Detox Plans Are Not Healthy

Yesterday I was talking with some of my friends at work and somehow we began talking about losing weight. This is particularly uncommon as we were working on a power plant rather than a health clinic.

The talk started about how one can lose weight. The obvious answer which most of my friends (one of which is Shahneel) gave was to give up food. Even the friend who wanted to lose weight had this in mind. Just go starving oneself for a week or two and boom, all extra weight is gone.

While if you manage to do such a feat then hats of to you. But all the weight you will lose, will simply come back once you will start to eat and will come back as fat mostly.

The prime motivation behind choosing starvation instead of correct diet is because people think that along with losing weight they will detoxify their body. Which will thus increase their energy levels and some also think that it helps the skin a lot.

Cleansing is necessary in some cases such as when one wants to examine your colon but cleansing (colonscopy) for the sake of losing weight is not healthy and cleansing your body of all the toxins is not necessary. Cleansing will result in quick weight loss but that weight will be mostly water weight and stool weight which does not increase your strength at all.

And most of all, cleansing can cause dehydration and electrolyte imbalance in our bodies.

There are many alternatives to detoxifying such as watching what you eat all the time. You should drink lot of water and high fiber food if you want to cleanse yourself in a natural way.

Our bodies have this quality of cleansing itself. It knows when to detoxify and cleanse toxins from the system so there is no need to do something out of the ordinary. In fact, detoxification can mess up the body’s finely tuned system.

So in order to cleanse your body and lose some weight too, don’t go for detoxification instead eat healthy and take in lots of fluids.

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