Benefits of short term fasting

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Another subject on which there has been a lot research going on now a days as many experts think that the only effective weight loss solution is that you  fast at regular intervals all throughout your life.

Fasting has a lot of benefits apart from reducing your calorie intake (food intake) and thus giving your body some rest from the food processing  it has to do everyday because all of us want to eat so much these days and you know why that is?

The media. The media tells you to eat this and eat that. Things like, to become cool you have got to drink this soda or this bag of chips. All of course are doing nothing apart from pushing you towards the path that ultimately leads to you being fat.

Here is a quick tip too for loosing weight and that is, leave junk food for the rest of your life. Now, that may sound a lot so why don’t you leave junk food (example, branded burgers and stuff) for lets say a month and notice the benefits yourself.

You will automatically feel good and will loose weight. I am telling you. Just by leaving out these kind of foods you can give a huge boost to your weight loss efforts and I am not saying that you leave out food all out together.

Try to prepare meals at home instead of eating out. Or even if you are eating out, avoid fast foods. Eat some salad stuff.

Anyway, coming back to the benefits of fasting which you should do at least 3 times a week. Generally from what I have read, for 24 hours you should not eat anything, you can drink water though.

You will feel hunger but that is good for you. Fasting’s  benefits are:

  • Decreased body fat & hence body weight. As I have stated in my other posts too. Basically what you are trying to get rid of when you want to loose weight, is fat. Fat is the stuff we do not want in our body.
  • Maintenance of skeletal muscle mass.
  • Decreased blood glucose levels.
  • Decreased insulin levels & increased insulin sensitivity. (Basically insulin is the thing that signals your body to store energy from the food you eat as fat.)
  • Increased lipolysis & fat oxidation. (in simpler words, natural fat removal from your body)
  • Increased Uncoupling Protein 3 mRNA.
  • Increased norepinephrine & epinephrine levels.
  • Increased Glucagon(hormone that raises blood sugar level) levels
  • Increased growth hormone levels.

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