Is Sleep Related To Weight Loss?

Sleep being used for losing weight

Sleep and Weight loss?

Most of you would only associate sleep deprivation with dizziness and not being able to concentrate of work properly. But new study has shown that it not only affects your concentration but also makes you gain weight.

Scientist found out during a research that sleep deprivation can make the day drag and slows down your metabolism and hence your body uses less energy. Though it has to be said that the study was done a small scale so the results cannot be generalized as such.

The study also suggested that sleep deprivation and lack of shut-eye period not only makes you more hungry but also makes you gain weight because your body burns less calories.

Now a days a lot of people suffer from sleep deprivation, chronic sleep loss and other sleep disorders. Mainly because all we want to do in our life is work and thus we neglect our health. The study also suggested that getting plenty of sleep can result in the prevention of weight gain.

There have been many studies done that have shown that sleep disorder can lead to weight gain. Disrupted sleep also affects the balance of stress and hunger hormones inside the body during waking hours.

The experiment that was done to deduce these results was a pretty simple one. The mechanism by which sleep deprivation may cause weight gain  was observed in 14 male students. Each put through different sleeping conditions such as normal sleep, no sleep, extra sleep over several days.

Then their blood sugar levels, their food intake and other hormones levels were measured during the next several days in order to identify how much oxygen their body burnt.

The amount of sleep loss did not increase the amount of food intake in these men. However, people who had even one night of less sleep were observed to have slower metabolism the next morning and that caused their body to burn less calories in daily tasks such as breathing and digestion when compared with people who had a good nights sleep.

So lesson to be learnt from this is that you should always sleep a good amount of hours (6-8 for most people) at night. Uninterrupted sleep which is probably the best from of sleep. Otherwise you will be feeling tired the next morning and will have a high chance of gaining weight.

The weight gain from sleep deprivation can also be explained by the fact that, when you sleep less your body cannot control your stress hormones efficiently. You get stressed out and many people eat a lot when they are stressed out. So a good night’s sleep is a must.

Metabolic weight loss solution food number 4 (From Top 5 list)

It is some species of Broccoli if that makes any sense. This is what the guy who took the picture told me

I know it does not look Yummy but still. (Xrrr from flickr)

Ok Number four on my list of foods that give you a nice metabolic weight loss solution is Broccoli. I am not sure if the above picture is of a Broccoli but the person who I got it from says that it is some kind of a Broccoli, whatever he meant there.

In this series of metabolic weight loss solutions what I am trying to do is to recommend some foods that I tried when I lost my weight few years back, which would help you loose weight by helping the metabolic rate of your body.

If you have been reading this series of 5 or 6 posts about metabolic weight loss solutions than I think I do not need to tell you what “metabolic weight loss” means but some of us have way much to do so here it goes.

Your body’s metabolic rate in its simplest terms is the rate at which your body burns calories throughout the day. The faster it is, more the calories your body will burn. Fat people are usually believed to have a slow metabolic rate (hence the cause of their high weight) but that is not true.

Even if it is, then the weight variation should be slight not like, you can weigh over 30 kgs if you have a slow metabolic rate. Anyway, with that out of the way lets get to the point.

The foods I have selected so far all help you achieve a metabolic weight loss solution not just another weight loss solution. Because of these metabolic weight loss solution you would not have to go out of your normal routine in order to loose weight.

Though you won’t loose weight as quickly as someone who crash diets (and then gains it back!!) but you loose continue to loose little by little until you get to an average weight.

Broccoli is 4rth on my list of Top 5 foods for metabolic weight loss solutions simply because it does not taste that good.

Infact, I do not know many people who would raise up their hands if asked if Broccoli was their favorite food or not. Infact, I do not know many people who have even a neutral take on this food item (a vegetable you say?).

But metabolic weight loss solutions is about loosing weight through a a faster metabolic rate. The foods on this list cannot be delicious (though most of them are) and that beneficial at the same time.

Broccoli is a great food. I love it. I eat it when I am hungry and I eat it even when I am not because it also fills you up, is filled with nutrients and is green. Yeah green.

Green food items generally, are considered to be best for your health both in terms of loosing weight and increasing your metabolic rate.

So for the sake your health and your “Metabolic” weight loss efforts, include this item in your next shopping list.

How many of you thought that broccoli would even make this list? I am all ears now and waiting to hear you out!!! and to your suggestions too . Still one more of the” Top 5 metabolic weight loss solutions food list” to go.

Metabolic weight loss solutions: Number 3 on Top 5 foods

Red Strawberries with Yogurt, helpful for metabolic weight loss

Yogurt and metabolic weight loss solution, two words that love each other

Today it is not about doing exercise, I think I did a really useful post on that just a day ago. Today, I am going to list my (and most people who want to have good health) number 3 on list of Top 5 foods to give you a super charged metabolic weight loss solution.

