Common confusions about Weight Loss Solutions

???? , was the name of the guy from whom I got this picture. We all know what it means. It means, confusions or silly questions people have in their minds about loosing weight. It is such a big industry with so many opportunities of making some good money that there are a lot of people out there who just want to rip you off with their next big product.

The best thing therefore is to get more aware. Read more about weight loss solutions. Which weight loss solution suits you the best? only you know.

So here is a little list of stupid questions (or myths) people usually associate with whenever they fail or succeed with loosing weight and keeping it off in a healthy manner. Always try to understand the mechanism through you which you can loose weight fast and in a healthy manner. Never go cold turkey by going on a ridiculous diet plans.

  • Stop associating your weight gain (or lack of weight gain) with your metabolism or your genes. There is no sure way to find out why you have gained weight or are not gaining weight. The best thing you can do to loose weight is to eat less and try to get some good old exercise (if time permits). Otherwise, stick to a good healthy nutritious diet which can benefit you in getting healthy and as well as loosing some weight. There could be infinite number of causes as to why you might have gained weight. You might have ate a lot for the past few months. High fat intake, late night snack, large amount of food consumption in one sitting, high amount of carbohydrates, lack of exercise and the list just goes on and on. Stop blaming your thyroid or your genes. Stop making excuses.
  • Next huge misconception that people have (I would have included myself in these type of people 2 years ago) is they blame there large weight on their bone structure. You know, the big frame small frame concept. Let me tell you the truth. Body frames do matter but not so much. If you look at any weight recommendation table for your age, height and bone structure, you would find very little amount of weight difference between the two bone structures. The difference between a big frame person and a small person is a few kilos or may be even some hundred odd grams. It is certainly not hundred kilos or something.
  • Not every diet is going to work for everyone. Your diet is your diet. It is personalized or at least it should be personalized. No book can give you that diet which you can take it as it is a loose weight and keep that weight off. It is quite difficult to discipline yourself to the level that most big money diets expect you to. It is never easy to fit anything new into your lifestyle. Changes must happen but sometimes it is too difficult to change. You need to adapt slowly in order to succeed. As I said before, going cold turkey and suddenly going on a diet is not a good way to loose weight. It is probably the worst weight loss solution.
  • No everyone loose weight at the same rate so even if you and your buddy or your mother or wife ate the same stuff (as a part of your weight loss solution program) for the past 2 months, there is no guarantee if you would both loose the same amount of weight. Some people loose weight more quickly than others. Old people loose weight slowly than young people. A more active person would loose weight more quickly than an inactive person and someone who is dieting for the first time loses the first few kilos more quickly than someone who has tried different diets before. Generally speaking, men loose weight more quickly than women.
  • Loosing lots of weight does not mean your are having a good diet. Nutritional diet is not necessarily same as a weight loosing diet. You can eat fewer amount of calories in a day to loose weight by either eating french fries or by eating lean meat and low fat diary. A good diet is the one which is less in calories and more in nutrition. You need to loose fat. Not muscle. Well. In most cases not muscle. A good diet should be able to teach you good lessons about how to eat good food and make the right choices when it comes to buying food so that you can maintain your ideal weight for the rest of your life.
  • You cannot diet your whole life even if you just want to loose weight in a jiffy. You have to develop good eating habits in order to do so. You can eat the right stuff for the rest of your life but you can’t stay hungry most of the time for the rest of your life. Therefore it is necessary to eat foods that fill you up good, are nutritious and are low in calories and also, large in volume.

The list is long but worry not, I will try to cover as many misconceptions as I can in the next few posts. Check back soon for more.

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