3 More Food To Kill Your Hunger

Today I am going to list 3 foods you least likely thought would help you lose weight. I might have mentioned these before but I am going to give you recently found benefits of eating these foods. So here we go.

  1. Potatoes, is one food item that has got a lot of bad name for making people fat. But new research has found out that it is not the case. Obviously, it is the case when you keep on eating french fries. The oil in those can make you fat in no time. The potatoes do not make you fat. White or sweet, potatoes have this special kind of starch that can make you feel full for longer and people who eat potatoes are likely to eat 320 calories less per day than people who don’t.
  2. Seafood. Another class of food items about which people do not have sufficient knowledge. Not all seafood contains high amounts of bad cholesterol. In fact, fish has essential omega 3 fats which keep you full for way way longer than traditional sources of meat. Also fish eaters compared with beef eaters suffer far less hunger. They also end up eating 72 calories less in their next meal, a research has found out.
  3. Nuts. Time for you to go a little nuts I say to people who want to know more about diet foods. The wonderful combination of fiber, protein and fats in nuts give you satiety and make you eat less throughout the day. Apart from that, nuts also increase your metabolism by 10 percent.

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