5 Mindsets For Weight loss

Some theory on how to lose weight

Here are five things that will help you get through the tough times while losing weight:

  1. It is ok to fail. Weight loss is a billion dollar industry. If it was easy to lose weight, everybody would be doing it. Remember, you might fail, slack off or jump off the band wagon but remember, the only way not to lose weight it to give up. Try again and again and again. Do not be too hard on yourself.
  2. Always be patient. You will lose weight quickly in the beginning because if you have normal eating habits (the new normal that is, bad habits) then you will be making a lot of changes to your diet. Hence you will lose weight quickly. With time, weight loss will slow down and the hardest part is losing the last ten pounds. But these 10 pounds make the biggest difference in your appearance and the structure of your body.
  3. Make changes in your lifestyle gradually. If you try to do too many new things too quickly, you will get overwhelmed and will likely be to give up in the beginning. Instead make small changes everyday or every week. That way, weight loss will almost feel natural to you.
  4. Never let your friends distract you. They will offer you to eat the old way from time to time. However, do not disappoint yourself and make them happy by eating all the junk that most friends offer. Instead, try to turn the tables and offer them advice about healthy eating. You will never to be able to make them happy by eating junk with them because if you do eat with them, you will be disappointed in yourself. You will feel the guilt and if you yourself do not feel happy then you can never make people around you happy. Remember that.
  5. There is no magic pill for weight loss. You are going to have to work hard and eat less. Be prepared. There will never be a pill that will make you thin with your current eating habits. You will have to sacrifice a lot of things if you have bad eating habits.

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