The Poverty Diet: How to Eat Healthy on a Budget

Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to eat really healthy while on a low income budget? Did you ever realize that there is a way to eat healthy for low income families?

The Poverty Diet is a low income diet plan that provides all the essential nutrients and vitamins while staying low in cost.

Sometimes we run into a tight spot in life and need to keep our budget really low for our food expenses. Luckily, the poverty diet helps us stay healthy while reducing our expenses on food.

What is in the poverty diet…

Eating Healthy on a Low Income Budget

The poverty diet is meant for those who are on a low income budget and are looking for healthy alternatives to fast food.

What is healthy and what are healthy foods?

Healthy foods are foods that provide nutrients and vitamins and assist with reaching your nutrition goals. Apples and bananas are great for providing fiber and potassium. Chicken provides essential protein, along with steak and eggs. These are a couple of examples.

Fast foods are considered unhealthy because they don’t provide many nutrients and/or vitamins, if any at all, and are loaded with calories which lead to weight gain.

How much does the poverty diet cost?

The poverty diet is meant for those who are looking to spend less than $200 per month on food.

The goal will be to consume foods that have Vitamin A, B, C, D, E, K, Fiber, Calcium, Potassium, Iron, and Zinc. These are the essential micronutrients your body needs, and the poverty diet provides you with all of them. Another focus will be to ensure that you consume enough protein.

The Poverty Diet Explained

As mentioned above, the poverty diet provides you with all of the essential vitamins, nutrients, and protein.

In order for the poverty diet to work, you will need to cook all of your meals. Eating out at restaurants is not an option. Restaurants are really expensive in comparison with cooking at home and all meals don’t come with a nutrition label, leaving you clueless to what’s actually in the food you’re eating.

One thing to keep in mind: there is no need to overeat. Follow the package’s nutrition label and only eat according to the servings. In order to get 100% of your daily Vitamin A, you will only need to eat one serving of carrots. Therefore, there is no need to eat more than one serving.

Let’s begin with Vitamin A…

Sweet potatoes, kale, spinach, broccoli, carrots, and milk all contain Vitamin A. Carrots are the best option for price since you get 10 servings per package for around $2-$3. Carrots are very versatile since they can be eaten cold out of the fridge or eaten after being boiled or baked.

Another option is sweet potatoes. Protein will be consumed from meats, likely steak or chicken. Sweet potatoes go great with either option. Sweet potatoes are very affordable, and you can consume your daily Vitamin A in about half of a sweet potato. Sweet potatoes can be found for around $1 at your local market.

Kale, spinach, broccoli all contain Vitamin A and are recommended because they provide so many nutrients in one food source.

sweet potatoes on the poverty diet

Vitamin B….

Tuna and bananas. Tuna provides good protein per serving, is easy to cook and eat, and is recommended for Vitamin B.

Bananas are also a great source for potassium, and as you’ll see later, will be consumed as part of the poverty diet because of that. However, a combination of both tuna and bananas ensure that you receive your daily allotment of Vitamin B.

banana on the poverty diet

Vitamin C…

Spinach, kale, broccoli, avocado

Having spinach or kale salads provide your daily allotment of BOTH Vitamin A and Vitamin C. A few days worth of spinach and kale can be bought for around $5.

In addition, avocados provide essential healthy fats, are a great source for calories, and provide Vitamin C. Some people enjoy adding them to salads.

Combining both spinach and kale with avocado ensures you that your daily allotment of Vitamin C will be reached. Adding broccoli to the salad is just a healthy cherry on top.

Broccoli on the poverty diet

Vitamin D

Go for a walk twice daily!!

If you’re unable to see the sun, milk provides some Vitamin D if you choose Vitamin D milk. Milk provides great protein as well.

Some people are against consuming dairy, which leaves going for a walk as the best option for Vitamin D without supplements.

the sun on a field of green plants

Vitamin E…

Peanut butter, sunflower seeds, and almonds. All three items high in Vitamin E are high in healthy fats which are essential in a well rounded diet. Eating a cup of almonds provides more than enough Vitamin E for your entire day. Just one cup has over 180% of your daily Vitamin E.

Peanut butter, sunflower seeds, and almonds are all great snack choices. Instead of unhealthy and salty potato chips, aim to snack on some nuts and seeds.

almonds on the poverty diet

Vitamin K…

Kale and spinach. As mentioned previously, these two power foods provide quite the nutritious punch and provide more than just great taste in a salad.

A great lunch option would be a kale and spinach salad topped with nuts and almonds, chicken, and light salad dressing.


Fiber is essential for cleaning out the colon and reduces the effect of carbs on weight loss/control. Foods containing adequate amounts of fiber are broccoli, avocado, peanut butter, apple, banana, fruit, black beans, and sweet potatoes.

Since all other options have been mentioned, black beans will get their proper attention in the fiber section. Black beans are really high in fiber in each serving and work really well with chicken.

With nearly 15 grams of fiber per serving, black beans have a net carb ratio of only 8. In addition, black beans have almost 10 grams of protein per serving. These two reasons are why this food option is considered a power food.

black beans on the poverty diet


Spinach, broccoli, kale, and milk.