Yogurt, I think is the number 1 food among people who want to stay slim through metabolic weight loss. This is their solution and is rather a peculiar one.

Science says that, when we chew food, there are signals sent to our brain from our teeth (just take it as I write it, I do not want to make this complicated) that food is being input in the body and hence, consequently controls our want for more food (or less).

Therefore it is recommended that you chew your food a lot, somewhere I read that you have to chew each byte 24 times, which is quite a lot, that way your brain will get lots of signals of food going in than when you just pass food down your throat without a thought.

For most of us, that takes the fun and the pleasure out of our food (though scientists think that it is the best way to fully benefit from the nutritional value of the food that you are eating) so we cannot chew that much. This is where Yogurt comes in.

It is basically a semi solid when eaten so you cannot really chew it. Which means, it should not send much FOOD SIGNALS to the brain but as research shows, it does. It does make you full for longer. It does make you feel satiated for longer.

How does it do that exactly? Cannot explain here.

The point is, this is one thing you should definitely write in for your metabolic weight loss solution.

Low fat yogurt is even better as it is even more of a metabolic weight loss solution for most people. Obviously, people who cannot tolerate dairy products should definitely stay away from this.

Research has also shown that not only yogurt helps you to loose weight by improving your metabolic rate but also combines with the fat molecules in your stomach in a way that passes through your body and goes out.

Hence, you absorb less fat from your food. I think I pointed to this fact in an older post but hye, we all need to be reminded, especially when it is weight loss solutions we are talking about.

Metabolic weight loss solution gives you the edge of loosing weight on the go, while other people workout all day long with little effect, you can enjoy your day (obviously not by eating fast foods) by eating foods that actually help you to metabolic weight loss, not just weight loss.

Metabolic weight loss solution for people who just don’t get it

On a cool morning, a person is doing Yoga

Exercise has way more benefits than what meets the eye

Not everyone can eat healthy due to an infinite number of reasons and neither does everyone want to know the difference between a black bread and a white one. So for those who want to do little with food choices and more with exercise for metabolic weight loss, here is their weight loss solution.

Exercise. Yeah. Old saying, I know, I have myself written a lot of articles on this site itself on the benefits of doing exercise but I have not stressed enough on the point which I am going to dicuss today.

That is, if you are just fed up with picking foods by going to inconvinient places time and time again for your metabolic weight loss solution then you should exercise daily in order to get metabolic weight loss.

Exercise increases your metabolic rate to its extreme limits and you get the benefits of rapid weight loss and a solution which is free and quite convinient to be honest. You can do weights, run or just walk but remember, you have to do it everyday if you want to have metabolic weight loss solution.

If you do not exercise everyday then you are not going to reep the rewards that regular exercise can give your body. For metabolic weight loss it is of utmost importance that you keep on exercising for atleast 20 minutes everyday and preferably 2 times each day, one session in the morning and the other one in the evening  to get the max out of your time.

That will boost your metabolism so much, you would actually feel the burn near your belly as you go about your routine stuff on a daily basis and because of that, you will not only get thin but lean too. There are a lot of people who are skinn or thin but do not look good.

You know why is that? That is because  they do not have sufficient muscle mass in their body and that is becasue of poor eating habits (such as starving themselves hoping to loose weight) or by not exercising regularly.

‘Exercising regularly” is the phrase that I want your attention on. Regularity is the key here.

You cannot miss your training even for a single day except for the rest days. Metabolic weight loss solution is all about making your body burn off more calories at a faster rate.

Though people say that taking a bath also helps to make your metabolic rate go higher, I always prefer exercising in order to increase my metabolic rate and hence loose weight.

So to conclude, you need to do two things:

  • Exercise for atleast 20 minutes without a break. (joggin, running or even brisk walk, it does not matter much)
  • Exercise for atleast 20 minutes without a break REGULARLY.

That will for sure increase your chances of experiencing  metabolic weight loss which is in my opinion, the best weight loss solution as having a good diet requires a bit of knowledge and not everyone has the time for that.

Metabolic Boosters for the easy weight loss solution

Spinach with some other spices on a plate

This may not look like the most desirable food in the world but it is one of the most healthy (From flickr)

Metabolic weight loss solutions is the talk of the town now a days. Science has finally studied the human body enough to understand its functions deeply and has taken vast strides in understanding what the foods we eat do to our body.

Now we know know that some foods are different from others not just based on fat content or volumne on the outlook but in terms of what do they actually do inside your body which makes them so special or not so special.

