Are grains good for fast weight loss solution?

Yummy bread. Who does not like these breads.

Whole grain folks. But is this necessary for fast weight loss solution (Source: Flickr)

Grains? Who does not love things made from grains. Whole wheat products or white breads. This single food item is responsible for thousands of other food items that people eat on a daily basis.

But is it friendly to your body when it comes to fast weight loss solution? or any weight loss solution at all? Well, the studies have differed a lot. Some have pointed to the high fiber content in whole grains which gives the body enough trouble in digesting food that the body burns a lot of calories which can be considered as a fast weight loss solution.

While other studies have shown that grains are a thing of the past that our ancestors used to survive on something that stayed in the stomach for longer. Studies like these conclude that in the modern world, where most citizens make enough money to have fruits, meat and vegetables everyday for themselves, there is no need to eat grains which would help a lot in having a fast weight loss solution.

Now, I am not a member of MENSA but in my experience, whenever I have gone on a fast weight loss solution, I always have had to give up on grains either totally or to at the very least to, like 1 piece of brawn bread a day.

Therefore, I think, to have a fast weight loss solution, you have got to limit the use of grains in your diet. They contain far too many calories and most of all, carbohydrates which always bad when you are going for a fast weight loss solution.

You need to restrict your carbohydrate intake when you are on a fast weight loss or fast fat loss solution. For that, number 1 solution is that you limit (or most of the time, eliminate) the use of grains in your diet.

White bread and things related to it (Chicken rolls, pizza and all fast food) is a big no, that we all know. You can have these and still have a fast weight loss but then you would have to eat nothing the whole of the remaining day when you have these.

I mean, just yesterday, I ate like 2 or 3 decent size pizza, each one contained about 600 calories. That makes, about 1800 calories for me. That’s obviously a bad day at the office when you are going for a fast weight loss solution, but at the very least, I would not gain weight because I did not eat after I had those pizzas.

Not saying you should do this often but once in a while we all want to binge. More on binging later but right now, I need you to focus on eliminating grains from your diet little by little and notice the affects on your body, your fat and your energy levels.

I bet, after 2 or 3 days of low carbohydrates diet (meaning, low grains diet) you would look at yourself in the mirror and notice that you look slimmer. There is a reason for that too, grains in most cases causes your body to swell.

The more you eat your pizza the more you swell and blot. Over eat just chicken on one occasion and then over eat just any type of grain one another occasion and you would feel that your body swells up more on the second occasion.

I am all ears now, desperately wanting to hear what you have to say. Talk to me.

Yeah, as an ending note. I read a comment the other day correcting me for the weird looking vegetables picture I put up couple of posts ago. The commenter, as it turns out, says it is not broccoli but something from brassica  family. May be a degenerate Cabbage lolz.  Thanks for that.

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