Can’t loose weight? Follow this simple weight loss solution

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For best weight loss solutions follow the rule of going natural wherever you can

So you have tried everything that you could in your capacity. You have eaten less and have tried to exercise a bit here and there. Not everybody can afford  to exercise for a hour or two these days when the majority is reading books about how to sleep less than 4 hours and feel energized.

There comes a point in every person’s journey to loosing weight, that no matter what weight loss solution they try, no matter how simple a weight loss solution they try to implement, it just does not work.

You sort of like, hit a plateau in which you just do not loose weight even though you are pushing yourself just as hard as you were in the beginning.

Well there are many explanations for that, one of them is that, as you keep on loosing weight, your body becomes leaner and thinner. Thus it’s daily calorie requirements also decrease.

For example, if you were 90 kg when you started to loose weight with the help of some weight loss solutions and now you are 70 kgs but want to loose those extra 5 kilos then, you will have to increase your effort and take it to another level.

If,at 90kg, your body required 2500 calories to maintain its state then now, at 70kg, it would require a little less than that. Say like 1900 calories to maintain itself. Therefore, if you were eating 1600 calories when you started out, then you need to go a little bit further and take your calorie intake down to say like 1200 calories.

It is really a tough stage in any weight loss diet or solution. The simple weight loss solution that I have come up to deal with this problem is that, once you hit this spot, you need to do 2 things.

For the next week or so, count each and every calorie you take in. For the whole week. Now, most people cannot do that especially those who prepare meals by themselves or eat sub continental foods.

For you guys, you need to eat labeled food (not necessarily processed food) for a full week and count the number of calories you are eating. The exact number. I cannot put more emphasis on this.

Then you need to check if you are getting the desired results with your current diet. After a week of cautious eating, weigh yourself. If you have not lost any weight then good, if you have then it is good too.

If you have not lost any weight then you know that you have to make more effort in order to loose weight. So you go another week of eating foods of which you know the exact number of calories but this time you reduce your intake.

Then weigh yourself again after a week and iterate as necessary. For example, when I am loosing weight according to a plan, I eat home made yogurt in approximate quantities, however whenever I see that I did not make progress in a certain week, I go on the alert.

I start to eat processed yogurt, which means I know exactly how much I am eating and how much calories it contains, only for a week and make the necessary changes to my lunch and dinner as well. Such as weighing the vegetables and fruits that I buy so that I can accurately calculate the amount of calories I am getting from them.

For example, a small apple has about 50 calories but larger ones can contain up to 80 calories. Same is the case with Banana. Two fruits I regularly use in my diet. So I pay extra attention to the size of these fruits when I have hit a plateau of some sort.

90 percent of the times you will start to make progress once you count the number of calories only for a week, but like a freak. Try it.

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