One of those special foods today that I am going to list (Number 2 on my Top  5 Metabolic boosting foods)today is Spinach.

Yeah, you guessed it. As it turns out, those popeye cartoons were not as dumb as we thought they were and actually had a lesson in them afterall (apart from a 100 pound guy kicking the hell out of a 300 pound monster).

Spinach is actually extremely beneficial for your body in any form. Though, eaten raw is when Spinach really shines on what it can do for you and your body.

Spinach, high in calcium (good for the bones), high in magnesium and in iron (both essential for the proper functioning of your body and especially its immune system) is one food item that is extremely low in calories and high in volumne. It boosts your metabolic rate to sky high limits.

When I tried my metabolic weight loss solution, I remember reading somewhere that Spinach actually acts as a “natural steriod” if eaten raw (either in juice form or the leaves only) and in amounts exceeding 1 pound but not exceeding 2 pounds.

Guess what, I tried to experiment with that and though I am not going to say that I became a hulk after a week or so (we all know it is far far more complicated than that) what I will say is that it made me feel extremely full.

Trust me, you seriously cannot eat 2 pounds of Spinach raw in one sitting or even in a day. The amount of chewing you have to do and the shear volumne of this thing will tire you and make you full at the same time, quickly.

And when I say that this food is low in calories, I mean it is super low in calories. Only 65 calories in a massive 284 grams of Spinach package, now isn’t that a monster for your metabolic weight loss solution or what.

Metabolic weight loss solution is not just about foods that increase your metabolism, hell they may be high in calories or high in sugar or even worse, high in fat. Spinach has none of that, making it the ultimate food item for metabolic weight loss solutions.

Metabolic weight loss solutions have got one advantage that non-metabolic weight loss solutions do not and that is, you can turbo charge your body to loose weight fast and more importantly loose fat fast without running yourself to the ground in the gym.

So all in all, Spinach is the holy grail for people looking for metabolic weight loss solutions and Popeye was not as stupid and ill-literate of a guy that I thought him to be.

There you go, Number 2 on my list of “Top 5 metabolic boosters” is Spinach, along with apple it is the ideal food for metabolic weight loss.

A extremely effective weight loss solution

Such a refreshing site of natural purple grapes on the tree

Though these are not Apples, but they are from the same family (From Flickr)

There are many ways of loosing weight. Such as following a very strict diet and sticking with it for atleast 2 to 3 months in order to see measureable results.

There is this second way of, keeping a good medium calorie diet and exercising a bit more in order to put more muscle on your body and hence burn more calories which is essential to loose weight and then keep that weight off for good.

But not everyone can control themselves to find this weight loss solutions and neither have the time to go out, get dressed up after a long days work for exercise in the evening. That weight loss solution seems a bit too difficult for most people if not for all of us.

So if you are one of those people then this a list of 5 foods (I am not going to give you the typical “List of 50 foods to eat”) that you can eat, still loose weight and not feel hungry.

They are not steriods or any of that sort. They are just natural foods with extremely unnatural properties. That is, they are low in calorie and are fullfilling.

So here is my 1st item on the list of Top 5 foods that will make you feel good, full and will get you slim.

1. Apple. Seriously. It is one of the best all round piece of food that I have been able to found in any book or on the internet. I could survive quite comfortably with five apples a days given that there would no bad health consequences as a result of eating only one type of food for so long.

It is very fulfilling, low calorie, high fibre. Not to mention low fat. It is a little bit high on sugar but that is natural sugar. Nothing to worry about there.

Most of all, eating fruits especially apple give your metabolic rate a boost. Think of it this way, apple has got close to zero fat. If you do not take in any fat through your foods, your body will burn fat from the inside. Therefore, you will have less fat reserves and hence more percentage of muscle.

And we all know what muscles do. Yeah, that is about right. Muscles help you burn calories at a super fast speed. You look better, sleep better and work better.

Think about these things, the next time you see the Apple stall at the supermarket and turn your face towards the cheese stand.

Eating apples as two advantages. One, they give you lots of minerals and vitamins which are essential for your body to maintain itself and keep it moving, living and breathing.

They make you feel full and hence you eat less. Eat less of the bad food that you eat everyday. Chances are, that after eating two or three apples throughout the day, you would not want to eat any of the bad food items that are advertised magnificently on the Television every day, countless times.

Remember, you could form a perfect weight loss solution even with junk food such as fries and chicken cheese burgers but loosing weight is not all about what the scale shows you.

It is about forming a weight loss solution that will help you to loose weight and stay healthy, energetic and full of life.

And that is why, as a first step towards forming your weight loss solution, Apple should be on top of the list.