3 More Mistakes On Losing Weight

As new researches keep on educating us on how to lose weight, there is a lot of confusion as well. One thing that is for sure now is that losing weight is not just about eating less and exercising more (though it is about that, 90 percent I would say). There are many others things you could do to lose weight. However , there are many things you could already be doing which might be hampering your progress as you try your level best to lose some weight.

  1. You eat when you are thirsty. This may sound a bit obvious, but a lot of people make the mistake of judging their thirst as their hunger and thus end up eating a lot of calories. So always try to drink a bit when you feel like being hungry and observe how you feel.
  2. You like to eat at night. We can all understand that a lot of people have jobs and family and cannot really afford to eat at regular times because of their busy schedule but remember this. Whatever you eat late at night has very little chance of getting burned off and thus can appear as fat on your body in no time. Try to eat before 8 pm. More preferably, before 6 pm.
  3. You eat kid’s leftovers. No one likes to throw food away but, eating leftovers will make you gain weight and would give you a waist that you would not like. So, instead of eating leftovers, make less food so less food is wasted and in an ideal case, try “no food for leftovers at all”.

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