Dead Simple weight loss solution 1

Peaches with reflection beneath them

Is that healthy or what?

Okay so if you get too confused with all the new tidbits about loosing weight and if you just cannot give time to form a weight loss solution of your own then here are some no brainer and plain dead simple weight loss solutions for you.

First dead simple weight loss solution is to have a huge breakfast. Yeah, huge. But hang on just one minute to find out that huge does not mean, lots of fried chips and sausages with cream cheese.

Huge means huge but huge here means, if you like, Healthy huge. You need to eat a lot of protein (as in lean chicken (breast piece) or low fat cheese or some beans like chickpea) and you need to eat fruits and vegetables that are low in sugar and of course low in calories.

This is many advantages, one of them is simply that you will eat most of your calories early in the day which will give you lots of energy for the rest of your day to do you work and move about.

Other advantage is that you would not feel hungry for the rest of the day if you take your proteins early in the day. The best protein as I have told you many times is EGG WHITE. Though you might think that might prove expensive but a fact remains a fact.

Egg white is the perfect protein. Extremely low in calories and rich in proteins.

My favorite vegetables and fruits that I always include in my big breakfast are carrots and peaches. Both are extremely low in calories and high in fiber which would further make you feel full.

I do not like the taste of carrots neither I crave for them but I just eat carrots as sort of a medicine before eating my breakfast (for those people who just do not like to eat vegetables, you can use this mindset too). Eat 3 or 4 carrots (which few can do, as carrots are extremely rich in fiber and fill you up real quick) before breakfast or anytime you feel like binging.

It would do you wonders. It would fill you up good and you would not eat as much as you would have had you gone straight to your meal without eating carrots.

I like to use carrots as one of my ultimate weight loss solutions because of a lot of reasons and one of them is that a  good six to 8 inch size carrot has about 20 calories. With that big a size, I do not think you can find anything that could rival that. That is also the reason why I like peaches.

An average size peach has about 30 calories in it. You can eat peaches too if you feel hungry late in the night or during the day and they also have low GI value which means that they make you feel full for longer.

If you follow this carrot practice for long enough, surely you would thank me for telling you this weight loss solution.

After all, the purpose of weight loss solutions is to provide you easy solutions for weight loss.

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