Similar to previous paragraphs, spinach, broccoli, and kale provide a great source of almost all vitamins. The best source of calcium is milk.

Almost all dairy products are really high in calcium and you can’t go wrong with yogurt, cheese, or milk.


Bananas! They make another return.


Ground beef and steak. Steak is expensive at a steak house, but on the poverty diet, steak isn’t so expensive when purchased at the local supermarket and cooked at home. Unfortunately, the poverty diet isn’t for those looking to eat filet mignon, but there are plenty of affordable steak options.

Steak is really high in protein so no more than 4-6 ounces are needed to ensure good amount of iron and protein. Steak can be bought for around $6 per pound. There are 4 servings in one pound, leaving a serving for about $1.50. One serving of steak next to sweet potatoes and kale packs a nutritious punch and is delicious.


In order to get 100% of your daily allotment of zinc, I’d recommend taking a zinc supplement. They are very affordable and provide an easy option for zinc.

Step by Step process to eating healthy on the poverty diet

1. Choose the foods that you’d like to eat from above. The options are a little limited but the poverty diet focuses on consuming healthy items at a really low and affordable price.
2. Go to the grocery store and buy enough for a week. By not overspending and buying in too much bulk, no food will go to waste.
3. Eat enough protein and healthy fats. The carbs will be easy to consume. Protein and fats are the hardest to eat adequately enough. If you’re eating too much protein or need to reduce expenses a little bit, eliminate a protein option. Steak, chicken, and meats in general have more than enough protein for a day’s worth.
4. Stick with it.
5. Stay away from fast food, sugary items, and restaurants. Eliminating food high in sugar will reduce body weight, improve happiness, and lead to a healthier lifestyle.
6. Eliminate wasteful foods. There are so many options for snacks in grocery stores and almost all of them are a waste of money, don’t have any nutritional value, and shouldn’t be consumed while on the poverty diet.

The Focus T25 for Weight Loss

Losing weight accepts no excuses. If you have no time to go to the gym then you should not lose hope in bringing that sexy shape in you. This is why dvd workout programs that you can follow at home are now the newest rave designed to give you that perfect body, no matter what excuses do you have. Especially now that short video routines were made to help those who want slim down but got no enough time for their workout. With the Focus T25 , you have no excuses , just ways!


Focus T25 is another product of great minds from Beachbody, the known maker and producer of effectives DVD workout programs. However, this is much easier and faster, perfect for those who are not running against the clock yet still want to see noticeable results in their weight and body shape. 25 minutes of workout a day, that is all you would need.

Who can benefit from Focus T25?


If you are beginner and you want to enjoy yout daily workout without and see wanted results without punishing yourself then this is for you. This is incomparably lighter and you don’t have to push yourself too far but still, weight loss and sexy body is on your way. Plus the catch is you only need 25 minutes a day and you’re done. No matter how busy you are, you will surely find time for your daily Focus T25 routines.


If you’re a workout veteran and you want to try this then it’s never a problem. This will suit your resistance, just push yourself more and do essential modifications as well if you like.


The Focus T25 workout is composed of different workout routines that focus on different parts of your body and goals that will please both your needs and wants.


*Cardio. This routine is mainly to help you burn more body fats and look extremely good. The moves are not that tortous but it will still wear you down while preparing your calves and quads of what is about to come in the next set.


*Abs workout. Focus T25 is a combination of cardio and abs workout which is the perfect combo to help you lose fats in that area while tightening and buliding stronger muscles leaving you with that perfect and toned abdomen.


*Lower beauty. If you want to shrink in your old pants then try Focus T25. It is composed of static exercise routine helpful in re-shaping your body. As what it’s name implies, it focuses on working on your lower body part leaving you with sexy tights and beautiful butt.


*Total body routines. This workout set enables you to repeat the same exercise workout routines just by adding more intensity. In this way, you can train your body’s balance, agility, strength and power to be prepared for more difficult exercises to come while also beautifying your upper body.


TurboFire Workout for Women

Women by history and tradition are homebuddies. They tend to spend most of their time indoors and build better home for the families. Moreover, this is why most women nowadays have succumbed obesity and overweight issues. They thought of limited ways to shed off extra pounds because they most spend their lives at homes. And this is where the idea of TurboFire workout routines started.


TurboFire promises to:


  • Put that dream body to reality
  • Aids to a sexier and fitter body physique
  • Up to 9x faster fat burning
  • Helps women unveil natural sexy curves


TurboFire focuses on re-shaping a woman’s body. It gives you sexy arms, legs, backside and abs without the manly figure. Just your natural curves but at their best form ever! This is the most intense cardio workout made for women who want a sexier figure while at home. It’s a set of intemperate physical exertions in DVDs that you can follow and jive on even you’re busy at home. This is perfect for all women, busy or not, a homebody or a wanderer.


The TurboFire workout is made up by one of the greatest name in fitness and health, Chalene Johnson. It is loaded with cardio exercises mainly focusing on aerobic workout, kickboxing drills and with exquisite interval training that you must follow for 90 days. This combination promises to help women burn up to 9x more calories compared to other workout programs in the market.


