Benefits of Exercising

Well first and foremost, exercise helps you get stronger and lose weight but there are many other benefits of exercising which can help you lose weight in a lot of ways that you would normally not think of.

Regular exercise wards off many diseases. It increases the blood flow in your body so that you will not pain when doing your normal house chores. That is also the reason why you feel so great after you exercise. It is because the flood is flowing like a river in your body when you exercise.

Exercise strengthens the muscles of the heart. It also lowers bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol. It also lowers blood pressure. How much more do you want to hear about exercise before you actually start doing it.

It also enables your heart to work more efficiently and hence you would be able to do more (in any field of life) with much less effort.

Research has proven that the quantity of exercise that you get is more important then the intensity of exercise that you get. In other words, get off your butt and start moving. Research has also proven that any kind of exercise is beneficial as long as you do not have some specific medical condition.

In other words, it does not matter what you have as your exercise. You just need to exercise. Period. Any amount of exercise will do. Something is better than nothing, remember that. So although more exercise it better, but you do not need to run 20 minutes everyday in order to see the benefits.

Just start small and build up. That is the rule to which there is very little exception. In fact if you want to lose weight in forever than the only way to do that is to start small and build up from there, there is no exception to this rule if you want to stay fit for the rest of you life.

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