3 Special Foods To Make You Lose Weight

Here are the 3 new ways that I have found to kill your hunger and hence start losing weight. Try these out and let me know your thoughts on these.

  1. More oats please. Oats have special kind of filling fiber compound known as beta glucan which promotes your body to release something called CCK (you do not need to know more about this chemical). CCK is a hunger suppressing hormone. So eat your oats. Any from would do apart from the creamy ones.
  2. Beans are the perfect food. I have said it in the past. B for beans and B for best food item available (ok, I admit, that did not rhyme at all).Beans have a special kind of fiber protein balance which makes you feel full for longer. Plus, a Spanish study has found out that it also increases your metabolism.
  3. Eggs are good. Yes they are good. They are super rich in protein.It is best that you eat their whites only but as a whole even, they are very very healthy. It has been shown in a recent research done in UK that eggs help you control your hunger for up to 36 hours. Which is a lot.

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