3 More 100 Calorie Snacks You Can Feel Good About

Good old cereal, but with some twists

More ways you can keep fit, lose weight and keep hunger at bay. Here are 3 more snacks which are under low calories and more than that, are packed full with nutrients that your body desperately needs every single day of your life.

  1. Ever heard of square oats. Of course you have, but I bet these are not a regular in your daily diet. People who love to have cereal in their breakfast, should definitely try this one out and leave out the milk when they are on a diet. What you do is really simple. First, buy dry square oats cereal. Put 1/3 cup in baggies and then take them with you in office or your workplace wherever it may be. The best part is that these are super low calorie food and are super low in saturated fat. It is almost zero percent. You can do this with any whole grain cereal. Just be sure to stay away from sweetened varieties.
  2. Don’t associate grapes with just wine. These are filled with water and that means, a whole cup of grapes has only 62 calories. Is it not super low or what. Since they are full of water, they give you the feeling of being full and also keep your body hydrated. Grapes are also rich in vitamin k and manganese. They also have some fiber if the previous qualities were not enough. They are convenient to use as you can eat grapes raw fresh or frozen. Your choice.
  3. Pinwheel of Salmon. For a creative snack of under 60 calories. Spread 1 tablespoon on low fat cream cheese onto a slice of smoked salmon (some may call it a lox). Roll it up and you have yourself a snack high in protein and in heart healthy omega 3 fatty acids. It is a bit high in sodium (as that is used to cure salmon). If you can bare with a little less cream cheese than you can have 2 of these under 100 calories.

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