6 Weight Loss Mistakes: Mistake 3

So now what? You probably have heard about two ways you can lose weight. That is by eating less and exercising more. Both are required. Well, science has advanced a lot and as you probably know, there is now a third way to lose weight, at least that is what we are told on TV.

That third way is through pills. Weight loss pills. Some researches call them the ultimate weight loss solution. Yes, they have invented a pill that lets you eat all you want and still not gain weight. Obviously it has its side effects and believe me, it has got a lot of side effects and some of them are very serious.

Anyway, using drugs other than prescribed weight loss pills is a mistake many people who are trying to lose weight make. This make can be very costly and can have devastating consequences.

Using drugs like cocaine, speed or any other drug for weight loss have far too many negative consequences which overshadow any amount of health benefit you may get from eating these pills.

Some of the bad effects you might have by taking these illegal drugs are headaches, lung problems, heart problems, kidney problems, anxiety, stress, physical and psychological problems as in addiction. You could also have social and financial problems.

Using illegal drugs is obviously prohibited but using legal drugs for purposes other than the stated ones is also very dangerous. You just cannot use any drug to satisfy yourself and hence lose weight.