5 Cool Weight Loss Tips

Don't even think about eating these

Here are 5 cool ways you can lose weight and not get the feeling of deprivation or hunger:

  1. Swimming is the best option that fat people (or even normal people who still want to lose more weight) have to lose weight fast and without putting too much stress on your body. Swimming is fun. You will feel a bit insecure about your body shape when you get into a bathing suit but that will only motivate you to lose more weight
  2. Shop for clothing instead of ordering it online. It can be a great physical activity just to move around and look for clothes in different departments. You can try on some of those clothes which would further make you work. Even though you would not feel great about yourself, it can serve as a great reality check
  3. Get started on any unfinished home improvement project. Home projects are always fun to do and now they can be even more beneficial when they will be helping you lose weight. Get started on the roof you may want to paint or a door you might want to fix or even make a small room in your lawn (if you have on of course). You can also try to paint the walls or shop for furniture which will be a good physical workout as well.
  4. Lifting weights should get higher priority in your weight loss solutions. The more muscle your body has, the more calories it will burn at rest. You will not gain huge amounts of weight after eating a lot if you have lots of muscle. Your body will be much more fitter physically. Body builders eat thousands of calories a day just to maintain their muscle mass. Get some cheap dumbbells and start lifting light.
  5. Use Calorie king. It’s user friendly design will make you want to find more about the food you are eating and that will make it fun for you. It even has calories for some food items which don’t come with a label.

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