Another easy weight loss solution

This is something cool I dug up today. I was reading this book and it starts of by telling the reader the easiest and yet the most important practice everyone should start doing if they want to loose weight and keep that weight off permanently.

That simple tip is to EAT YOUR FOOD MINDFULLY AND SLOWLY. Savor the moment. Know what you are eating. Try to imagine the health benefits that food would give you which would ultimately help you loose weight.

Actually, thinking about your food has two added benefits. One is that you would be more careful about the foods you choose to eat and second, there would be less chances of you over eating. Eating in front of a television is the worst thing you can do if you want to cut down your food intake.

Eat in a place where there are no distractions except the food. Enjoy your food. Eat it slowly. Taste it properly. Most of us do not even recognize this problem as we keep on hoarding food down our throats without giving it any thought.

Now to the science part. When you eat, the stomach gets the food you eat (Duhh!!) but there is a delay between the time you feel full and when you are actually full. That time delay is 20 minutes. It is the time when your brain gets the signal of being full.

If you eat too fast, you would get full but your brain would not have received any signals of satiety which would lead you to eat more. If you eat slowly and with calm then your stomach will get sufficient time to tell the brain exactly when it gets full so that you stop eating.

Eating slowly with calm will also help your body to absorb the nutrients in your food better. Sitting down and then eating slowly is a lot better than just grab the food and eat on the run. There is very little value to the food eaten that way.

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