Concerns over NHS referrals to weight loss programmes

Food for weight loss

By Agnus Leun

Interesting story I just read about, Goverment using some private companies to make people loose weight, the heading went something like this

Concerns over NHS referrals to weight loss programmes”

The government should continue to refer people onto weight loss programmes, a new report suggests.

Figures from a Slimming World study over five years followed nearly 35,000 people on a 12-week course. [Source]

Some of the points raised in the above article really made me think about the situation we all are in. We loose weight and we gain it back. The article has stated several times that people who lose weight with quick fixes gain all that weight back inside two years.

Many gain more than they lost meaning that after 2 years of loosing weight and controlling their diet, they end up being much heavier than before. Why does it happen?

Well, for starters 90 percent of people start to eat more junk food after they get the impression that they are now thin enough. They think that now they are thin, they cannot get fat or it will take them years to get fat.

Whereas, you can get fat inside a month depending on how much you eat and of what food you eat.

The news article then goes on to say that people do need counselling in this matter and that there should be long term programs for people which would make them stick to their healthy diets for longer and as a result of that they would keep themselves fit for longer.

Have a look at the amount of spending the government is going inside UK to get people to loose weight.I liked this idea of “Pounds for Pounds” where people actually get paid to lose weight. Good motivation factor that is.

The reward which is in the range between 75 pounds and 425 pounds depending on the amount of weight you lose in a specified time period is a pretty heavy one.

I mean, that is there to loose in this deal. Goverment pays for your memberships, you get paid to lose weight and in the end you look great and probably would feel great too.

But not all people like this fact of someone else helping you for a while in order to plan your weight loss solutions so that you can loose weight.

They argue that preventive measures should be stressed on, rather on reactive measures (as in what to do to avoid getting fat instead of what to do if you get fat). I also like this idea.

I think it captures the true essence of losing weight. You loose weight primarily to make yourself feel good and to make your body healthy. Looking great is something of secondary nature.

I think because people have taken this to be as their primary objective, they found it difficult to stay slim. What is for sure is that people who only have the motivation of losing weight only to look good often drop out from their weight loss programs.

They abandon their weight loss solutions and hence end up nowhere. Even these organisations who help thousands of people to lose weight every year cannot really help them stay put to their weight loss solutions.

With the government referring people to lose weight, I think is a great step forward in making people at least go to these places and consider to lose weight instead of just sitting home and whining about how fat they are.


Protein as a quick weight loss solution?

Huge chicken rolls to help you with your proteins and fats.
Are you tempted to bite each of them to death?

A lot of physical fitness gurus and especially body builders would advise you to add alot of proteins into your diet if you want to improve your health and increase your fitness level. That is not entirely true.

Protein does make you strong. Extra does not.

For quick weight loss solution, your body needs very specific amount of food at very specific times in very specific ratios. It is fairly simple but takes some getting used to.

For a start, a simple weight loss solution would be to take the majority of your calories from proteins. That is what I have been reading in the latest prints of some of the books on health.

What are the best source of protein?

Obviously at number 1 is the people’s favorite chicken. Chicken is the best source of protein you can get if you know how to eat it. Yeah, you do know how to take a fork and eat a chicken piece but for fast weight loss solution you should give some consideration to the way you prepare it.

As a rule of thumb, everything fried is out. You cannot eat fried foods. Whether chicken or anything else. Eat it grilled or as a steak. I prefer steaks with no sausages over it. Just a little bit of salt and that is it.

High protein, low calorie chicken at your service that will make you feel satisfied for longer and of course will help you get rid of that fat and turn it into muscle if you care to exercise a little.

Red meat is also great as a protein source but it has got a lot of fat content in it so you really need to be well versed in how to obtain the best cut of the meat from the shopkeeper. I would say, you make red meat a no no for quick weight loss as we want our weight loss solution to be simple weight loss solution.

For simple and fast weight loss solution exclude read meat from your diet and add white chicken.

If you get fed up with chicken then fish is also a wonderful alternative with much less fat and more protein. Low calorie food which also provides you with food fats that your body wants to have. Red snapper is the one I like the most, it has the perfect balance of protein and fats in it.

If you want to add even more variety to your diet you can have EGG WHITES. Egg white, like chicken, is the best and most complete form of protein in the whole wide world. It has got zero fat virtually. All you have to do is to take the yolk out and eat the white stuff.

For fast weight loss it is important that you take appropriate amounts of proteins with low fat foods. The egg has majority of its calories and cholesterol in the yellow yolk. The proteins are split evenly between the white and the yolk.

I used to eat 6 whites a day when I was on my fast weight loss diet. There are tons of recipes that you can try with egg whites. Scrambled, boiled, fried (in non stick spray, not oil) or an omelet. Or any other way you like it.

Remember, proteins are a must if you want to loose weight fast. Not just loose weight, but loose fat. As I have told you countless times before, it is the fat in our body that we want gone through simple weight loss solutions, we do not want to get rid of our muscles or any other stuff in there.

How to eat Less: Simple and Quick weight loss solution


Amalgam of stuff on a plate. Don't even know what this "mixture" contains

Golden Rule for loosing weight: eat less (how? Read on) (Source: avlxyz from flickr

I will not remind you that eating less is a pre-requisite for loosing weight. No amount of exercise will be able to help you if you do not control you diet and eat what is healthy for a quick weight loss .

Remember, you need to eat less and eat healthy. Eating less alone will not do and on the corollary eating healthy alone will not do either for a quick weight loss.

Quick weight loss is a combination of 3 things. Eating less, eating healthy and exercise. Since we are talking about for a quick weight loss you can add another 4rth component to the previous list of 3 as well.

And that is the time at which you eat your food. That is of critical importance when it comes to quick weight loss. We want to make it as simple a weight loss solution as there is.

So here are my top 5 ways of eating less throughout the day, this is what I do and have so far worked wonders for my simple weight loss solution:

  1. Have strictly fixed times of eating. Outside of those times, eating should be forbidden for you. No more eating snacks when bored and stuff like that.
  2. Take you major portion of calories early in the day. Preferably before 3 pm if you want to remain slim for the rest of your life.
  3. Eat a heavy breakfast (as in 400-500 calories) right after you get up. Within 30 minutes of you waking time you should be done with your breakfast. The early you eat after waking up and getting out of bed, the better it is.
  4. For me, having only 3 servings of food per day has worked best. Taking 5 or 6 meals may be better according to some experts but I found out that controlling calories in those 5 or 6 smaller meals is hard.
  5. Do not eat after 6 or 6 30 pm. That is the most important rule of them all. No food after 6. No compromise on that. I know a lot of people who have lost weight simply implementing this single tip.

These were the specific tips for quick weight loss. However there are some general quick weight loss tips as well:

  • Do not keep food in a decorated fashion on tables and in different places around the house. No food outside the refrigerator for quick weight loss.
  • Stop eating the moment you are not hungry, eat slowly to know when is the exact time that you have gotten rid of your hunger. Usually (and I hate to say this) it is around a 7nth or 8th mouthful (of any food item or combination of items). This would really give you q quick weight loss withing two weeks.
  • Drink at least 2 glasses of water before eating anything. I tend to eat less on most of the occasions when I do that before my meals.
  • For quick weight loss include in your diet high fiber foods that make you feel full all the time. I have discussed this “keeping yourself full” at length in a number of previous posts, refer to them if you feel like it. Though, for quick weight loss eat green leafy vegetables most of the time and do not eat chicken everyday in any form.