6 Mistakes For Weight Loss: Mistake 2

Mistake 2 in losing weight (which I am not guilty of by the way) is too much exercising. This may come as a good news to most dieters and even people who can control their eating, hate to exercise. Well, if I am being positive about it, then lets put it this way, most people on earth do not like to exercise everyday.

Before you start to brag about you being right all those years when you told people that exercising is no good, read the first line again. Obsessive exercise is bad. What is obsessive exercise? You will be amazed at the answer.

It is recommended that you have to exercise (as in running or jogging) for at least 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week. That is for sure a lot of exercise of most of us. But that is the minimum. Obsessive exercise would come at a point where you start exercising for hour and a half everyday.

Why is it bad you may legitimately ask? Doesn’t exercise burn calories and the more you burn calories, the more weight you lose. That is right and there is no need for you to change that concept. But we must always do things in balance.

Balance is a beautiful thing. Too much exercise can control your life in unwanted ways. Firstly, too much exercise everyday can take a toll on the body in terms of wear and tear of the muscles and the joints.

Secondly, it can increase risk for injury. It can lead to dehydration and hence electrolyte imbalance. It can also give you psychological problems as forcing yourself to do too much exercise can make it a horrible experience.

There are however options for you. Either you can do cardiovascular exercise 30 minutes a day for 5 days a week. Or you can do intense cardiovascular exercise  of 20 minutes 3 days a  week . The weight training would consist of 8 to 10 exercises with 8 to 12 repetitions done two times a week.

Despite what doctors say, people think that they know better and blindly follow the “More Is Better” rule. But that rule is not correct as far as your body goes. More exercise can harm your body. More rest can harm your body too. More food can definitely harm your body.

So you have to be really careful what you do with your body. Otherwise you might end up in a situation you would not like to hear about right now. Do engage in regular activity to get many health benefits but do not overdo it.

Exercise can act as a stress reliever which is a big deal when you are working in a corporate society, you do not want to reverse that effect of exercise which you can easily do when you over do exercise.

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