Empowered with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) routines, it is more effective in delivering noticeable and long-lasting sexy upshots. The high intensity drills let you push you to your furthest capacity then the you will be given valleys for recovery. According to studies, outburst of cardio followed by recovery routines can maximize body’s capability to burn fats, hence more calories to burn at the end of the workout.


TurboFire is more than a DVD program, it is more of a connection to the trainer that gives you the illusion of being a part of a real fitness class. The music is pumping and keeps you on the track as if you are having a party at home making you to move more and more. It also features the “After-Burn effect” that continue the fat burning process up to 48 hours after the workout. Unbelievable, yes!


Being at home all the time should never hinder your urge to look and feel good about yourself. It’s time to turn the tables and focus on bringing your sexy body and confidence back. Change your body with TurboFire and regain all the youthful and positive outlook you once have. Start being on your best shape ever because a woman should always be on it, always.

How to Lose Weight with D4 Thermal Shock ?

Extreme workout and dieting is so ancient when it comes to losing weight. What’s in and hot nowadays is the use of weight loss supplements that promise to give you noticeable results in a specific given time withouht too much effort needed. Just pop the pill or tablet in your mouth few times a day, live up to your symmetrical lifestyle and boom, still lose weight afterwards. There are no real studies though that gives specific names of weight loss supplements that is genuinely effective and safe. Nevertheless, there are some that will justify through authentic reviews from those who have tried it on, one of those is the D4 Thermal Shock weightloss supplement.

How can D4 Thermal Shock aids in weight loss?

The D4 Thermal Shock contains a lot of active ingredients that cause discernible upshots that wow lots of weight loss fanatics. This has caused it’s sales in the market to increase in just a short time.

Caffeine. D4 Thermal Shock contains generous amounf of caffeine which is according to studies and personal experiences, is one of the best ingredients of diet pills. This increases metabolism and help you lose body fats easier and faster.

Yohimbine. It contains this active ingredient that mobilizes fatty acids that later on aids in rapid weight loss.

Acetyltyrosine. This is an another great element of weight loss pills and supplements. It is proven to melt off fats especially when taken 500-1500mg each day.

Other ingredients found in D4 Thermal Shock are Octopamine, Evodiamine, White willow bark extract and Vinpocetine which are all very well in reducing weight. All of these will help you get rid of all your unwanted fats and bulges plus achieve your fitness goals later on.

How much is the D4 Thermal Shock?

Because of a strong competition among certain weight loss supplements, prices are getting outrageous. However, D4 Thermal Shock though considered expensive compared to others is still better knowing all it’s special and effective results. With just aroung $70 dollars, you can get 120 capsules that will do you good for a month. Not bad if you can experience legit upshots and attain that dream body you always wanted. And the greatest catch is when you purchase your D4 Thermal Shock, they will give you free consultation with a personal fitness consultant and trainer. With him, you will agree on a fitness and weight goal. When you’re done with the supplements and you are not happy with your weight loss results, they will refund your money. Impressive, ne?

So , what are you waiting for ? Start changing your body and boost your confidence by brining that sexy back! Try D4 Thermal Shock now.

Sculpt Your Body With The Brazilian Butt Lift

Do you want that gorgeous brazilian body? That supermodel sexy arms, cellulite-free legs and toned butt? These brazilian women are of perfect shape as if they are always hitting the run show. And their secret is out! You don’t have to fly to Rio to get that perfect beautiful butt. Just set your rear into high-gear and try the Brazilian Butt Lift.

In an ample time of 60 days, the Brazilian Butt Lift promises to re-shape your body into that dream bikini-body you have always been dreaming of. Though it promises to give you amazing results on your butt, it is not just an exercise routine that centers on your backside. It is a complete workout program that can tone your entire body. From your arms up to your calves, you will be totally re-shaped. And unlike any other workout, Brazilian Butt Lift is not just to aid weight loss but a total body sculpturing giving you that perfect dose of awesomeness, from head to toe.

What Brazilian Butt Lift can do for you?

1. Burn body fats. It’s a workout so one of the obvious and noticeable results will be more burned fats hence lighter and sexier you! Not only that because it can help you shed off as much as twenty pounds and tons of inches around your body measurements.

2. Get rid of cellulites. One of the so many drawbacks of gaining weight is the cellulites. It makes your legs look annoyingly ugly with those cellulites dimples. Nevertheless, Brazilian Butt Lift will help you bid goodbye to your saddlebags and cellulite dimples. Follow the routines and use the right weights, for sure, you’ll end up beautifully toned. Sexy and toned, what more can you ask for?

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Many have have tried and attested that Brazilian Butt Lift is the newest body sculptor of our generation today. It reveals the most beautiful body you can have without giving you the manly shape. Regular workouts can help you lose weight but never aids in re-shaping your entire body for that supermodel-ish physique you wanted. Surgery can do that perhaps but now, with Brazilian Butt Lift, you will be ready to shake that booty and show your toned , sleek and sexy core to everyone in a hot bikini. No surgery needed plus time, money and energy will all be put in good use. Sculpt your body today!