Are Vegetables good weight loss solutions

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Vegetables and fruits have always been known to help those who want to loose weight. If you ask any dietitian, he would recommend to eat vegetables and fruits as his ultimate solution for obesity.

Weight loss solutions mostly depend on eating what you want but in smaller quantities (well, at least the newer weight loss solutions try to do that) but the thing with vegetables (and not fruits) is that you can eat them as much as you want and still loose weight.

So this weight loss solution is completely opposite of what most solutions try to teach you. Especially, the green leafy vegetables like Spinach or lettuce. Broccoli to some extent too. You can have them as much as you want.

Best of all, these fill you up real good and are extremely beneficial to your general health.

A commonly disregarded reason why most people do not eat vegetables and fruits (or at least do not LIKE to eat vegetables and fruits) is because they eat them in off season. Off season vegetables and fruits are tasteless and odorless.

But there a solution to that, you can buy season fruits and vegetables. Which are fresh, juicy, tasty and boost up your metabolism.

Vegetables are light and so your body feels really good after you eat them. Vegetables also boost your energy levels throughout the day. You would sleep less but efficiently.

It is like water. You eat more vegetables (which in fact gives your body more water) and your body will get hydrated much better which would make you feel alert and focused throughout your day.


Replace them with grilled vegetables or with something more healthy. That is absolute essential. Fried potatoes (a crowd’s favourite) should not be eaten at any cost.

And there you have it. Another effective weight loss solution. Replace your fried foods, preferably your pasta and bread too with vegetables and you will eat far fewer calories and would feel much fuller.

There are many other benefits or integrating vegetables and fruits into your diet. You decrease your intake of fat and oils that are harmful for your body.

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