Ways To Have Healthy Family: Way 1

Everyone wants to have healthy looking family

Do not go hungry. Under no circumstances should you go hungry. When you allow yourself to get hungry, your healthy is going to get worse. In order to have a healthy weight, you have to eat.  If you allow yourself to get hungry all the time, your body will release a hunger hormone.

Which takes about 30 minutes to go away once you start eating. The problem is, during those 30 minutes of eating, you might pile on the calories, even though your body would not be needing those extra calories. Always have light snacks available to you.

Almonds are the best options for this as I explained to you all in the previous post. Remember, starving yourself leads to you eating calories which your body would not have required had you not starved yourself.

Starving yourself also lower you energy levels which keeps you on a emotional low all day long. You cannot really concentrate on anything. Starving also promotes the storage of food as fat instead of burning it away. So always try to eat 6 small meals.

Eat healthy and eat smart.

2 Ways Improve Your Digestive Health

Control your diet a bit

 Straight off, without any fluffs, these are the 2 ways (more ways in future posts):

  • Take in lots of fiber. Not only fiber gives you the feeling of being full but it also helps your digestive system a lot. Always fill up your plate with cherries, nuts, bell peppers, cucumbers, grapes, beans and whole grains stuff to make sure your body stays regular. You should at least get 30 grams of fiber per day. As a reward you would stay away from any unnecessary weight gain, heart diseases and rapid blood fluctuations (they are the reason why you feel groggy in early afternoon).
  • Chewing Gum. I have to say, I just loved to chew gum when I was a kid and I have started to do it again (though not regularly) after reading about how chewing gum can stimulate acid neutralizing saliva which can relieve flux and heartburn. Try to go for varieties which have low or no sugar otherwise that might not be good for your health. You might want to skip gum all together if it forces you to swallow air as that can cause belching and bloating.

Get More Energy With Red

Do you like the color red? What does it mean to you? Has it got anything to do with your health or your weight all all. Is it a weight loss solution?

If you did not like Red before then you should change your mind now as the color red has now been observed to have some sort of an affect on the muscles of the body as a whole.

New Medical research has shown that seeing the color red can make your muscles move faster and with more force. This could prove to a vital result as athletes across the globe would look to maximize this amazing new finding.

Researchers have also found out that this  effect of the color red is not known to many people. That is many people do not know that the color red is a sign of danger to the body and hence it increases its physical strength whenever it sees the color red.

But in a half filled glass of water, there is always one half empty. The research has also suggested that, the increase in performance may come at a cost and that is emotional one.  The color red brings along with it worry, distraction, and self-preoccupation, which could hamper performance.

Color affects us in many ways that we are normally not aware of. In sports, generally, it has been seen that the color red makes the opponent more likely to lose  or at least puts him in a disadvantageous position.

The color red has also been seen to be counterproductive in activities that require mental focus. Motoring tasks are also affected in a negative way.

The experiment done to prove this was a pretty simple one. The researchers had two groups of 30 to 40 students, one experiment was done on student from 4rth to 10nth grade while the other one was done on undergraduates. In both the experiments, one group was asked to squeeze a hand grip as hard as they could when they saw the word squeeze written on the screen.

The word SQUEEZE was written in different colors like blue, yellow, green and red. It was found out that the same set of students squeezed the grip harder and reacted much quicker to the word SQUEEZE when it was written in red.

Pretty awesome huh. So to summarize. You can use red color to give yourself that extra boost of energy while exercising to burn more calories and hence lose more weight.

Thinking about a Weight loss Surgery?

Four type of knives but with only ONE purpose

Thinking about going under the knife? Not literally ofcourse

There are many reasons why you could look towards a medical weight loss solution. You could be very obese, so a weight loss solution through exercise might not be feasible for you.

You could have some nutritional problems in your body, so taking less food might not be best for you.

Where this is a will there is a way as the older ones will tell you. Through vast advances in medical science, scientists can now provide you with medical weight loss solutions such as weight loss surgery.

Weight loss surgery is not something new, it has been around for quite a while but the quality of weight loss surgery is now safer and better than ever.

Though, no one would ever recommend to you a weight loss surgery as your primary weight loss solution but there are times when there is no other option.

There are a lot resources on the amount of money and the amount of time along with the consequences, short term and long term, of a weight loss surgery on the internet. All you have to do is to search them through authoritative sites and make sure that the information you are looking for is appropriate for you.

Obviously, I will be providing you with lots more information on weight loss surgery in the upcoming posts, but consider this as a starter.

It’s not all bright sunshine when it comes to weight loss surgery. Weight loss surgery has got its pros and cons. From people who actually have had  a weight loss surgery, I can tell you that there are just a little more pros than cons.

Though, again, I say that you should always try your best to achieve your weight loss goals naturally but if you cannot do that than there is always another option. The option of weight loss supplements such was weight loss pills etc.

The market is full of them but only a handful actually work and give you the result that you want without much trouble or expense.

Medical weight loss solutions generally deal with the thyroid problem that many people claim is the reason for them being obese or overweight or problems with the actual stomach size inside your body.

More on these two issues in the next posts.