A extremely effective weight loss solution

Such a refreshing site of natural purple grapes on the tree

Though these are not Apples, but they are from the same family (From Flickr)

There are many ways of loosing weight. Such as following a very strict diet and sticking with it for atleast 2 to 3 months in order to see measureable results.

There is this second way of, keeping a good medium calorie diet and exercising a bit more in order to put more muscle on your body and hence burn more calories which is essential to loose weight and then keep that weight off for good.

But not everyone can control themselves to find this weight loss solutions and neither have the time to go out, get dressed up after a long days work for exercise in the evening. That weight loss solution seems a bit too difficult for most people if not for all of us.

So if you are one of those people then this a list of 5 foods (I am not going to give you the typical “List of 50 foods to eat”) that you can eat, still loose weight and not feel hungry.

They are not steriods or any of that sort. They are just natural foods with extremely unnatural properties. That is, they are low in calorie and are fullfilling.

So here is my 1st item on the list of Top 5 foods that will make you feel good, full and will get you slim.

1. Apple. Seriously. It is one of the best all round piece of food that I have been able to found in any book or on the internet. I could survive quite comfortably with five apples a days given that there would no bad health consequences as a result of eating only one type of food for so long.

It is very fulfilling, low calorie, high fibre. Not to mention low fat. It is a little bit high on sugar but that is natural sugar. Nothing to worry about there.

Most of all, eating fruits especially apple give your metabolic rate a boost. Think of it this way, apple has got close to zero fat. If you do not take in any fat through your foods, your body will burn fat from the inside. Therefore, you will have less fat reserves and hence more percentage of muscle.

And we all know what muscles do. Yeah, that is about right. Muscles help you burn calories at a super fast speed. You look better, sleep better and work better.

Think about these things, the next time you see the Apple stall at the supermarket and turn your face towards the cheese stand.

Eating apples as two advantages. One, they give you lots of minerals and vitamins which are essential for your body to maintain itself and keep it moving, living and breathing.

They make you feel full and hence you eat less. Eat less of the bad food that you eat everyday. Chances are, that after eating two or three apples throughout the day, you would not want to eat any of the bad food items that are advertised magnificently on the Television every day, countless times.

Remember, you could form a perfect weight loss solution even with junk food such as fries and chicken cheese burgers but loosing weight is not all about what the scale shows you.

It is about forming a weight loss solution that will help you to loose weight and stay healthy, energetic and full of life.

And that is why, as a first step towards forming your weight loss solution, Apple should be on top of the list.

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