6 Mistakes For Weight Loss: Mistake 1


The biggest mistake people make is, they try to starve themselves. They deprive themselves and they eat very low calorie diets. That may help you lose weight and quite fast too (I will be honest with you) but you will gain it back the day you stop that restricted diet.

Secondly, the extra low calorie diet will encourage your body into producing more fat. Most people who slash too many calories end up weighing more after they have lost their weight initially.

Rapid weight loss includes some loss in muscle mass, some loss of water and some fats. This decreases the metabolic rate of the body and hence your body reaches a new state in which it requires less calories to stay alive.

The correct weight loss solution is to never cut calories less than 1200 on your own. If you are under supervision then there is no problem. But on your own, keep your calorie level around 1200. That will ensure that you are getting enough nutrients for repairs, for energy and general health of your body.

Always remember that if you lose weight too quickly, you will gain it back with more fat and less muscle. Hence you will have lower metabolic rate and calorie needs. So it will be difficult for you to start losing weight again.

Eat but eat healthy and in good quantity.

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