of calories.

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