Difference between Weight Loss And Fat loss

There seems to be a lot of confusion about loosing weight and loosing fat, though I use the term loosing weight (which is basically fat loss!!!) most of the times as I use it in it’s most honest form.

The claims that you see in most advertisements and most weight loss solutions online on the internet go like this “Loose 10 pounds in 10 days” or “Loose 30 pounds in 30 days”.

That amount of weight is possible to loose. Yeah, it really is possible to loose 10 pounds in 10 days. In fact, I am going to tell you right now how to do that.

Dehydrate yourself. Yeah. Don’t drink water for a day and you would already loose 2 pounds or so. The point is, our body is mainly water. 70 percent in fact of it is liquid.

If you do not drink for a long period of time, obviously you will loose weight, but you will not look thinner. You still would have to wear the same old tight clothes again. Your knee pains will not go away and your heart will have to continue to work hard and supply blood to all parts of your fat body.

You will loose pounds if you dehydrate yourself but you will immediately gain them back when you start drinking. There is a product out there in the market that I saw yesterday which has you wearing some sort of a joker looking dress and magically, they say, you will loose weight.

Just by sitting and watching TV while wearing that suit, you will loose weight is what they claim. To some extent they are right. You will loose weight. Hye, they did not say anything about you looking thinner or feeling more energetic.

All that dress does is to make you sweat. You loose water from your body and thus you loose weight. Whereas, for real weight loss, you need to get rid of the fat that your body has in order to move well, feel well and live well.

Don’t pay too much attention to the scales, is what I mean by all this. It’s the fat loss that counts. There are many methods of determining the fat percentage of your body and none of them will I describe here.

Weight loss is meant to be easy, I don’t intend to make this complicated for you. Just eat less and exercise more. There are many weight loss solutions in order for you to achieve that, some of which I have described already.

I just wanted to make this important distinction because many people complain about not LOOKING slim even after loosing some weight. They forget, that even after exercise, your body looses a lot of water and hence you will be lighter.

The solution is to keep on working hard. Eating less and exercising more. Eating the right foods is a prerequisite which I do not mention a lot because it is something that SHOULD be taken for granted while loosing weight. You cannot really loose weight if you are eating big Macks everyday.

When you loose some real weight, you will automatically feel better. You will move better and will not want to crave bad sugary foods. Your clothes will slowly loosen up on your body and you will generally get a good feeling for your body, say as in, by looking in the mirror and stuff.

So don’t dehydrate yourself in order to budge the needle of the scale machine. That’s just lying to yourself about your weight and health condition. Eat healthy, eat less and exercise.

You will begin to NOTICE the results not just on the outside (the scale machine) but inside you as well, which is ultimately the thing for which you wanted to loose weight in the first place.

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