Why We Can’t Control Part 2

This should not be what you should be looking for lunch

So what is the difference between physical hunger and emotional hunger. Well, physical hunger, the real hunger that is starts off slowly and gradually builds up.

It is mostly accompanied by symptoms such as weakness, headaches and stomach growling. The longer you resist eating the stronger its symptoms become. Notice that when we are physically hungry, we crave for nothing. Any kind of food would do, you would even put your hand up for a raw broccoli if you were physically hungry.

Emotional eating on the other hand starts suddenly and nothing will cure your emotional hunger until you eat that specific food that you crave. The after effects of emotional eating and eating to satisfy physical hunger are completely different.

Studies have shown that people may feel good when they eat emotionally while eating that specific food, but feel guilty afterwards which makes them more sad and hence they eat again to make themselves feel good again. This forms a vicious cycle in which these kind of people keep on eating till they feel happy and never do feel happy. Hence they put on massive amounts of weight in a relatively short period of time.

Hopefully now you understand when you are emotionally hungry and when you are really hungry. The best way to lose weight is to get physically hungry and then only eat till your physical hunger is gone. If you are physically hungry and eat till you are emotionally satisfied then you will get fat. That also forms a vicious cycle.

And this is not something everyone can do but those people who can do this, are the ones who lose and gain weight easily. People like celebrities and athletes who gain and lose massive amounts of weight on a regular basis.

Though losing and gaining weight that quickly is never healthy for the body but the point is that if you can understand your hunger and control it then you can lose weight easily without breaking a sweat in the process.

Now you understand hunger, in the next post we will discuss another tip on how to control your appetite.

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