Benefits of Exercising

Well first and foremost, exercise helps you get stronger and lose weight but there are many other benefits of exercising which can help you lose weight in a lot of ways that you would normally not think of.

Regular exercise wards off many diseases. It increases the blood flow in your body so that you will not pain when doing your normal house chores. That is also the reason why you feel so great after you exercise. It is because the flood is flowing like a river in your body when you exercise.

Exercise strengthens the muscles of the heart. It also lowers bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol. It also lowers blood pressure. How much more do you want to hear about exercise before you actually start doing it.

It also enables your heart to work more efficiently and hence you would be able to do more (in any field of life) with much less effort.

Research has proven that the quantity of exercise that you get is more important then the intensity of exercise that you get. In other words, get off your butt and start moving. Research has also proven that any kind of exercise is beneficial as long as you do not have some specific medical condition.

In other words, it does not matter what you have as your exercise. You just need to exercise. Period. Any amount of exercise will do. Something is better than nothing, remember that. So although more exercise it better, but you do not need to run 20 minutes everyday in order to see the benefits.

Just start small and build up. That is the rule to which there is very little exception. In fact if you want to lose weight in forever than the only way to do that is to start small and build up from there, there is no exception to this rule if you want to stay fit for the rest of you life.

Magic food for weight loss

Yummy food with great crockery

This is not horseradish by the way (photo by agnus leun from flickr)

Ok, so everyone here probably knows that there are no easy shortcuts to loosing weight. You have to sweat it out in the gym and watch your diet really carefully in order to loose weight. Without the use of pills that is.

But, while the method described above is really the way to go , there are some magic foods that can help you with your fat loss process. One of these magic foods is horseradish, it is relatively inexpensive and can be found easily at the local stores.

I cannot even begin to describe the benefits this magic food is going to bring you. First, it is very low in calories, about 7 in a teaspoon. It can dissolve the fats in your cells which obviously, will make you more healthier.

It has a spicy taste which we all know lessens your appetite(your desire to eat food) hence you eat less and lose weight. Try to put a little bit on your chicken steak or scoop one or two on your fish pie.

A word of advice though, since it has a strong taste, it might upset people with stomach disorders.

Do you feel hungry after exercise?

Dog is not called a mans best friend for nothing.

If you cannot exercise alone, do it with a buddy

Exercise is a great way to lose weight and keep yourself healthy. If you eat healthy and exercise, there is no way that you would continue to be fat given what you eat is healthy.

Exercise is one simple weight loss solution that no one should ignore. It is such a wonderful feeling when you run for 20 odd minutes,though for optimal weight loss, the solution that most experts suggest is a minimum of 45 minutes of exercise per day.

But this post is about what happens after the exercise. A lot of people including myself feel hungry after exercise and end up eating more than we normally do. Hence, we get the impression that all our weight loss efforts go to waist after we exercise so there is no point in doing any exercise if you are going to eat more afterwards.

Worry not as new research has shown that people who do exercise, END UP eating less than people who do not exercise. Notice I say the word END UP. You might eat more than what you normally do at lunch with exercise but in the overall scheme of things, you would eat less, says the report.

And lets not forget the fact that you build muscle when you exercise and muscles help you lose weight fast. Simple weight loss solution is all about losing weight in a way that is uncomplicated and easy to implement.

What I normally do is I exercise late in the evening. I exercise, I get tired, I get hungry and I get thirsty. I drink water and then go to sleep. That worked for me but I know it does not work for everyone as your body temperature is quite high after you exercise, people have trouble going to sleep after a long exercise session.

What you can do instead is what I have pointed to before. You can have a list of foods that are extremely low in calorie and extremely high in volume. Such foods include Spinach (try to eat 1 or 2 pounds of raw Spinach) and celery.

