The Cons Of Elliptical Machines

Bicycling is pretty hard too you know

Lets talk about the cons shall we then:

  • Low impact. Yes, low impact is both a positive and a negative. The only way to truly benefit from this feature is to limit it. Some impact is necessary for bone growth which slows down osteoporosis.Impact should only be enough to not hinder an exercise. Otherwise bone density may be affected.
  • Cannot really be used to improve performance in a specific sport. Sport requires specific trainings of specific types. Like, using treadmill, you can give your lower body a lot of strength which allows you to play soccer or tennis at relatively high levels. I don’t know of any sport where Elliptical training is a part of the routine plan.
  •  Relatively speaking, it does not strengthen the lower body that much. The research that showed that Elliptical gave you an all round workout also showed decreased stimulation in the lower body when compared to someone who had exercised on a treadmill.
  • It is quite rigid. Gives you unnatural movements as compared to just running or skipping. It removes your degrees of freedom like when your running on a track, you have complete freedom. This can disable your bodies ability to stabilize itself when a need arises.

Elliptical Trainers As A Weight Loss Solution

So want to run

If you do not want to run all day long and injure your joints in the process, you can always turn to machines. Machines that would help you to lose weight and get healthy. Running on treadmill is not the only option if you want some intense cardiovascular exercise done.

If you like walking then that is fine too but you will have to walk about 2 hours in order to burn any kind of significant number of calories. You can try running but that is too heavy on the joints. I think the best way you can lose weight while staying at home (safe from all the weather effects) is to buy an elliptical as that might be the best investment you will ever make in terms of  improving your health.

In this post I will list some pros of buying and elliptical machine and in the 2nd part of this post (which I will post tomorrow) I will list the cons of buying a machine like an elliptical.

Elliptical machines are the most successful machines after treadmill. People ARE interested in buying these machines in order to lose weight. So what is so great about elliptical trainers that people are so obsessed about. Is it for everyone? Lets have a look.

  • Low impact. This is its biggest attraction I think. It can give you a really intense workout without putting much pressure on your joints. This is especially beneficial for people who are obese and have joint problems. Old people can also benefit from this machine, obviously after consulting their doctors.
  • It gives you a complete workout. It works your upper body along with your lower body as well. Hence it is a complete workout which obviously burns a lot of calories as a lot of muscles are involved while exercising on an elliptical. Elliptical works your biceps, triceps and chest too. It also works out your lower body by giving it some resistance.
  • It improves your stamina as well as makes you lose weight because it burns a lot of calories.
  • Best form of exercise if you are rehabilitating. Again, due to the fact that it has a very low impact.

So these were the advantages of exercising on an elliptical. I hope you found this post to be informative. Tomorrow I will be posting about the cons of having an elliptical machines. There are not many cons but still, nothing is perfect.

Let me know your thoughts on elliptical machines. Are they worth the effort and money or would you be better off just running with no invest. How about using a 5 buck skipping rope. I am all ears now. Talk to me.

Is Herbal A Good Weight Loss Solution

Herbal treatments are easy to implement since they are natural. They have no side effects and can be beneficial to your health in every way, not just in weight loss. Plus the fact, that science has made huge advancements in herbal treatment and that has made them even more popular among people who have knowledge about herbal treatments.

Now, after many many years of research, many expert agree that the fastest way to lose weight is to incorporate herbal treatment along with the traditional weight loss solution of working out and eating less.

  1. There have been many types of advertisements about herbal tea. There is no doubt that it is very beneficial and anyone who takes it will greatly appreciate the benefits of what mother nature has provided. Herbal tea is really easy to make and hence is one of the most convenient weight loss solutions around. All you have to do in order to make herbal tea is to buy a packet from a local store or even buy it online and have it delivered to you. Replace the cup of cappuccino you have daily in your office with herbal tea and notice how your waistline trims down in no time.
  2. Herbal injections are effective too. They are different from herbal tea in the sense that these herbs are injected directly into the bloodstream and hence they do their work even faster than herbal tea. They destroy your bodies fat content and ensure a regular flow of fresh blood in the whole of your body. In any case, you should never try to take herbal injections on your own, always get them injected by a medical professional (say like a holistic doctor) who is certified and has experience in this field. Herbal injections also prevent your body from accumulating too much fat.
  3. Herbal Patch is the talk of the town. This really shows you how far science has come. Another natural weight loss solutions is herbal patch which works pretty similar to herbal injection. Basically it is put on the skin. The solution is transferred to your bloodstream through your skin. This process is really really fast. Everyone wants fast weight loss solutions and that is the reason herbal patching has become so popular now a days for losing extra weight on your body.

6 Weight Loss Mistakes: Mistake 4


I can’t remember for how many years health authorities have been trying to tell us that smoking is bad and poses much health risks. Despite the warnings, some people, especially young adults smoke to lose weight.

Don’t know where they got this idea from, but I tell you what. It is completely wrong.

Nicotine has been shown to be a appetite suppressant but the side effects of smoking far outweigh any health benefits that smoking might give you.

Smoking damages almost every part of your body. It decreases your health condition and puts you at risk of death. It damages the heart, the lungs, causes cardiovascular problems and other respiratory problems.

In fact, smoking actually makes you gain weight especially in the beginning when you are trying to kick the addictive habit.

So despite what anyone tells you, do not smoke. For any reason, least of all for weight loss

6 Weight Loss Mistakes: Mistake 3

So now what? You probably have heard about two ways you can lose weight. That is by eating less and exercising more. Both are required. Well, science has advanced a lot and as you probably know, there is now a third way to lose weight, at least that is what we are told on TV.

That third way is through pills. Weight loss pills. Some researches call them the ultimate weight loss solution. Yes, they have invented a pill that lets you eat all you want and still not gain weight. Obviously it has its side effects and believe me, it has got a lot of side effects and some of them are very serious.

Anyway, using drugs other than prescribed weight loss pills is a mistake many people who are trying to lose weight make. This make can be very costly and can have devastating consequences.

Using drugs like cocaine, speed or any other drug for weight loss have far too many negative consequences which overshadow any amount of health benefit you may get from eating these pills.

Some of the bad effects you might have by taking these illegal drugs are headaches, lung problems, heart problems, kidney problems, anxiety, stress, physical and psychological problems as in addiction. You could also have social and financial problems.

Using illegal drugs is obviously prohibited but using legal drugs for purposes other than the stated ones is also very dangerous. You just cannot use any drug to satisfy yourself and hence lose weight.