5 Creative Ways To Get Excited About Exercising

Do these bore you? You are not alone

Here are the five ways I tell people to get a new perspective on exercise. It does not have to be linear, lonely and boring.

  1. Always try to attend group classes. Most gyms offer their members free or very cheap group classes. There you can do different kind of exercises with a group of people. Exercises include a huge variety from lifting weight, yoga to some good cardiovascular exercises. Exercising as a part of a group is easier as you have people around you to look up to. You are also likely to make friends in your new class and most of the times, you will be hurrying for the gym just to catch up on your new buddies. It is a great way to lose weight and have fun during the process.
  2. Personal training sessions are not only for Celebrities. You too can take full advantage of this new practice among people who like to stay fit with the least amount of effort.  Though it has to be said that personal training sessions are more expensive when compared to just joining a gym or a group. But, when you pay high, you will always show up, no matter how bad your mood is or no matter how much you don’t feel like exercising.
  3. Try dancing for a change. Sign up for some dance classes and further introduce yourself to new ways of losing weight and getting some physical activity. Your aim in these classes is to burn as much calories as you can and get fitter and if you can learn a few moves then that counts as a bonus. Salsa is very common among people but there are other choices too like tango and hip hop. And yeah, do not worry about not learning how to dance, that is not your aim here. Enjoy.
  4. Rock Climbing anyone?. Another very creative way to lose weight and keep it off. A lot of gyms now a days have rock climbing classes and trainers who can teach you how to do this activity in a appropriate way. It is a lot of fun and if you are amongst 90 percent people of the world then this activity will be something completely new for you. It will fascinate you.
  5. Ice Skating will not kill you. It does not even come close to that. It is a lot of fun and along with that, it is very easy to learn. Don’t worry about falling over, now a days tracks are designed by professionals and they ensure your safety to the fullest. Even if you fall, you will just slide down the ice. It is pretty safe and painless contrary to popular belief.

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