Celery is a wonder food. Low calorie, low fat, low GI value. It is what you are looking for to stuff your stomach with when you are feeling hungry. Try to fill yourself up with these foods until your cravings go away. After that, you can have a little bit of what you REALLY want to eat.

Generally I have found that the hunger that one experiences after exercise goes away when you drink 3 or 4 glasses of water after the exercise session.

Let me know how it works out for you guys.

Are grains good for fast weight loss solution?

Yummy bread. Who does not like these breads.

Whole grain folks. But is this necessary for fast weight loss solution (Source: Flickr)

Grains? Who does not love things made from grains. Whole wheat products or white breads. This single food item is responsible for thousands of other food items that people eat on a daily basis.

But is it friendly to your body when it comes to fast weight loss solution? or any weight loss solution at all? Well, the studies have differed a lot. Some have pointed to the high fiber content in whole grains which gives the body enough trouble in digesting food that the body burns a lot of calories which can be considered as a fast weight loss solution.

While other studies have shown that grains are a thing of the past that our ancestors used to survive on something that stayed in the stomach for longer. Studies like these conclude that in the modern world, where most citizens make enough money to have fruits, meat and vegetables everyday for themselves, there is no need to eat grains which would help a lot in having a fast weight loss solution.

Now, I am not a member of MENSA but in my experience, whenever I have gone on a fast weight loss solution, I always have had to give up on grains either totally or to at the very least to, like 1 piece of brawn bread a day.

Therefore, I think, to have a fast weight loss solution, you have got to limit the use of grains in your diet. They contain far too many calories and most of all, carbohydrates which always bad when you are going for a fast weight loss solution.

You need to restrict your carbohydrate intake when you are on a fast weight loss or fast fat loss solution. For that, number 1 solution is that you limit (or most of the time, eliminate) the use of grains in your diet.

White bread and things related to it (Chicken rolls, pizza and all fast food) is a big no, that we all know. You can have these and still have a fast weight loss but then you would have to eat nothing the whole of the remaining day when you have these.

I mean, just yesterday, I ate like 2 or 3 decent size pizza, each one contained about 600 calories. That makes, about 1800 calories for me. That’s obviously a bad day at the office when you are going for a fast weight loss solution, but at the very least, I would not gain weight because I did not eat after I had those pizzas.

Not saying you should do this often but once in a while we all want to binge. More on binging later but right now, I need you to focus on eliminating grains from your diet little by little and notice the affects on your body, your fat and your energy levels.

I bet, after 2 or 3 days of low carbohydrates diet (meaning, low grains diet) you would look at yourself in the mirror and notice that you look slimmer. There is a reason for that too, grains in most cases causes your body to swell.

The more you eat your pizza the more you swell and blot. Over eat just chicken on one occasion and then over eat just any type of grain one another occasion and you would feel that your body swells up more on the second occasion.

I am all ears now, desperately wanting to hear what you have to say. Talk to me.

Yeah, as an ending note. I read a comment the other day correcting me for the weird looking vegetables picture I put up couple of posts ago. The commenter, as it turns out, says it is not broccoli but something from brassica  family. May be a degenerate Cabbage lolz.  Thanks for that.

Another way for quick weight loss solution

Yummy white spinach bread. A simple weight loss solution

Eat it. It is good for your health and weight. (Source: Vegan Warrior from flickr)

This is not one of those posts where I tell you a list of foods you would want to eat if you want a fast and simple weight loss soltuion. This post is going to be, somewhat, related to how you can find the motivation for a fast and simple weight loss solution.

Yesterday, a friend of mine called me and in a long conversation, the topic of  a simple and fast weight loss solution was brought up. I found out that my friend lost about 1kg in 5 months. I do not even know how did he measure that. Must have had loads of motivation to have progressed so slowly without giving up.

But is not that what simple and fast weight loss solutions is all about. Finding the motivation to keep going is the only thing that is standing between you and your ideal weight.

So, as another simple weight loss solution, mark this too. You have to know your ideal weight in order to get up your butt and start working towards your weight loss goal.

