3 Not so obvious signs of over training.

We have talked a lot about how you MUST train in order to loose weight and then keep that weight off. Diet is also another way to loose weight but lets just stick to exercise for the purpose of this post.

So how do you know if you have over trained yourself in your quest to loose weight. There are 3 signs:

  1. You loose your enthusiasm for your exercise and your workout routine. You don’t feel like exercising. Infact, you just start thinking that exercise is having no affect on your weight loss efforts at all, instead all its doing is making you eat more and put on more pounds (which we all know is false).
  2. You wake up in the morning after considerable amount of sleep and still feel tired and lethargic. Don’t feel like doing anything and just live a lazy day, sitting around watching TV. If this happens there is a very good chance that you have over trained yourself.
  3. You get mood swings. You start noticing people even more. People start telling you that you are starting to behave differently.

These are the not so obvious signs that you can start to observe in yourself if you think you have overtrained.

There are obvious signs as well, such as working out every body part every day for the whole week. Or eating nothing the whole day, trying to live on water.

Remember, no matter how strong you are or how long you have been training for. Your body needs to recover from the workouts you do. You cannot just keep on going lifting weights until you drop dead. You have to strike the balance.

Balance that allows your body to train well and rest well do. Muscles grow while resting not while lifting, though if you don’t lift, you muscles don’t grow. It is as simple as that.

Same is the case with cardio exercise. If you are having difficulty in running or jogging for the first 5 minutes or are starting to get blurry vision then stop and review your workout schedule. It may too much things on it which your body obviously cannot handle.

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