5 Ways To Get More Exercise

5 simple ways to get more exercise

We all have busy schedules and lets just admit it, nobody likes to get up every morning to go for a walk. It’s sometimes just plain old boring. So here are the 5 simple and easy ways to incorporate more exercise into your life:

  1. Go Camping: Camping is not all about relaxing and cooking some good food at a nice spot. You have to do some physical exercise in way when you are setting up your tent, unpacking and generally walking around the camp site.
  2. 5k runs are the way to go: Sign up for one of these 5k runs. They are a great way for you to stick to your weight loss efforts. You will now have some sort of a goal to work towards and this will keep you motivated. During the actual run you would push yourself harder with all other competitive runners around you and will feel good about yourself.
  3. Talk to your company about recreational activities: There are many companies who try to make their employees get more physical exercise by renting them courts. Basketball courts etc etc. I heard one company even sponsoring a softball team in springs and summer
  4. Take the dog outside more often: Simple. Walk him more and get yourself some more walk. If you do not have a dog then this is a pretty good time to get one. If you still cannot get one then walk your neighbors dog. You might get paid too.
  5. Jump Rope: This is probably the easiest and most fun way of losing weight. Though it has to be said, older people should avoid starting their weight loss program with this exercise but for the young, this is the most convenient one. Get a jump rope for under EUR5 and you can start anywhere, even in your room.

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