Another way for quick weight loss solution

Yummy white spinach bread. A simple weight loss solution

Eat it. It is good for your health and weight. (Source: Vegan Warrior from flickr)

This is not one of those posts where I tell you a list of foods you would want to eat if you want a fast and simple weight loss soltuion. This post is going to be, somewhat, related to how you can find the motivation for a fast and simple weight loss solution.

Yesterday, a friend of mine called me and in a long conversation, the topic of  a simple and fast weight loss solution was brought up. I found out that my friend lost about 1kg in 5 months. I do not even know how did he measure that. Must have had loads of motivation to have progressed so slowly without giving up.

But is not that what simple and fast weight loss solutions is all about. Finding the motivation to keep going is the only thing that is standing between you and your ideal weight.

So, as another simple weight loss solution, mark this too. You have to know your ideal weight in order to get up your butt and start working towards your weight loss goal.

I am not fit enough or may be I should loose weight, WON’T CUT IT. You have to know your current weight and the weight you want in order to set yourself a target of somesort to aim for.

Only then will you be able to work hard enough for fast weight loss. Goals should always drive your life as goals give you purpose and energy to live and eat.

You would not eat like a stupid toad if you know how much you overweigh and the weight that you want to get it. This is another simple weight loss solution that most people neglect. They just go on a diet, saying, they will stop when they look good enough.

While that is not totally wrong but you have to have a number to aim towards. The more specific you are with your goals and your weight loss solutions, the faster will you get results and reach them.

So, go to your doc today or something and know you ideal weight. Whether it is through the BMI test or just the old “Standing on a weighing machine” thing, you just have got to know what you weigh now and what you want to weight and when (setting a time limit is equally important which I will discuss in another post).

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