Don’t Obsess about Starvation mode

Another topic of confusion  which is quite popular among dieters is, starvation mode. According to some people, if you keep your calorie count fairly constricted then your body enters into a state where it tries to hold on to any calorie that it gets so that it can survive.

Supposedly, starvation leads to the body not knowing when the next food is going to come or if it is going to come at all. Therefore it tries to store everything you eat by lowering your metabolism and what does the body stores energy into? Fat.

Yeah right. Fat. Fat is the reason why you are..well. Fat and that this something which you want too loose not gain.

Whereas the other group says (to which I am more inclined too) is that it does not matter how much you eat. If you are eating less or even you are starving yourself to death. Your body is going to continue to burn of fat that is stored into the body as long as the fat is there.

There is logic in that according to the second group. Apparently there was a research done where people were deliberately made to starve and it was found out that the only changes your body makes, with respect to storing unusual amount of calories as fat in order to survive is when your body reaches 5 to 7 percent body fat.

Which is I can tell you pretty hard to reach. Even athletes rarely have that kind of a body fat percentage and you would have lost quite a pound before reaching that mark, so these people think that it is ok to starve yourself to death (well not literally).

Whereas, there have also been studies done where it has been shown that the rate at which your body burns calories by remaining active (that is your metabolism) is changed or slowed down if you starve it.

Some people take the middle road and say that the body simply responds to the changes it is put through. It adapts. If you give it food in small quantities regularly, it evolves or adapts to this routine and therefore starts to process the food quickly because it knows the next  food session is going to come sooner rather than later.

And if you give it food after starving then it slows down accordingly and processes the food slowly because it knows that the next food session is a long way away. So in both the cases it, the thing remains the same.

Well, it is a hot topic at the moment, both sides have strong arguments about their respective positions and I am someone who does not like to get into these type of debates. One thing is for sure that nothing has been established as yet.

There is another thing that is for sure and that is, you have got to eat less and exercise more in order to loose weight and keep it off. So don’t distract yourself with things like Starvation mode or drink more green tea (two sides of debates and researches there too) and keep on working hard by eating less.

Never eat till you are full and keep an active lifestyle. This alone will ensure that you never gain weight. In order to loose weight just set aside an hour a day for any kind of exercise.

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