6 Weight Loss Mistakes: Mistake 4


I can’t remember for how many years health authorities have been trying to tell us that smoking is bad and poses much health risks. Despite the warnings, some people, especially young adults smoke to lose weight.

Don’t know where they got this idea from, but I tell you what. It is completely wrong.

Nicotine has been shown to be a appetite suppressant but the side effects of smoking far outweigh any health benefits that smoking might give you.

Smoking damages almost every part of your body. It decreases your health condition and puts you at risk of death. It damages the heart, the lungs, causes cardiovascular problems and other respiratory problems.

In fact, smoking actually makes you gain weight especially in the beginning when you are trying to kick the addictive habit.

So despite what anyone tells you, do not smoke. For any reason, least of all for weight loss

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