3 Tricks That Kill Hunger

It is not just about what you eat in order to lose weight, it is also about what you eat and how you eat. So here are the 3 tricks that will hopefully make you feel full for longer:

  1. Drink two glasses of water (for a total of 16 ounce water) before each meal. That can help you cut down up to 60 calories per meal.
  2. If you can use flavors in your dishes then that would be great. Use vinegar and cinnamon as flavor in your meals. They can make you feel full for longer as they regulate blood sugar levels after meals. That can awesomely satisfying.
  3. Eat carrots. I have said it time and time again that carrots are the holy grail of dieters. It can make you feel full for longer without putting too much into your daily calorie budget. Remember, green and orange vegetables contain about 90 percent water. That fills up your stomach and your brain keeps on registering the feeling of being full.

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