I am not fit enough or may be I should loose weight, WON’T CUT IT. You have to know your current weight and the weight you want in order to set yourself a target of somesort to aim for.

Only then will you be able to work hard enough for fast weight loss. Goals should always drive your life as goals give you purpose and energy to live and eat.

You would not eat like a stupid toad if you know how much you overweigh and the weight that you want to get it. This is another simple weight loss solution that most people neglect. They just go on a diet, saying, they will stop when they look good enough.

While that is not totally wrong but you have to have a number to aim towards. The more specific you are with your goals and your weight loss solutions, the faster will you get results and reach them.

So, go to your doc today or something and know you ideal weight. Whether it is through the BMI test or just the old “Standing on a weighing machine” thing, you just have got to know what you weigh now and what you want to weight and when (setting a time limit is equally important which I will discuss in another post).

My fast and simple weight loss solution

130 pounds (I hope not kilos!!) is being shown by the weighing machine

I hope my weighing scale was working ok

I just lost 5 pounds of weight in 2 weeks. Now I do not know if it was healthy or not, probably it was but here is how I did it. It was a pretty fast weight loss solution as I had to get fit for my soccer trials at my college.

I do love football and for that I need to keep fit all the time. Not just thin but healthy and fit too. For that I have to eat well, eat less and exercise more. Almost staying active all the time is a must for me otherwise I become too slow which becomes quite obvious when match days arrive on the weekends.

Anyway, back to my fast weight loss solution. Obviously, to achieve the extreme you have to do the extreme and that is what I did, my solution was just just a weight loss solution, it was a fast and simple weight loss solution.

It was a simple weight loss solution because all I did was implement the two golden rules of fast and simple weight loss and that is to eat less and exercise more. I did not concentrate on the latter as much as I would have liked because of my schedule but the eating part, I got that one bang on target.

It was a fast weight loss solution because I ate so few calories that I could feel the burn in my stomach most of the time throughout the day. To achieve this fast and as I said before, simple weight loss solution, here was my diet.

Breakfast for simple and fast weight loss solution:

400 grams of yogurt made from whole milk. It had about 300 calories. That I ate in the morning in order to give me a metabolic boost and put me on track to fast weight loss, not just weight loss.

Lunch for simple and fast weight loss solution:

2 or 3 Apples at about 2 pm in the evening. That makes about 200 calories. Good calories, lots of nutrients, some sugar and carbohydrates along with some fiber to further speed up my simple weight loss solution.

Dinner for simple and fast weight loss solution:

1 chicken breast piece. It was grilled. Search it on the internet if you want to, some call it “Chicken Tikka”. I think it was about 200-300 grams. The only piece of food item I ate for the whole day for which I do not know the approx calories.

But my guess is between 300-400 because of the marination and the oil in which it was cooked.

So that was all I ate all day. Ofcourse, for fast weight loss solution you have to be drinking water all day long and that is what I did religiously.

So how many calories that makes for a fast weight loss solution, lets see:

300+200+400= 900 calories.

Sometimes I added a piece of bread into the dinner in order to get some carbohydrates, but only sometimes, for the sake of feeling full while on my fast weight loss solution, though I do think had I not done so I would have lost even more.

So there you. I just gave you my diet for fast weight loss solution which I followed for the past two weeks. The consequences of which I have yet to experience. I mean, I do not feel weak or anything. I did not exercise that much, that I must admit.

I don’t think one can run for 40 minutes while on a such a low calorie diet but next time, I will try that too in order to experiment and see the results.

According to most experts that might be a little too low but I think, desperate times call for desperate measures and for my fast weight loss solution I needed to make rapid changes and make them fast in order to keep my weight loss as simple as possible.

Do tell me how you liked my diet plan for two weeks? It was an experiment so what do you think about it? I am ll ears now, as always. Talk to me!!!